Tony’s Blue Dream

(143 customer reviews)

$1,250.00 - $0.00

Batch Date: March 10, 2019

Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.

With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.

If you purchase this product you will earn 16-125 Points!

If you purchase this product you will earn 16-125 Points!


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UPDATED May 12, 2019

All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

Here are some of Tony's personal strain suggestions =),

BC BIG BUD - Great classic bang for buck strain with nice caked big nugs

Sugar Shack - super classic strain with a rich aroma, nice dense nugs, nice burning, fantastic bang for buck batch

Purple Nuken - bang for buck, great for day time usage.. caked good burn, white ash, quality smoke

Purple Thunder - super potent, smells like dank bud, shit gets you good!

Bruce Banner - Covered in caked with trichomes. Super Potent and sticky

Godfather OG - top notch.. high in THC very potent, super caked and dense nugs

Green Farm's Jet Fuel OG - Jumbo nugs, beautiful covered in cake + trichomes rich explosion kush smell , super potent

California Haze - oh god, super potent weed for the price, and AMAZING smell. I LOVE IT

Rockstar Bubba Kush - Super potent, super skunky and gassy.

Green Farm's Animal Cookies - Great aroma, caked, and purple buds, Perfect for a wake n bake

$100 OG- Great Bang for buck strain

Black Diesel - Great sweet nose with great large dense nugs. Perfect as a daytime strain.

Grease Monkey - Super potent and Great smoke Can't go wrong with this one!

Tony's Violator - Need something to wake n bake? This one is the perfect one!!

Tony's Black Tuna - Great couch locking strain at a lower price point. Nice and dense nugs!

143 reviews for Tony’s Blue Dream

  1. Fritz (verified owner)

    This batch I had (not recent) was not Tony’s best work, I found it a bit harsh, taking away from the Blue flavour and smell.
    I would definitely try it again, hoping the cure is better…which I can attest to, Tony has made leaps and bounds in the level of quality of his harvests!
    Buy with confidence!

  2. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Perfect strain.. in my top 5 for sure.. very strong !! Thanks CW!

  3. Devin Atkinson (verified owner)

    got a couple nugs that were 4 grams each, best tasting i have got from tony, definitely worth it, will buy again

  4. curtis jameson (verified owner)

    Solid strain, easily one of my favorites for putting myself into an uplifted great mood during the day. Pack arrived with good sized nugs, no complaints.

  5. peep42 (verified owner)

    smells dank, bright orange hairs, but the trim job wasnt the best but expected at this price

  6. Jonny709 (verified owner)

    Omg awesome!!!!

  7. Canaba (verified owner)

    Nailed It ! Love this bud, Smell, Taste, Look, Buzz, this babys got it all !
    Cant wait for more stock, Love It !!!!!!!!

  8. Mm420 (verified owner)

    Classic blue smell/taste. Buds are beautiful. I’ve ordered this strain multiple times, months apart and the quality has been great each time. Once again this has become my favourite strain, thanks for the great work!

  9. Sirenesombra (verified owner)

    One of the tastiest strains I’ve ever had! It looks as good as it tastes, nd I’ve found it excellent for treating my anxiety and easing my stress.

  10. Deepbakedfry (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff Tony! Better than the non-tony (no grower prefix) blue dream I ordered from here a while ago. Great looking buds fairly bigger in size. Smell is off the chart’s along with the taste. The cerebral high is awesome great for anytime of day that my third eye thanks you for. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our shared favourite strain! 10.5/10

  11. Andrew Raven (verified owner)

    8/10 due to bit of yellowing besides that appeal smell taste great, all in all i would pick it up if on sale

  12. ssutton1980 (verified owner)

    I’m a long-time customer of mom sites and wow I’ve never been so impressed when ordering from a mom site as Tony’s flowers are absolutely beautiful, very tasty, smokes well, and the high is ultimate and for the price that’s a whole other story I definitely give these guys 5 starsor more if I could, 100% I will definitely be ordering again, very happy customer.

  13. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    One of my favorite sativas from the site.. ordered a few times and always delivers.. amazing quality for price.. CW kicks ass!!

  14. Quadhunter (verified owner)

    Good blue dream there Tony, like i have read somewhere its better then the blue dream aurora is been pushing…and not mentioning the pricing difference… Tony is doing a very good job providing good quality meds to patients

  15. Crazychris (verified owner)

    Nice taste and buzz can’t go wrong with this

  16. Joe Caietta (verified owner)

    Great looking nugs , clean smoke nice white ash , will definitely be buying this one again.

  17. Blackwaltzqc (verified owner)

    Toujours plaisant le blue dream, qualiter prix for sure

  18. Dat Good Good (verified owner)

    nice stuff, does the job and then some. good taste, great bag appeal. thanks Tony!

  19. Obingrubin (verified owner)

    Amazing . Really fine job. Potent cerebral high. Nicely trimmed buds.

  20. Goldy (verified owner)

    nice lime green buds caked in cyrstals. must buy when in stock at this price

  21. Bf4twenty (verified owner)

    Awesome uplifting buzz. It put me in a trance.

  22. DZA420 (verified owner)

    great job ! 10/10**

  23. DZA420 (verified owner)

    very nice smoke. light green frosted buds. very caked. nice smooth smoke.

  24. weedman36 (verified owner)

    Very nice 5 star

  25. Darksider (verified owner)

    great bud at an even better price 5*!!!!

  26. Darksider (verified owner)

    I love to dream in Blue! this stuff gives you a beautiful high , relaxing and focused. helps calm me before bed!

  27. veganfred (verified owner)

    great job tonny, taste clean, taste blue. its what you think it is

  28. Fred B (verified owner)

    good size buds with nice blueberry smell. very good deal

  29. Bossman420 (verified owner)

    Only got an oz of this stuff but it was nice, kinda sticky, smells fruity and different. Only complain it was hella harsh but other then that it was good bud

  30. KingofKush (verified owner)

    Tony, you make a damn fine blue dream! This stuff was caked, looked beautiful and was super smooth.

  31. DankDaniel (verified owner)

    super duper ! 5 star

  32. DankDaniel (verified owner)

    really nice smoke. I love this stuff. nice cerebral high. uplifting!!!!

  33. Dog Walker 420402 (verified owner)

    perfect 5 ***** nice!

  34. Dog Walker 420402 (verified owner)

    really fun stuff. i love anything “tony” but this one was truley special

  35. Daddyphat (verified owner)

    10/10 excellent work tony

  36. Daddyphat (verified owner)

    very nice bud. i instantly fall into a day dream state of bliss on this one

  37. Rebecca Henderson (verified owner)

    Forgot how much I love this strain. Excellent quality.

  38. Meowmix420 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste ! 5 *

  39. Meowmix420 (verified owner)

    Really nice blue dream . Light green caked buds. Super sexy !

  40. Gdwg (verified owner)

    Love this hybrid. Really balanced buzz.

  41. FlipShed (verified owner)

    5 Starz. Excellent product.

  42. FlipShed (verified owner)

    Tight frosted like green nugs! Tasty

  43. Don Juan (verified owner)

    10/10 this is a real winner . Lovely strain Tony.

  44. Don Juan (verified owner)

    Very nice bag appeal. Light green, highly frosted nugz.

  45. Ryder77 (verified owner)

    Wow the taste was bang on. Super strong! 5*

  46. Ryder77 (verified owner)

    Really exceptional flower ! Nice job .

  47. Etienne (verified owner)

    not bad

  48. Heyjulie (verified owner)

    10/10 this is really quit something!

  49. Heyjulie (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff.

  50. Zelda420 (verified owner)

    10/10 bang on . Great job cw.

  51. Zelda420 (verified owner)

    Top blue dream I’ve ever had .

  52. Shootermcgavin (verified owner)

    Flower power 10/10 great job Tony on this one!!!!

  53. Shootermcgavin (verified owner)

    Best batch yet . Super impressed wow !

  54. Peacenlove (verified owner)

    Mad respect for Tony 5/5

  55. Peacenlove (verified owner)

    Really something special. I love the relaxed upbeat buzz. Will not keep you inside. This is a good strain for socalizing.

  56. Meoweow (verified owner)

    A must try! Very dank

  57. Donk$$ (verified owner)

    Really great stuff 10/10**********

  58. Donk$$ (verified owner)

    Super caked fluffy budd. Very enjoyable hi. It’s a sociable strain !

  59. Greenhein (verified owner)

    10/10 awsome experience with CW

  60. Greenhein (verified owner)

    This is 5 star.

  61. Greenhein (verified owner)

    Beautiful frosted light green nugs. Great bud.

  62. Johnny T (verified owner)

    Really nice nugs. Coated in crystals!

  63. El Jefe (verified owner)

    Knockout 10/10

  64. El Jefe (verified owner)

    This stuff surprised me . What a great bud.

  65. white rhino (verified owner)

    Great job cw 10/10

  66. white rhino (verified owner)

    I loved it . One joint and I was in relaxing .

  67. Seaserpantslaa (verified owner)

    Top shelf Tony. Top shelf! 10/10

  68. Seaserpantslaa (verified owner)

    Possibly the most mellow strain ever

  69. powzr99 (verified owner)

    Loved this strain! tony never dissapoints me.:)

  70. Nicole McLaughlin (verified owner)

    Was really good. Sweet taste and uplifting buzz

  71. LotsOChron (verified owner)

    5/5 in all categories

  72. LotsOChron (verified owner)

    Super social buzz. Great for daytime or early evening use .

  73. Cwfan (verified owner)

    Great stuff 10/10

  74. Cwfan (verified owner)

    This was my first ever Tony strain and it did not disappoint. Caked nugs glisten in the light.

  75. Lookatit (verified owner)

    9.9 / 10 . Great offering .

  76. Lookatit (verified owner)

    Really nice . This packs a punch.

  77. Donkeybahd (verified owner)

    10/10 please re stock

  78. Donkeybahd (verified owner)

    Reslly nice taste . Incredbalr crystals all over this bud. It sparkles. Amazing strain !

  79. Pinknoise (verified owner)


  80. Pinknoise (verified owner)

    Classic blue dream . Amazing value. Wow

  81. TI-max67 (verified owner)

    smell and taste was alright classic blue dream !

  82. Blackchrrry (verified owner)

    Tony puts you into a beautiful dream state here!

  83. DonLemon (verified owner)

    Insane value. Tony always has the best ! The frosted blue dream is a real fine flower !

  84. Trap money (verified owner)

    Great piece of work here ! Bag appeal , taste & smell all on point .

  85. josh tesarowski (verified owner)

    Love this strain. Tastes and looks great. Amazing bang for your buck.

  86. Charronfam (verified owner)

    Loved this strain. Strong buzz. Good taste. Kept me high for a while. Buying again!!!

  87. cosmas versteeg (verified owner)

    Tony’s Blue Dream” is my first order and wow I’m very happy with it! Thanks!! Tony!

  88. alex wojtowich (verified owner)

    Nice smoking sativa. Good all day high

  89. KingofKush (verified owner)

    blue dream is very common, but the smell on this bag is great, smooth smoke and great effects

  90. Whiterhino (verified owner)

    Classic blue dream !

  91. Don Vandestadt (verified owner)

    The name truly says it all.
    Nice buds, sweet taste, up high, not up’ity ..purrrfuct (that means take kitty to bed at will)

  92. Dryfly80 (verified owner)

    Nice big buds. Nice uplifting sativas high. Perfect for my days on the water fly fishing.

  93. Trevor (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the elevation, but taste was a bit off.

  94. Nissansteve88 (verified owner)

    Nice fat smelly buds. Nice high and nice smoke

  95. Alex (verified owner)

    Amazing bang for buck!! Had this last month and it was easily AAA – huge dense buds, very pleasant smell

  96. Angelo (verified owner)

    Good day smoke but find after doob #3 need something else to keep from sleeping

  97. 902blues (verified owner)

    This batch was great, one of my nug’s came in at 3.6… Excellent buy.

  98. peter (verified owner)

    A nice sativa high, would reccomend for anyone who smokes in daytime/morning

  99. Vernon (verified owner)

    Really good

  100. igloominati (verified owner)

    Nice mellow buzz, fruity blue scent and flavor.

    Can’t go wrong as a daytime relaxer or even to enhance an indica without adding more sedation.

    Four stars because compared to the other strains ordered this was the least impressive but there is nothing wrong with this product.

  101. patsfan89 (verified owner)

    A fruity strain for sativa lovers everywhere!

  102. ethan p (verified owner)

    super nice strain!, has that super nice blue fruity smell and taste.

  103. Patricia N. (verified owner)

    Nice buzz deffinatly worth the price and more …yummy

  104. Gb1 (verified owner)

    A good choice

  105. Eric (verified owner)

    Just buy it!

  106. Samuel (verified owner)

    Was really happy with the quality of the package I ordered from Tony. Big, Donkey Kong Island look-a-like buds, tons of orange hairs, mixed in a web of neatly trimmed, tight buds and crystals. Perfect for a mid day smoke as it does not induce lethargic effects as a heavy Indica strain normally would. Definitely worth the money for this product. 🙂

  107. SoulSurfer (verified owner)

    Tony, your job here is great. Really nice job. I’ll continue to support your efforts here. I think we can safely say AAAish trim (but I didn’t care about the one two-bud stem, really) and the nose is AAAA. You can be really proud of the “Tony’s” brand. Absolutely will start to consider “Tony’s” as an extra A.

  108. Michael (verified owner)

    I have ptsd and this strain specifically helps my ailment without the use of valium. Thanks Tony!

  109. James H. (verified owner)

    Not scrappy at all! These buds were beautiful to look at. Bag appeal 10/10, great nose, smooth smoke. Love this taste. Love starting my day with this blue dream!

  110. Fred B (verified owner)

    Not like the original Blue Dream but really smelly and sticky. Lots of crystal and good size buds. Love this one

  111. Tim P. (verified owner)

    I really like this for a daytime/morning smoke. It keeps you alert and you still get a nice buzz. I tried this with a number of people and the nose on this one has won them over!

  112. Rosaire L. (verified owner)

    This is definitely a great smoke in all ways six stars on this one thanks bro

  113. Ryan D. (verified owner)

    Bought this not expecting much for the price but it was sooo colorful and tasty i would def buy another one of Tony’s products great job dude =)

  114. stellinzz (verified owner)

    Great hybrid loved the smell!

  115. beemer535 (verified owner)

    Tried this today. Another pleasant treat. 2nd of 3 items ordered and another home run. Very impressed with this company.

  116. Gabriel H. (verified owner)

    Great, pungent smelling batch! Big beautiful CRYSTAL COVERED buds. A bit leafy but even those sugar leaves are super coated in crystals so I don’t care! Has that ‘dro smell, you know it’s gonna hit good.

  117. Samwlb (verified owner)

    Came very quick and discreet. For the price the quality is great. Will definitely order again. Was just missing my Bovedo pack

  118. toadster1974 (verified owner)

    Awesome smell and taste,will definitely buy again!

  119. Josh Dewit (verified owner)

    All I can say is YUM!

  120. Jordan (verified owner)

    Another fine smoking product from Tony’s own line of breeds.

  121. Tim (verified owner)

    4 stars! Very nice clean, white ash ….gives you the ‘haze’ affects instantly. What is your goal? Daytime smoke? Winning choice!

  122. AR (verified owner)

    Awesome bud super tasty and super smelly blue smell its great… Any one who likes blue dream or any of the blue strains this one is a good one and well worth the price and then some

  123. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Another kick-ass Tony strain. These are nice. Didn’t seem scrappy to me. I love these nugs. I’m usually a kush-junkie but I really enjoy these

  124. Karl Clermont (verified owner)

    My new daytime strain. I will order again for sure. Thx tony

  125. Paul (verified owner)

    Nice looking bud, didn’t seem too Scrappy, good nose!!

  126. Devilgoddess (verified owner)

    Good scent,Great taste and amazing price.Did a Great job on this strain!

  127. Xj (verified owner)

    Good nose on this one. Not as scrappy as i expected

  128. Owen (verified owner)

    Awesome for the price! Good high and good looking buds

  129. joeash14 (verified owner)

    will buy again 🙂

  130. FIRE OG (verified owner)

    Ahhhh where to begin…

    Tony did this Blue Dream strain right. I dont even care if it is scrappy. So i got my package today, opened it up and the smell was amazing so i had roll up the Tonys Blue Dream and give it a go! Lol im a pretty heavy smoker and this stuff sniped me mid joint. I was so high that i forgot to puff so my J went out on me. Well this happened to me 3 times. This stuff is better than the original Blue Dream.

    The greatest thing about this company is obviously the price but the customer service and the time it take from when you click that confirm order button to when it gets to your door, they are so quick and you can also live track your order right from the site.

    This company is just simply excellence!

  131. Tyler H (verified owner)

    Just like the pic. All around good scent. Decent buzz good for any time of day. Would be a 5 but has slight dry seed which dulls the flavor. Great price though

  132. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great value. I didn’t find it to be ‘scrappy’ at all. Smells delightful. Tastes even better. Nice high. I found it creeped up on me and definitely gets stronger the more I smoked. AAA+ Even came a day earlier than anticipated. Wish I could share a picture as it is such a pretty flower

  133. Joshua (verified owner)

    A lot different than other blue dream ice had. Still great and gives you a nice sleep

  134. Dwayne (verified owner)

    Perfect hybrid

  135. Mike (verified owner)

    this stuff is amazing for everyday/anytime use. amazing smell and taste. 8/10 🙂

  136. Niko

    Looks and tast better then the last blue dream I had good job tony

  137. Vernon (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome

  138. don (verified owner)

    Great Morning Smoke just tried and damn that’s some gòod medicine.

  139. alex (verified owner)

    smell sooooo dank, great buzz

  140. Wim (verified owner)

    Very nice blue dream smell. bright orange hairs cover the nugs

  141. EastCoast (verified owner)

    Love it. Smell and taste is there, great buzz and you can’t beat that price!!

  142. $LUG$LANGA (verified owner)

    sick product, this one has a perfect blue smel and taste. great nugs gj tony!

  143. Christopher

    ChrisdabsH420 here …ive had alote blueberry type strains befor never none with crazy tast like this huge nugs awesome trimmed job smells sweet and bomb loved it keep up good work…check out me on YouTube see all these strain reviews cheers

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