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  1. rfc444 says:

    Order was sent out and arrived very fast. Very fair pricing especially compared to other sites. As for the product it’s absolutely amazing, looks/smells great, and most importantly burns and smokes very smooth. You can tell it was grown and stored with care. Packaging was discrete and completely smell proof. CW has definitely earned a customer. Thanks for the great experience guys!

  2. Jana Ricard says:


    I just heard of the site from a friend recently. I have tried a few other sites but the prices were so Steep ! Being hesitant to order before Sampling,
    I was happy to see the Surprise Pack and ordered one immediately. I made an error in my payment and received an e-mail notifying me (0h So Politely)
    that I screwed it up & to please try again…lol After I got it right with the simple payment process, the Order arrived Fast -I got a Postal Notice on the
    third mailing day while at Work to pick up the next afternoon.

    Inside is: 3.5 grams each of FROST BITE, G-13, T INCREDIBLE HULK, KALI MIST, NUKEN
    SPACE QUEEN, T GODFATHER, and PCG. It all looks pretty good. I ordered a 2nd Surprise Pack to try more Strains, Hoping for a few different choices
    to help me find my new FAVE. Overall very impressed, I will likely be ordering here again.

  3. Fred B says:

    Almost 2 years for me with CW and I’m very satisfied. I tried a lot of strains and different product and I never was disapointed. Tony always respond to all questions and he did it professionnaly. The service, products, transportation, prices… everything is great. Thank you CW, I will continu my business with you 🙂

  4. Deepbakedfry says:

    CW is the best. Always quality for great prices. Been ordering for a while now and it’s always my one stop shop. Only thing I’d make different is to have shatter and hash available in smaller quantities, but that’s just me using little of these compared to flowers. I’ve never had a bad order or experience, everything is always top notch! Also has allowed me to manage my finances my much better due to my cost savings over old buying methods. Greatest MoM in Canada!

  5. Josh12378 says:

    Cheapweed for me has been nothing but the best, the service, the prices, the delivery times..everything, basically wont stop buying from you guys because you can’t beat it! Very, very impressed with the products and can’t wait to see the growth that transpires from the quality you deliver, thanks again

  6. L Shelvey says:

    got my first order last month. GREAT weed great price,s 3day shipping can,t be beat. THANKS TO TONY @ AND THE CREW

  7. Nutz says:

    Been buying off Tony and his team at CW for about a year now 22 orders in and I keep coming back. There has been a few hiccups along the way but this is where Tony and his team shine. Every issue has found a solution that both partys agree is fair. As for product it is one of the best moms for bang for buck and ive never felt like I didnt get what I paid for hell first order was a free qp and one time I got sent the wrong strain and a quick text and then a phone call and what I ordered was on the way. Tony never even asked to send it back and said keep it and he apologized for the mistake. All in all Tony and his team are one of the best in the Biz and ill keep sending my money his way. Peace

    • Johnny Bacon says:

      Awesome! i had a similar experience, one of my first few orders and i was like uh oh, but it was an honest mistake and the way they handled it was what solidified my trust and respect for Tony and the CW crew. When the man himself gives you a call from his celly, rather than some random nameless customer service representative emailing, its more personal and it shows you they take you seriously and actually care to make sure your happy and satisfied above all else. Always.

  8. angiemom says:

    Cheap weed you guys are awesome after finding this website i don’t think i will grow again you can’t beat the prices and quality of product and i have to say costumer service is very good and get back to you quickly and always try to make you happy i can’t say enough good things about you guys i will never go anywhere but have for my meds.
    Thank-you so much for being that. Angie…..

  9. BorderBaked says:

    Best site to order excellent quality weed at incredible prices! Fast shipping. Discreet packaging. Dont hesitate order now!!

  10. sativa420 says:

    3rd time purchaser and 1st time reviewer… had to come out and say thanks to Tony and Emma and Team. This order was missing one ounce out of eight. Within minutes of emailing to advise this, Tony was replying to explain options to correct this. They ended up shipping me the replacement… kept in contact constantly as it moved forward and the order was shipped the next day. Mistakes happen… I am VERY HAPPY to work with CW and Team. Keep up the great efforts!! I will be back!!!

  11. BigLarry59 says:

    Bought Mercedez Stamp Black Hash on March 24/ 2019 . When it came it looked very nice , But when you smelt it , it smelled of dirt and mold. Was very, very disappointed with the hash after reading all the good reviews of how good it was. The service was great and got it within 2 days.

  12. yves567 says:

    You won’t regret shopping here.

  13. Jimmy333 says:

    Ordered a hp of the Mercedes hash and for the price you can’t go wrong this is stuff you use to pay 100 bucks a quarter for this stuff is good i love mixing it in with flower great price great product great service keep up the good work !!! It’s a five star for me !!!!!

  14. roo alexander says:

    CW has to be the best MOM in Canada ! Unbeatable prices and great variety , customer service is impeccable!! In the rare even that anything isn’t amazing with your order. It’s always made right, if not better!! The reward point system makes it perfect for the consistent customer like myself , I’ve been a happy customer for over a yea me and a half and am still surprised every week!

  15. Torontoboy222 says:

    After trying multiple online dispensaries, I’ve come to the conclusion that these guys are the real deal. The customer service itself is RARE for any industry. The product I receive from these guys always exceeds my expectations. I’ve tried numerous types of bud and concentrates and they’ve all been fantastic. If I have a problem, or I need to change my order, they’ll get it done; even if it’s last minute. Reviews and pictures are always accurate. Shipping is always on time. Site is updated daily. What more can you ask for? Thanks CW team!!!

  16. DieselDiesel says:

    Thanks to Tony and the CW Team buying is now beyond affordable and easy , count is Always over+++ .. Quality is Never disappointing !

    Quit reading reviews, place your first order and Experience it for yourself

    Thanks Again and again CW

  17. Stephen Marshall says:

    been using this site since last summer. Buying mostly ounces of the Mercedez hash, Done knives & rolled & even smoked bowls. No complaints there/; Anytimre I have messeged these guys it’s received & replied to pretty quick. I think this site is without a doubt the best on the web!

  18. Myshit says:

    Always happy with everything I get

  19. Nommmnom says:

    ive yet to be disappointed,
    customer service is second to NONE.
    dont let low prices fool you.

  20. ryan anderson says:

    Well done on the quality and quantity it is by far the best available on the canadian market. I think some of the negative reviews stem from ignorance of their preferred medicinal strains because I haven’t been disappointed by any of the orders I have placed and received. The shipping is extremely quick I receive my package within 2-4 days in ontario. I have tried about a dozen strains since I started ordering in February and my favourites have been the hybrids so I’m glad to find out what type of medicine I prefer because having the selection of Indica Hybrid and Sativa is very useful because on the street it is just whatever it is, is whatever you get. Trying to medicate that way is far less effective and i’ve tried some of the brand name stores like tweed and the quality/quantity is pretty abysmal from them.

    My favourite strain is the Moonrocks I highly recommend you pick that up whenever it is available. None of my orders have been damp they’ve all been dried and cured rather well, some more than others but I understand based on batch dates you’re receiving very fresh medicine. The customer support is also superior compared to the alternative choices available they will explain strains and potency levels if requested before ordering. ( be careful though the quality stuff sells out within hours or days of being released )

  21. Devilgoddess says:

    Love this site. The prices are more than fair and the cannabis strains are always good. After ordering close to 100 different strains I can still say I have zero complains with any of the cannabis I have ordered yet. The buds are always trimmed good and unless printed in the strain info the size of them is decent. The large selection that Tony offers is much larger than any other site I have come across and along with the discounts they offer I really haven’t seen better prices either. Another good thing is the review points Tony gives away for reviews as after awhile you’ll find you have enough point to get a free ounce.Honestly best site out there hands down keep up the great work Tony.

  22. Zachary A says:

    From getting early orders, to the amazingly competitive pricing, cheapweed has been the only MoM I’ve used for the past year and a half. The range of quality and pricing is really ideal for me as a student, and the amount and quality of customer service is above and beyond ‘above and beyond’. When I first asked tony for some suggestions, I was blown away with how well he understood his customers and products. The support team is quick, the site looks beautiful, and I am always able to genuinely save money when I shop here. Watching the success of the website has been amazing, across the board it seems we all agree that this truly IS Canada’s best online dispensary. Keep up the great work, guys!

  23. Eric Johnson says:

    I decided to try cheapweed.ca after reading so many positive reviews from folks. I received my first order one day ahead of schedule to start. Upon inspection, everything looked very good. After trying one of the strains, I was really pleased with the quality. And I’m no novice. Tony, you just earned another regular customer. I look forward to recommending you to others and trying out other products. Thank you, Sir.

  24. kellyo says:

    Hey there. Was really skeptical as the price seemed too good to be true. Decided to gamble on the Mercedes hAsh. Awesome good hash high. Best hash I’ve smoked since legalization and definitely the cheapest most other sites are 100$/1/4 this was 100 and ounce.
    And delivery I ordered it Sunday night and it showed up at my door Wednesday to small town rural Ontario
    As for weight all I’ll say is they weren’t under. Extremely pleased with the order, now if they could just figure out a way to open packages to save for sampling so they can send them When people ask that would just top cw.ca right off is the best site ever for in my opinion. Haven’t tried any of their weed yet but I will be soon if they read this I’d love a sample of Durbin poison! have a great weekend everyone. I will

    • Mike Zandvliet says:

      With the cheap prices already, just get a mix and match qp of cheap oz then you won’t need samples… you’re asking a lot of a company that already provides the best service in Canada

  25. Calimero says:

    Very good weeds, fast delivery, great price. I am happy with my 1 order, GF Zombie Kush , GF Green Crack ,Tony”s Durban Poison Thanks !!!

  26. kushcoaster says:

    Super happy with the service , shipping and quality with all of CW’s products , I had some issues in the past with the affiliates and got a rapid response from
    the staff and was happy with honesty . As they no longer have the program . The point system is great the timing on the points being added after the reviews in not that fast , but I expect that the staff at CW are busy and what it takes to keep a website like this up to date and running smooth is a task in of it’s self.
    All and all I will recommend and keep using the services here and am a happy satisfied customer.
    Thank you

  27. Mm420 says:

    I’m always impressed with the quality of flowers for the price; I will never look elsewhere to bulk up. The mercedes hash is on point with stuff ive paid 10 per g for elsewhere. If I could recommend one thing to try when in stock, Tony’s Blue Dream has been consistently fantastic. One of my favourite smokes and I frequently chase quads from craft places.

    Keep up the great work!

  28. gumper20 says:

    Been a customer since January, spent almost 50k with CW. I have had 2 product issues and that is it. When I had those product issues tony was very fast to make sure his customer was taken care of. I would highly recommend CW to anyone, best in the business by far. I cant say enough about these guys.. product is always top notch and price beats anyone wholesale.. thanks for everything CW

  29. Crazycabby says:

    Wow. This is the best site out there. Service is unbelievable. Only been a customer for 2 months and have placed 4 orders to date so far. My first order was the Blonde Moroccan hash. Then 2 orders of black hash. Well both are good. Just received my 4th order yesterday and this time I went with a QP of PURPLE SPACE MONKEY Some of the best I’ve smoked to date and hopefully will be more of this available soon. Great quality. Next strain????? Lol. Love it. Think my next order will include multiple oz’s of 8-16 5 stars

  30. Dantheman says:

    Started buying CW July 22nd Have not ordered anywhere else. 56 different orders 119 strains No Bunk Zone! AAA-AAAA+ Descriptions 10 CSR 10 Website 10 Variety 10 Contests 10
    They Really care Tony has amazing priced strains I have always been happy satisfied weights packaging response time Its amazing Have got hash 7x BOB Trim its all worth the $ Did anybody’s dealer treat them that well? Mom would not even front me. Had 0 problems ,Close too Perfect! TY CW BC all the way! Liking my Harley parts mwa ORDER HERE! happy x

  31. Christopher Hodges says:

    So i got so many orders i lost track but the comatose.. Animal cookies .. Mostly any green farms strains are good but i always go for tonys strains first …ive delt over 30 sites no one has better produts for the price and there customer service is amazing love u guys at cheapweed keep up good work shout out to my bro tony and my girl emma thanks all help and saport…
    Ever sence i started using cheapweed no other flower or concentrates compare…love you guys ill do a cupple strain reviews if i can find out how here my YouTube channel i do cannabis reviews an stuff
    ChrisdabsH420 check me out cheers

    • John Duplisea says:

      #EmmaRocks .. My orders have been all great , Just Placed a half pound order Of 4 on Purple Koolaid / 4 On Racefuel og , I’ll mssg you up chris when it’s in – This site is bomb i haven’t Gotten a bad Strain yet

  32. Chris Swain says:

    Tony operates the best site I have ever come across and I’ve used plenty of other sites in the last few years. When I purchase a H.P. it works out to around $100 an ounce. You won’t find those prices anywhere else and Tony let’s you MIX & Match any strain you like. With the other sites it worked out I was only able to get 2 ounces to Tony’s 2.66 ounces. Any time I can have more than 25% more bud to smoke is alright by me. Keep up the great work Tony and know you have a loyal new customer for life. By the way the herb here is all TOP-SELF PRODUCT ( I should know too after getting 6 different awesome stains that where all great. Well you have me as a regular every 3 months ( 4 H.P.’s a year ) . Good day to you and your staff Tony from Chris S. (Vampi393) .

  33. dieselman says:

    Been such a pleasure ordering my smoke through CW I’ve made 5 purchases so far in the past several months from you guys and have always been more then satisfied with your service, shipping was always prompt usually 3-4 days from BC to the East Coast which is exceptional Amazon cant deliver that fast lol All the products I have purchased have been exactly what they have been described as and looked just like the pictures displayed . Anybody considering ordering from CW don’t hesitate i did at first too but once I recieved my first order from CW I knew right then what I was missing out on all this time, everytime I open up a new package I’m just amazed at the quality and amazing smell and look o f it . Definitely a no brainer here go ahead take the leap and order i promise you won’t be disappointed in anything you get from here i did and it was the best decision I ever made . CW gets a 5 star rating from this guy without any doubt …..Always a HAPPY CAMPER…..

  34. hairdo321 says:

    I had been looking for Phoenix Tears for months. Finally someone who carries it and has it in stock. Thank you
    cheapweed.ca. Fast delivery and excellent price. You have my business from now on.

  35. Dillon says:

    Been a customer here since the very beginning, and I have not been disappointed by anything yet!

  36. Max Green says:

    ♡♡♡♡ There’s no place like. ♡♡♡♡

  37. Tom_day15 says:

    Hands down the best site around guys ! Great weed great concentrates great prices and great customer service !! Thanks Tony and crew !!!!

  38. Jayson Mailly says:

    The selection and most importantly the stock rotation and high volume ensure you are getting fresh product. It makes a huge difference. The Blue Cookies, Maui Wowie, Island Sweet Skunk and several other strains have been top shelf, especially considering the price !!

    • Benjamin Kero says:

      Wow I’ve ordered from quite a few dispensary’s but CW wow can’t beat the quality and prices top shelf homie haven’t been let down once except for Canada post they lost one of my packages but thanks CW they sent me a new one top notch customer service a++++++

  39. Johnny Bacon says:

    Before i found CW i went through 9 or 10 sites at least. It was always limited selection, inconsistent quality (the anxiety of worrying if its going to be a hit or miss was too much)..screwups beyond screwups and unfriendly/useless customer service..
    CW has from like 80-140+ strains on the menu at any given time, which is absolutely insane to me! Sooo much to choose from to suit your every need (having epilepsy this is very important to me, as well as anybody using for medicinal purposes). Quality is always beyond expectation. Reviews! Lots of reviews, thats another important one to me. Then there’s MY favourite part, the discounts!! I never buy less than 3 oz. 35% off drops a $200 down to a $130.. YES please! 🙂
    Above aall else, the customer service is just awesome. They’re so helpful and nice when you have a problem that it makes you mad at yourself for being mad at them to begin with lol they really go to battle for you, any mistakes and they make sure you’re more than compensated.
    Tony, Emma and the whole CW crew RUN this MOM game, hands down. I honestly cant find a single reason to go anywhere else. THANKS GUYS!! #CWROCKS #TONYROCKS #EMMAROCKS

    • Johnny Bacon says:

      If i had to come up with one complaint.. id call it more of a wishh i guess lol but i wish there was always ounces available if it all possible. For heavy smokes like me who dont really want to smoke a qp of the same kind forever. I want variety so i mix it up. But only downside, not every kind is always avail in Oz so ur limited to what you can choose. My thoughts are, say you have 13 qps avail and no ozs.. always have a qp or so to split into a few OZs for the peeps like mee.. Just my wishes guys lol THANKS for being AWESOME!

  40. BcBudd says:

    I was unsure about CW at first but now they are my main supplier.
    Always fire strains on hand and great customer service.

  41. dontworryaboutit says:

    5 Stars, Great hash

  42. Jeff Sager says:

    Well just Stopping to Say Thanks Cheapweed (Tony) And Crew, coming up to a year of great Buds from CW, great buds, great Prices and friendly people, CheeapWeed is my bud source for life.
    Keep up the great work Tony and Crew
    One Love

  43. Joe Blow says:

    Great site. Great product. Great customer service. Fast delivery. I’m another happy returning customer. Thanks Tony and thanks Emma.

  44. Kushlife4life says:

    Hey tony recieved our pack today love the quality and prices are great, only took 4 days to get it all the way in QC amazing ATF, south indian, and GC will definitely purchase more have a gr8 time growing 🙂

  45. Sheldon Fink says:

    Best prices. Best Weed. Best Concentrates. Best Customer Service.Best Shipping hands down.

  46. in LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with the greenfarms jetfuel.
    great selection + services never problems but one time order was mixed up but tony fixed and made it wright again
    thanks CW!

  47. Sheldon Fink says:

    This is the best site and only one that counts. I have been ordering from Tony for the last 3 years and never have been dissatisfied. His products are always the best quality, quickest shipping, reliable, consistent. i can’t say enough good things about cheap weed.ca Best prices. Best Weed. Best Concentrates. Best Customer Service.Hands down.

  48. mrswatsonj says:

    SO happy with my order! You guys get it right every time!! My package was here super quickly and all my buds are the best quality!

  49. ytefas says:

    great site, great service, great product 🙂

  50. Chadwick says:

    CW & staff are professionals they have great products . The only thing that lacks is keeping up with the pictures that are displayed for the products. After the strain is sold out of that batch .I think they should be taking the pictures down and putting new ones up for the batch that they are advertising… I have read alot of the comments and reviews mixed up a.bit that people who buy large amounts should be getting what they are picking by the pictures like the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words Wich is true in my opinion. I feel that buying large amounts and picking a strain from looking at a picture is enough to know what your getting? But when a batch is as out cw sometimes leaves the old pictures up and advertises a new batch but in fact the one you want is not what your ordering. Customer service 8/10 products 8/10 advertising 6/10 I just feel that it should be kept up with.. but these guys are great Emma & tony you guys rock

  51. Martin Roots says:

    Been doing this a long time and I gotta say that Tony has seriously changed the game when it comes to this world folks!

    Amazing prices (if you use the discounts that he offers on his front page), his selection is second to none and the quality/service he offers has not let me down once yet.

    Please keep it up Tony and you will have a customer for life here 🙂

    Martin Roots

    • Mark Lindsay says:

      I am a fairly new customer and have purchased a couple QPs from cheapweed. What stands out for me the most is Thier customer service. I have purchased from other Moms before, and never get such a quick and personalized response like CW gives me. I get the impression they actually care about clients. Other sites can take days to get back to you, and when they do it’s a brief generic response almost like it’s a hassle for them. Not so with Cheapweed, they will take care of you and try to legitamatly help you.

      As for the weed itself, the prices and selection is quite good. My first purchase was Tony’s jet fuel, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite strains of all time. A great sativa. My second was Tony’s ice wreak, and it wasn’t as good but it was decent. My buddy thought it was top shelf, I know it was good, but I have a high tolerance, so my opinion is skewed.

      Their prices on single ounces could be better, but this I suppose is to encourage bulk purchasing. The prices on QPs are very good, and HPs are bloody fantastic. Not much bad things to say, just wish I found the site sooner. Tony can you please get THC distillate? I would love to give you all my business. BTW, Tony himself seems like a very nice caring person I have had the privilege of talking with him directly.

    • bam says:

      I am new to Cheapweed.ca,,i have tried most of the online shops, and I must say honesty that Cheapweed has to be the number 1 site in Canada Today, Super Fast Customer Service, a Large assortment to look and buy from, IT CANT GET ANY BETTER Thank You Cheapweed

  52. eddiemay says:

    See what happened was !!
    It all started with your ordinary day with an ordinary mission time to find top shelf smoke .
    But I do not go to the usual smoke shop instead !!!! NO!!!!
    I go to a wonderful land of taste , flavor , smell and we cant forget our favorite savings. CHEEPWEED.ca
    So honestly CHEEPWEED.ca has my hands legs arms and feet in the air.
    I have been a conosouir for over 30 years and I have never seen a bigger selection of top grade product from A to Z they got it .
    great job CW and thanks for everything tony

  53. Zachary A says:

    I have been using this service as my main source of top quality, great priced buds for nearly 2 years now. The customer service is above and beyond and has always stood out as a testament to what service SHOULD be in an industry like this. Choices and great prices aside, it is very clear that Tony and his team put a huge amount of effort into bringing us a very high level of service and quality. I have and would reccommend Tony and his team to anyone who is looking for great service. Thanks for two years of consistency, Tony.

  54. Steiner74 says:

    Great smoke!! I will buy again. Thank-you.

  55. Adam A says:

    This is by far the best website for supplying Canadians with their medical and recreational needs. It is run professionally, respectfully and above all the quality of product is top shelf. I would recommend CW to anyone in Canada.

    • Teddybear says:

      Just got my second order came in two days I’ve got the blue dream the first time and purple momba this time both were really good very happy ordering from cw will be the place to get what I want from now on very happy

  56. jammin'stoned says:

    I’m really happy with the products and service at CW. I tried the other guys first, however now that i am a customer at CW i will not be going back. two thumbs up. cheers

  57. Lifeforce420 says:

    This is my last stop. Will not be ordering from anywhere else. Great prices and quality product. Finding CW is almost as good as winning the lottery. Almost.
    Looking forward to continuing my support for a great team.

  58. terrycyr43 says:

    i just to take a few minutes to thank cw and Emma for the very great service and this hash is amazing thank you very much

  59. ovirahim says:

    Want to give a shout out Loud to Emma, and Tony’s Team, this maybe my 4th months running as your Loyal customer, as I am breaking up Pink Bubba i stoped to write here, Tony, quality just speaks out loud on such Awesome Products, not yet can say i am ever disappointed about your Products quality, not to mention the Best price in Canada, package delivered within 3 business days, even bottom of the bag is fresh, i just wish we keep this friendship for ever and ever. Wish you nothing but the best and many years of success to come, #Bubba all Products are just #Original…..THANKS for your service

  60. tyranic2006 says:

    I am CW virgin! I have ordered from many MOMs in the past and they now have a customer for life! Great service, fast response times and quality bud for a fair price! Keep up the great work team!!!

  61. Louis-Philippe Huot says:

    I’m from a more restrictive province and I must say that this web site is great. I bought afgan hash and 8 onces of differents strains and cheapweed have not failed me so far. I even had anwsers in french which is a great plus for me. So great product, great service and fast delivries. All hail cheapweed.ca !!!

  62. GoatBuffet says:

    Without any question in my mind, CW is the hands down BEST MOM you will find! Your search has ended. Rest assured, you will find what you are looking for here.
    I’ve been a frequent flyer here since mid ’18 and damn it’s good! Very, very good!!
    No other way to put it, I love this site and its offerings!! Honestly, a dream come true! A dream you don’t want to wake up from because its so fucking GOOD!
    Whats to like?
    The ever rotating expansive selection, supreme customer service, excellent web design (simple) and seamless payment execution and email follow up, very consistent fast delivery times,
    online delivery tracking tool, discrete packaging, great points system for your purchases, pricing that decreases dramatically when you bulk purchase, ie. fantastic mix & match 8oz/45% off bud discount, and, oh ya……absolutely killer herb.!! I’ve sampled numerous strains from CW with my favourites being El Jefe, Durban Poison, Island Sweet Skunk, Bruce Banner, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Green Farms Jet Fuel and Purple Voodoo, Guava, Jawaiian, Gelato, Creamsicle, Lemon Cake, GG4, Tony’s ATF and Green Crack and quite a few others. The freshness of the herb, practically every strain I’ve received, is a testament to the excellent quality control and high sales volume . I can’t stress this freshness enough, it’s so important with top quality herb. These guys (‘n girls) do it very well. An all around super professional op that inspires my repeat purchases.
    I’ve also been fortunate enough to indulge in some of the otherworldly potent CW concentrates, Purple Moonrock Budder & Green Farms Bruce Banner Wax to name a couple faves. Both of them can flatten this user who has 4 decades of holistic and (mostly) hedonistic herbal consumption under the belt. Fucking love it! As age begins to rear its wears I increasingly look to CW to source the medicine that has unquestionably decreased my joint inflammation and increased my quality of life. The CBC isolate and the Phoenix Tears I recently picked up here have been amazing. This insomniac now gets a solid nights sleep, every night! Amazing!!

    All in all….Thank you so much Tony, Emma , CW crew as well as all the super talented growers and suppliers in the chain! I’ve travelled and sampled tasty herb around the world and I can tell you for certain, some of the absolutely finest strains of top quality medicinal herbs are grown in BC. The dedication to the craft is evident in the spectacular specimens you’ll find here.

    How awesome would it be to celebrate 420/2019 in West Coast style, with the cool kids? I’m keeping my fingers crossed….with a joint in between, of course!


    • GoatBuffet says:

      *** CBD isolate

    • Chad Dolney says:

      Well I’m not going to write a whole story here but I will testify to the quality of the products and the friendly professional customer service here at cheapweed.ca. I enjoy trying different strains and they do offer a wide variety. I like the pink bubba black tuna kush and Tony’s Bruce Banner. Good stuff Tony. I’d like to see your operation when I win this contest…

      • Tellybee says:

        Seriously 138 different strains to choose from this past Saturday. Where else can you get so many choices? No where except CW! I have been a loyal customer since late August last year and have tried well over 100 strains now and only one strain I did not care, everything else is great budget bud or the higher end straight fire strains. If you have not tried CW yet I fully assure you it’s the real deal yo. Tony and his team are the best, you gotta question they will answer you. Top notch service, discret packaging, quick shipping and great buds. Thank you CW team for providing top quality products at the lowest price imaginable to the community. Great job guys!

    • John Duplisea says:

      #EmmaRocks – John INDICA , From The Cheapweedca Team , I Always love a good read on the reviews , Thanks for a full insight on how you feel about the site & your history , It’s always great to hear how other People Are Enjoying the Site as Much as i am ! <3

  63. Diesel7 says:

    Cheapweed.ca has been nothing but great and responsive unlike most dealers. Takes max 4 days to reach Ontario. Their points system is amazing, it’s a great way to give back to the customers that will for sure want to use the free dollars.

    Thanks Cheapweed.ca for being such a great company!

    • tony says:

      Thanks for your warm and kind words =)
      Truly means the world to me that we have your support <3
      Likewise as well, good to know shipping to Toronto is also only 2 days wow!

  64. Gninsey1 says:

    Product is always exactly as pictured or even better. Never disappoints. Fastest shipping I’ve gotten from a MOM site. Customer service is very good and quick to respond. I have noticed the prices climbing as of late, hopefully they stop and I dont have to find a new site cause CW is my favourite by far.

  65. SKF says:

    these guys are the real deal,i couldnt be happier with the product,the price and the customer service,

  66. KimberlyG says:

    Very happy and pleased with the service, the product and the prompt delivery! Definitely will be a return customer.

  67. furyfairy24 says:

    I have been ordering from cheepweed for a few months now. I am never disappointed with the product. I have tried many strains and each one was impressive. I am happy with the service and how fast it comes to my door. I jus ordered animal cookies today and I cant wit to try it. Great job tony and staff. now to try and get in on the trip to bc <3

  68. JohnJess says:

    Tony’s Nuken is by far and away one of the best indicas I have ever had. Initially it’s smooth then the high THC hits your lungs and the fun begins. Extremely potent smoke that often takes only one bong hit I will be definately buying it again. Thank you so much CW.

  69. Myshit says:

    Love everything I’ve gotten so far. Sadly noticing a bit of a price increase lately??

  70. terrycyr43 says:

    thank you very much for the great product will buy this hash again

  71. WhiteHAMmer902 says:

    I’ve been with CW for about a year now, and I have nothing to say but good things, all the product I tested were mostly amazing weed, some not so much but its always good to have the selection of trying different kind if strains. Especially the thing that caught my attention was the point system they offered for every purchase and not all sites did that at the time, also the promotions they have as well ranging from various types of sales or draws to win weed or cash and many others. The support system tony offers is amazing usually always quick responses, in other words this is the best site going in my eyes, always get the bang for your buck on this site for sure! Thanks CW, keep up the hard work.

  72. Mathieu Goyette says:

    Jai achete le ALIEN OG et je suis tres satisfait , EXCELLENT gout et teste a 28% de THC c’est du weed pour les grandes personnes haha … la quantite etait la bonne . Je vais recommander ici sure thing .

    Salut du Quebec

  73. Rob Martel says:

    Hey everybody, just a heads up the voilator kush is exactly what the pictures shows and the taste and smell is simply amazing 10/10 it also helps with my croniq pain, i will be ording this again, actually going to order now, just orded the golden pinapple too, thanks tony and emma you guys are the best always there to help and answer questions. Thanks for everything

  74. Kush456 says:

    I found cheap weed In August of 2018. The first strain I got was fucking incredible and it was amazing weed. Every single time I order it seems like the weed just gets better and better. I still remember how awesome the strain called Ghost train haze tasted. Cheapweed honestly has made my life so much better, every strain I have gotten helps me with pain, insomnia and depression. Some of my favourite strains are Durban poison, sugar cookie, blue and purple moonrocks, g-13 and purple magic. If your looking for an amazing MOM look no further than cheapweed.ca, they also have excellent customer service. I like how the strains are constantly changed. Thanks for being an awesome group of people

  75. BSmokes says:

    Currently have G13 strain, you can’t go wrong buying off this site, whenever I get weed I’m still in shock of how good and how cheap it is. Keep up the great work Tony and crew!!!

  76. bigblock138 says:

    Bought a couple oz of the black hash. Great price and a decent high. Great customer service, quick and easy delivery. Will definitely be ordering again!

  77. ohseemego says:

    Great shopping experience, buds look like they do in the photos. The deals are f*+^king incredible. Keep your stick on the ice and please don’t anyone fuck this up!!!!!!

  78. Kay says:

    Just ordered Tony’s lemon zest and as always super pleased. Was on time and good quality.

  79. bnmv says:

    Just received my variety pack got it extremely fast and I live on the other side of Canada, couldn’t ask for a better weed site to order off of 10/10

  80. TopGunz says:

    I have ordered from about 14 diffrent online sites, i find CW the best in quality, price and service! I’ve now made CW my go to online site after trying many of the other sites. Hands down CW is the best to deal with and always get your money worth! Thanks Tony and Emma for everything!

  81. Jill says:

    Amazing product, top notch service, quick & discreet shipping, great customer service beyond satisfied

  82. Cuzin says:

    My package arrived on time and perfectly sealed this is the best site thank you so much I will definitely be letting my friends know couldn’t Ask for a better product

  83. David Tremblay says:

    C’est ma premier commande avec vous. J’ai essayé budget bubba et je suis très satisfait .

  84. Rush says:

    Always great stuff whether you’re looking for a body or a heady strain. Currently have Green Farms Chemo in the mail and can’t wait to try it. Can’t recommend CW or thank Tony enough, in my opinion there’s no where that does it better when it comes to quality, price, variety and service; truly the BEST IN CANADA (Love from Cape Breton N.S keep up the good work). Strains i’ve tried from CW so far and rating- GG#4(5/5), Romulan #2(5/5) Tony’s Alaskan Thunderfuck ( 5/5), Presidential OG (4.5/5), Black Diamond (4/5), Darth Vader OG (4/5), BC Big Bud (5/5).

  85. Big Bong 420 says:

    Ive ordered 8 times off this site and never had a problem, HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for good smoke

  86. Adam says:

    Reliable affordable and booms find tony and team take the time to care. And if you reach out they respond with respect and understanding few of my favourites black tuna godfather og holy grail tony grease monkey big thanks to everyone @cheapweed.ca team couldn’t be happier

  87. Fugitex says:



  88. bmacmil says:

    I am so happy to have found CW, I am 55 and a cancer survivor, I am a medical marijuana patient and I have used only cannabis as my medication for everything, I have not even had a Tylenol since 1996, Marijuana (black oil) has cured my cancer and smoking allows me to function pain free everyday. Before CW I have had a hard time filling my script, I was paying as high as 12.50 per gram and the product had no where near the strength of CW product, CW has been a lifesaver for me, they make medicating affordable again and also have the best in customer service, I recommend CW to everyone that I know, keep it up Tony, your fair prices show alot about you and your mission, thanks for everything.

  89. dieselman says:

    Best cannibus online store hands down I have made numerous orders now from here and every time and so far I have not been disappointed with their products, service and their prompt shipping. I just made another order last night of some White Widow and Nukem I’m hoping to get an email saying its on its way today so it will get here by Thursday or Friday so far my orders has only taken 3 days 4 one time it took 4 because of a major snow storm. I’m really looking forward to try the WW if its as good as the comments say it is, has been awhile since i had some real good Widow …..:)

  90. Ricky71 says:

    No lie brothers and sisters, everything you read about this site and service is true. My customer service experience exceeded expectations by far! I’m sincerely proud to be a customer of this site. Cheers Tony!

  91. mrswatsonj says:

    I am beyond happy with this service!! Got my first order and everything was in fantastic condition. All if my items were fresh and they all smoke great! Will be placing another order this week! 🙂

    • michael cooke says:

      Just got an hp of black nuken, lite pine smell, subtle earthy taste then BAM i had more energy then ive felt in years! Not a bedtime smoke and im keeping it ALL for me! Thanks CW!

    • Al1 says:

      Dear Tony and Emma I just wanted to say your customer service is absolutely amazing , your quality of products are over and beyond what you would expect , it’s a pleasure to deal with you and your company eveytime I order thanks for everything you guys do I really appreciate it .


  92. BillMac says:

    Amazing prices, the quality is outstanding. some product may not have that bag appeal but amazing effects on all strains I’ve purchased. Thanks guys and gals. Yous rock.

  93. Rob Martel says:

    Hey Emma and Tony you guys really helped me the other day when there was an issue with the money transfer, you both took the time to help me out and to make sure everything was done correct, and still managed to process my order and sent it out the same day!!! there are no other places that even come close to the product or the staff keep up the great work and thanks again for all the help Emma and Tony !!!!

  94. Ringo says:

    Vanilla Kush!
    Great nose, fluffy, good bag appeal and midnight stoner!

  95. Debra Cooze says:

    thanks guys, first time order for me, product is great , price is great and service was great. Had my package in 3 days to NL. Look forward to doing business with you again in the near future, cheers

  96. puppyjojo says:

    Jai adoré service a la clientele extraordinaire livraison rapide et discrete produit de qualité

  97. Zealyeye says:

    After moving from Ontario to New Brunswicks last year wasnt sure if I was going to be able to get shit like i did in Ontario. I started researching sites and hy far CW is the best 1 for price, quality and customer service is amazing. Always answers your questions or concerns in a timely manner. Never a disappointment with anything. Everything I ordered has been incredible.

  98. Strutter says:

    Wake me I still cant believe it..
    You guys are the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with..And theres been a few..

    Thanks so very much.

    • petros says:

      Hi, I’m a first timer and I agree with all of the comments. Service, quality etc. excellent. Lovely loving people to deal with. Thanks Tony and Emma

    • Tburd83 says:

      Ive bought from a few sites and cheapweed is the best hands down. I by white widow QPs two three times a moth. Never disappointed. Tony and his crew are the best

  99. DiamondMind says:

    After checking 20 plus websites there are many reasons I’ve narrowed it down to CW! 1. PRICE 2. QUALITY 3. PROMPTNESS

  100. Christopher Olson says:

    Amazing service. Great products. Unbeatable prices. Everytime I order my shipment is completed and at my door within 2 days. If I order early enough in the morning I can get lucky with next day. And I live in MB. I encourage everyone to take a look and give CW a shot because the level of dedication to fulfilling orders is unreal. MB is quite a terrible place to use legal cannabis as the dispensarys offer trash, so I appreciate having such a reliable place to procure my flowers from. Thank you guys so much.

  101. Rob Martel says:

    Every time i order a quarter pound its always over by a couple grams and the prices cannot be beat, iam on diasabilitly and get 1300 a month with my percription being 115 grams a month, there is no other place in canada that can compares to the prices and quality, because of CW iam able to fullfill my percription monthly, so thank you for all that you do you us people who are on a budgit keep up the great work and thank you

  102. Jeff Munroe says:

    Unbelievable site with even more unbelievable prices. Orders are always on time. Tony and his team are hands down the best!

  103. Chronic2019 says:

    First time buyer, very happy with the fast shipping and the good customer service! Ordered 1/4 lb of the Bubba OG, I give it 5/5 on bag appeal and 4/5 on taste and strength. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  104. Chauntelly says:

    I ordered Kosher unbeatable seriously I dont want anything else 🙂 these guys are great

  105. Chrisandtanya says:

    Wonderful service. Prompt delivery, tracked all the way. Never felt any doubt on my order (the 3 or more deal is way too good not to grab) and flowers all-round great. Exceeded my expectations. Headband, gelato and zombie wreak are all worth another purchase. I’ve recommended to all my friends and will definitely be ordering again. Cheers.

  106. Ape123 says:

    2 Nd order and aeswome strains both times super fast delivery best place online for sure

  107. Arkansas dave says:

    I’ve been ordering for a few months now
    I love the Mercedes hash. It’s all I smoke now
    Tony’s amazing black hash
    Emma and Tony treat you the way customers deserve to be treated
    Very classy and very cool
    Life long customer now

  108. cav says:

    Received my first order from you guys awesome ,arrived quick, 2days ,packaged great , weed looks good can t ask for any better than that, Thanks tony great service 5/5

  109. Jeff Sager says:

    Yet another order done fast, Tony, CW, And Crew, you Guys Rock, Thank You For yet another order done great! Keep Up the Great Work Team!!

  110. ovirahim says:

    My order was delivered today. 2 types Kush and Tony’s Stinky Bubba, cant wait to try em out but as a smoker after a while you know its great when you smell/touch/see it.
    I panicked when last Friday i got a different order and started to email Emma, and post here for reply, to me the main thing was what if they ask me to provide proof and takes more inquiries on who is responsible or how did that happened, I honestly was confused, however about few hours on same Friday when Emma replied and simply asked me to make same order without pay and after the weekend in “Blue Dream”….(which came by mistake on friday) i just got my reorder package delivered and looking Goooood!!!
    Thanks Emma…she was with me this whole time assuring me with emails and not just auto type but actually letting me know just to be patient while Canada post do their magic.
    With this whole thing i sure wish not to happen to anyone and also for Cheapweed.ca team, i surewish no loss and only wish good things to come your way. Your products and prices speaks for themselves and custer service is just over the top best. Wish you always the best.
    To all, no panic if things go wrong, just give couple hours and be honest and things will turn out to be awesome or great.
    Thank you Emma.and team Tony

  111. Bubbagunuish says:

    The zombie here has nice big tight nugs that taste great and leave you in a nice utopia state, it’s very tastey and the look is just fantastic, delivery very quick as allways, props to Tony & crew again. GREAT JOB GUYS!

  112. Bubbagunuish says:

    You got to try the purple moon budder from CW , NICE LOOKING , great taste burns very clean for budder. Delivery was fast as allways & the buzz is long lasting then melt into sleep time

  113. russ says:

    tres bon service merci

  114. Joe says:

    I’m beyond impressed and that takes a lot …. my number 1 go to for the best price & quality thanks team!!!

  115. Cotyjohnson says:

    This is awesome one of the best sites iv found love it.

  116. DJ Bounds says:

    Incredible hulk was….INCREDIBLE! So was the Nuken. Two of my favorite buds.

  117. BigG13 says:

    hey Tony, 1st time using your site and very satisfied with quality of bud. we are enjoying the Blue Dream… will order again.

  118. Tkhutch says:

    This is by far one of the best MOMS in Canada. Coworker and I both use CW and think Tony’s products are one ofthe best hands down. Amazing deals with a cool point system to help discount, which other sites you have to jump through fire for. Already made my second order and im already looking into another order. Fresh dank flowers still wet enough never dry and freakin huge buds. Most definitely pay for those bovida packets, will make your order last even longer. Still have nice buds 2 1/2 weeks later. Check my IG for photos of products. No reviews or critiques. @FatBoyPurpDank705

  119. medical toker says:

    First time using CW I only tried one strain and found it to be cleaner than store bought product…..was a very positive experience ill be a repeat customer with service and quality like this. At least CW is helping those who need marijuana for better health thanks CW.

  120. Isidore Qirngnuq says:

    Thanks Tony
    I enjoyed your Mercedes Gold stamp hash!
    And also to have all the variety of flowers from all of my orders.
    With nice prices and excellent quality of your products I would order more!

  121. Allan Murray says:

    Well, My Last note of advice at helping other High Travelers, Don’t miss out on Zedd X Lemon Zest , This will Roll over you CW Thankyou

  122. Allan Murray says:

    Wow ! Yes it is a train ride any Traveler would love to venture in to the highs that this ride will offer Train Wreck !! Good One CW Hope the rest of you High Travelers did Not Miss Out

  123. Seanix says:

    Received my order, that i made last monday, yesterday. As usual, very well packed. Juste enough vacuum into sealed bag. Very happy! Zucchini strain looks off the book! Taste very good and smooth on throat. Shake/trim was pretty nice too! Also had several email sent to custommer service and every mail was answered very polite and professionnal from Emma, customer service menager. Highly recommanded seller!!! A++

  124. Becca22 says:

    Had a few delays with the delivery, just got it this morning, amazing stuff. I’ll definitely will buy off of here again!!!

  125. Bubbagunuish says:

    The zombie from Tony is the bomb , great looking nice tasting fast reliable delivery. What more can you ask for the buzz lasts for hours and works great on restless leg syndrome

  126. Brenda Deshevy says:

    Woohoo! I just got my order! Ordered some Hawaiian Haze…it dynamite,..awesome flavor.. I also got some of Tony’s Green crack it smells and tastes heaven and I always buy a lump of the black hash…its always the same every order…great tasting hash! This is my go to place for all my smoking needs. Just all round the best place ever!

  127. Jeff.420 says:

    Experienced fast and efficient delivery. Overall products I ordered good. Fave so far is Tony’s UBC Chemo.

  128. Ubuv says:

    Thank you! My first order just arrived and it won’t be the last! The Tom Ford Pink shatter is incredibly tasty, potent and the perfect consistency. Very fair price point as well.

  129. Crazycabby says:

    Wow Blonde Moroccan hash. Taste great Been looking for this Can wait to get my next order. Although a little pricey But definitely will be ordering more from this place. Fast service

  130. diversitea77 says:

    We received grease monkey the rest is a blank pain reliever built in memory formatting ………the result is wheres my car man seriously grade AAAA

  131. Fritz says:

    One of My Favourites! Great Taste, Smell & High! Buds are beauts, tight fox tails caked in crystal, nice and sticky! Jarred this up and every time I open it I do the ol’ cheech marin sniff 😉 …”that’s not coke man, that’s suds dude! ” 😉

  132. saraht1989 says:

    I purchased twice last one was super kush calm mellow high, great looking bud also priced great

  133. Aleahluah says:

    Tony we got nothing but MMAADDD love for your product and your Marijuana so far has been top knotch.
    Keep doin what your doin ♡
    Thank You

  134. Jcain says:

    I recently placed my first order with Cheap Weed! I was extremely impressed. I ordered the 28g surprise sample pack and was not disappointed. It was nice to have the variety. My favourites included Lemon Zest, God Kush and TPC! My package also included a letter from Tony thanking me for being a customer! What a great experience! Thanks for the A+ service!

  135. El_ChapoJR says:

    Ordered a P of green crack and really satisfied, it’s about time I finally get high from ordering pounds. Only took $60k Thanks CW! I’ll be sticking with CW for now on!!! Other moms are scams

  136. Tyler Astels says:

    Ordered some Durban Poison and by far the best loud I got from any MoM and the price cant be beat!! Will definately be orderin up the next batch

  137. Bubbagunuish says:

    The violator kush here is some dank sweet tasting weed that hits hard and lasts long, one of my favorites. Good price fast delivery even on the east coast

  138. Andrew Raven says:

    Been ordering online from these guys for almost a year, i order a qp sometimes 2 qps weekly to biweekly and all i can say is wow never been disappionted, been treated fair right from the start and always got top notch buds for some of the best prices, i 100% recommend cheapweed.ca to anyone thats wants hands down quality everytime

  139. sjodrey says:

    Amazing service. Canada Post was late delivering but the CW team stepped in and I got the delivery same day. Excellent products for excellent prices. So excited for my next order, gotta he me some hash! Thank you Tony and team.

  140. Raymond Hynes says:

    Hi just wanted to say I’ve been smoking for fourth years and tryed lots of places and found out they were crap until I found cw at first I did not want to try I thought it was a ripoff like others out there but after reading reviews I decided to try it out and man am I glad I found these guys.best out there hands down .product always on point . and Tony’s strains are always just a little better. and price is amazing. Coustomer for life . 5/5

  141. Nataliecost says:

    LA Confidential…soooooo good. Super duper fast shipping! I was very impressed with how quickly my order was processed and delivered, not to mention the product! I’ll be coming back for sure

  142. Crazycabby says:

    New customer here. Ordered blonde hash. Been awhile since I’ve smoked blonde. Can’t wait for my shipment to come through. Possibly my new way of getting my high on. Thanks CW. Hope you make me a happy customer

  143. Bubbagunuish says:

    This G13 is the bomb once again, big buds nice & solid, good trim job , real nice looking , not too harsh , got here in great time, the taste is not the best but the buzz is very good and the price is great

    • BigLarry59 says:

      This was the second product from CW, the first one was Tony’s Purple Bubba was not as good as the reviews said . I was a little disappointed. But my second was G13 and it was great. Nice Buds, Solid and very nice smelling and looks. Smoked great, would buy again. Too bad Tony’s Purple Bubba wasn’t up to par. Great service from CW .

    • bleepbleep says:

      Well I am totally impressed with the complete process of : #1 Product , #1 Delivery , and
      #1 PRICE … I took advantage of 35% off 3 oz Mix & Match !! Only 4 days for early 9am delivery to very rural NB ! ! Will return !!! Thanks Tony !!

  144. Bubbagunuish says:

    Just got my first order of budder and good thing I moved as fast as they shipped it because it’s all gone just like that. Came back to order more and it’s out of stock.looks great,taste is fairly decent , not too harsh I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10 , great job guys

  145. Craig G says:

    ordered a qp of this yesterday really looking forward to this stuff if its even close to as my last order and gets shipped out as fast as my last order ill be mire then satisfied, service has been exceptional so far and quality has been awsome….:)

  146. Kadog21 says:

    Hey I just got my order today amazing bud bud I’m definitely stocking up this is what you call hart and time and giving a shit about what u do right on man ty I’ll be riding in an hr or so lmao

  147. PatriciaWilliams says:

    Cw is the best mom site around every single product i have had is top shelf cheap weed and shatter I will always order from cw

  148. bmacmil says:

    Just rec’d my order, I am 55 years old, ordered some black hash just to see, OMG very impressed, have not had hash like that for many many years, since the 80’s, also ordered the sample pack of bud, I tried them all, absolute perfection. I am a cancer patient as well as having a number of other medical issues, cannabis has amazing qualities and allows me to function daily, my prescription right now is out of Leamington, the cheapest I can get my medicine for is 8.50 a gram plus 13%tax and shipping,……… I don’t take any pharmaceuticals at all and have not even had a Tylenol since 1996, I have used Marijuana only for many years as my only medicine for everything…….. I cannot afford the price that I have had to pay for my medicine from Leamington…….. Tony you are a savior, you actually seem to care, you make it affordable to get what we need to live and the quality is second to none, Thank you.

  149. Zealyeye says:

    Great site, all the buds I’ve ordered have been amazing…..the customer service is also amazing. They contact you asap and are so pleasant. 5☆ all they way from the buds, the hash, the selection. Cant wait until my next order. Love the site. Keep up the good work Tony!

  150. Harry Doyle says:

    Just finishing up my Tony’s death bubba amazing stuff. All strains been amazing so far highly reccomend

  151. jimbif says:

    Toujours de parfait produits, que ce soit le northern light ou le white widow ou bien encore le durban poison c’est toujours la perfection!! Merci la gagne vous êtes les meilleurs

    • Go Leafs Go! says:

      All reviews real guys ..these guys real deal been a lotal customer about 8 months never had a prob n if there is a mix up its fixed asap n u happy ..tony n crew do one of the best jobs if not the best on the net.

  152. Flumes says:

    First time ordering from CW and am truly impressed. Ordered QP of ACDC and the transaction went perfect with no issues. Parcel was delayed a day or two due to inclement weather but arrived without a doubt. Packaging was discreet and product was sealed well.
    Now the product…It weighed in at exactly a QP without packaging. Smell was incredibly intense. Sticky as fuk. Looked like one big nug!
    Vaped about .25g and it is the tastiest strain I’ve had yet. Quality bud at a fraction of the price. Happy Happy. Thanks Tony!!

  153. Bubbagunuish says:

    Just got my El Jeffe “The Boss” , nice sticky & smells great & tastes great but not sure where the skunk smell is? No skunk smell or taste & was so wet enough I had too dry it myself just so I could bust it up in bud buster. Good weed but for the most expensive on the site at the time I purchased it you’d think it would be dry. That being said this is the first complaint of many purchases & the Boss is great smoke and was delivered fast . Thanks again Tony

  154. Kevinw says:

    Good service, ordered on a Friday and received on Tuesday. Comes packaged nicely 🙂 great prices and product that will definitely bring me back time and time again. Great job people!!

  155. Mike B says:

    This is an extremely professional site. It is by far the best service and product quality that I have experienced.
    I would highly recommend this site!

  156. Jared Johnson says:

    Definitely top notch on most kinds out there for the price

  157. Kushman says:

    Can’t say enough good about thus site. Awesome selection, presentation and attention to detail is out of this world, and the product itself is is amazing. Always great! I won’t even look elsewhere anymore as long as CW is here

  158. Nathan McNitt says:

    Top shelf strains for a reasonable price! I’ll never go anywhere else again. I have tried so many vendors and I will always keep coming here first. Thanks CW!

  159. Nathan McNitt says:

    I am in love with your animal cookies, it’s so good. Super stanky, Oh man, filled up my house for like a week just from opening the jar for 2 minutes. Now I take it outside to open the jar.

  160. alexo says:

    Awesome stuff as always from Tony and his team thanks

  161. slew69er says:

    This Mercedes Hash is a blast from the past…great taste great burn and great buzz …..smoothest transaction I have ever completed online…ordered 2 ounces and was in my hands within 3 days from coast to coast…love it…great product and you CAN NOT beat the price…for those that are familiar with hash I reccomend this product…and for those that aren’t familiar with hash I HIGHLY reccomend this product…will definitely order again..the personalized letter was just an added bonus…keep up the great work Tony

  162. Benjamin Kero says:

    Beautiful product

    • pills4utoeat says:

      just got a hp of hash. very pleased with it . packaging was excellent,no odour from package. arrived quickly, hash is about 8 or 9 out of ten. smell good fluffs up when you bake it. tastes great and buzz s great . so is the price.thanks CW
      .I”ll be ordering again iin near future.

  163. racked6up says:

    CW has become a community of like minded people who literally serve quality for the best price. Damn amazed with their customer service and community outreach on so many platforms and definitely recommend you order from this premium service.

  164. Jeff Sager says:

    You Tony and your crew Rock, 6 months of doing bizz with Cheapweed and I Still LOVE you guys, fast, great produce, and will be back for many more.
    Cheapweed is one of the best around, don’t think about ordering, Just Do It, You will Be Very Happy You Did.
    Tony and all of your Staff Thank You and have a Great Dafe New Years!

  165. Hmccarthy88 says:

    Arrived a day early. Classic, tasty OG Kush. Definitely be ordering again soon. Tony’s the man!

  166. Jamie2010 says:

    Also ordered the cheaper hash. For 130 a once you can’t go wrong.

  167. Jamie2010 says:

    Just received my order of Tony’s purple haze. Bag appeal is amazing, purple and full of cristles. The purple haze has a great smell along with a nice hazey high. Another great Strain. 7.5/10.

  168. Dave Hubley says:

    Tony and staff are top notch as always, never an issue with their products. However, Canada Post is a different story. I’ve dealt with them for years and know not to get too excited on the expected delivery date. I made an order last Sunday morning knowing I’ll have some smoke for the weekend and here it is 8 days later, Monday still waiting.

  169. ZXR7R says:

    Tony and his crew are the absolute best! I can see myself buying something every couple of weeks. There isn’t any better store than Tony and company. I only wish they’d give the option of by-the-ounce for all of their strains. I am a CW lifer.

  170. smokeku420 says:

    Always get what i ask for ,plus some ! great packaging ,and so far each one has showed up surprisingly quick as well! this is my go to MOM,cant wait to try it all. Looking forward to many future dealings .

  171. zatast2005 says:

    I have made two purchases of the Mercedes stamped hash, wow, what a deal. Great price product was more than expected, shopping was fast, and I really feel Tony cares about his customers great job guys! I will be ordering again thanks !

  172. Highthere says:

    I cannot begin to explain how this site has not only left me with a great sense of security when placing orders but also ensuring the utmost importance when it comes to quality. I have never once been disappointed and am very thankful for the service Tony and his team deliver. Stay amazing!!!

  173. Tsourdebras says:

    Frankly, they’re good … I’m 100% satisfied with my order !

  174. JaninePugh says:

    Excellent buds and it was extremely fast in getting to my provience. You can’t find this great of product for such a good deal anywhere else. Thanks for growing.

  175. David Plante says:

    BEST SITE PERIOD. Tried many MOMs in the past years. the customer service is what sets it apart from all others. They respond quickly and you can just tell they care.

  176. yodamin says:

    Great website! Once I found the account creation page all went very well. Easy to find what you want or just browse the offerings and order. Order process went well, no hiccups and Cheap Weed was prompt with both confirmation of order and shipping out order. I received my product in the expected time frame.

    The product was about what I expected for the price. I repeat, I don’t feel I was ripped off all things considered. I would have paid more than $100.00 more if I went with other suppliers ( all other suppliers as far as I can tell). I got a bit of Durban Poison. It was about what I expected, a cerebral buzz with next to none or nothing in the way of body buzz. I had a clear head buzz for about 1.5-2hrs from my 0.4 gram Doobie. Which is perfect for what I wanted it for and the price was right also for the quality of the weed.

    This was my first and only (so far) purchase from cheap weed. I will continue to purchase. I may even try some of the higher quality offerings from this site to:-) However, I would note that the Durban Poison I purchased was rated 5 star at the time I purchased it (out of 5 stars) and it certainly is not in the 5 star range if compared to Provincial distribution stores no for some other sites I purchase from on a regular basis. This product, Durban Poison (without being scientific about it…I mean I have no REAL testing equipment for chris sakes I just wanna smoke it) that I received would be a 3 star. Maybe somewhere between 3-4 stars if I am being generous.

    Like I said I am not feeling put out or ripped off at all by this purchase I just expected something rate 5 star to be MUCH better is all – I should have realized by the price of the p[product that it could not be the very best of the Durban Poison type weed..and it isn’t. I know I’ve had the good stuff, but it cost me over $100.00 more than what I paid here for an ounce.

  177. happydaze says:

    CW always comes through. Had over a half dozen orders and fast delivery each time. Great selection and pricing system.

  178. Landon says:

    Cw is just the best! From Cw customer service with fast reply’s, to the amazing selection that has been up to 120+ strains!!! Reviews are solid as are the pics, so if your on the fence about a strain just check the reviews and if the pics are looking good to you grab it quick!! By far #1 in my book and alot others!!

    Thanks you Tony, Cw team.

  179. Alberta-connoisseur says:

    Second order, arrived on time, packaged perfectly.

    My now only go to source for;
    Safe, fast, reliable, great bud.
    Congrats on the great work Tony and team.

  180. Candice Carragher says:

    Couldn’t ask for a better site, always a great buzz for your buck and tony is always so great always answers and knows what kinds are the best 🙂 n best off all he’s always so helpful n responds quick

  181. raptor512 says:

    C.W is the best great service
    great weed
    great hash
    great shatter
    what more can you ask for if you have any questions they get back to you pretty quick

  182. Chris99999 says:

    A ++++++++people with a +++++ product and service.

    There is nothing else you could ask for.

    Thanks guys.

  183. ovirahim says:

    Best Customer response with all 3 times purchases, Tony, Emma are just right there with me while my order on my way in transit and even afterwards. Out of last three kind I ordered my top favourite is Tony’s GOD BUBBA, feel like just to stare at the big buds! 2ndly i love my Pink Khush……so sticky and yummy……and lastly the ATF….. which i didn’t understand the “creeper” effect….or maybe i am just creeping…on it….either way i am going to do mix & match.
    Wish all the success to Cheapweed.ca….please do keep such verities and Most Cool prices for individuals like me…and many many more….spread tye words….cheapweed.ca is the #1.

  184. Heap2 says:

    AAAA+ Products are always as described. Anyone looking to truly taste Tony’s sativa and/or fruity strains; try getting a pax 3 or other expensive vape. Mine got me away from poppers and cigarettes (scared to get cancer). Joints taste good but not as good. For me the different flavours, different highs, so many different experiences keep me from even wanting a cigarette, but obviously wanting more herbs 🙂 which is fine by me! If your chasing a strong high try one of the Sativas or sativa dominan hybrids . Everyone believes that the Indicas are the hard hitters; me personally the Sativas are what knock me out and leave me squinting. CheersCW!

  185. Laurie Lou says:

    So happy I found this site!! Top quality bud and super fast delivery! Thanks Tony & staff…keep up the great work. Sure would love for you to carry Phoenix Tears again though…Please!! 🙂

    • Nancy Longlade says:

      I am very happy that I found this site. My first order arrived in Ontario in 3 day’s. Very pleased with the AAA shake. Also pleased with the prices. Thank you Tony and staff 🙂

  186. Russell Ransom says:

    Where all the shatter gone tony i loved the bruce banner

    • tony says:

      Hey Russell, our shatter will be back in stock this week =)
      We had a supplier purchase 10kgs which did cause a backorder on our end,
      We sincerely do apologize and appreciate your on-going patience =)

  187. Badass1961 says:

    TOP NOTCH STUFF!! Love it! Came in the mail with a little extra even. No shake straight quality buds. Two Thumbs up! 10/10! CW is Definitely #1 King Online!!

  188. Flooder73 says:

    Tony”s description of his Puple O.G. is spot on for me. A little goes a long way.
    2nd order for me and many more to come. Thanks for not supplying green with greed.

  189. Amy Dhavita says:

    Thank you so much Tony and everyone at CW. The customer service is impeccable!

  190. THEMUFFINMAN66 says:

    Ordered an Oz of Bc Big Bud for an amazing price on tuesday and it came by friday, and it is the best looking bud i have ever seen ! smokes as well as it looks too 10/10 amazing service

  191. Blair Templeman says:

    Been dealing with Tony and the crew since June and could not be happier. Price, Product and service has been top notch. Any issues I have had, which was only one in a fair amount of orders, was taken care of very quickly. Nothing but good things to say about this crew. Try it , you won’t be disappointed!!!

  192. Greg Labow says:

    Just got my second order of “Fucking Incredible”…..great bag, nose, ash, what more can you ask for?…..right…:great high”. 10/10

  193. Mitchb says:

    Great service
    Excellent product
    Unbelievable prices
    The black hash is my favourite

  194. SmilesWithGuns says:

    I love these guys. Every order has been excellent. The bud has been exactly what they say it is. Sadly though I haven’t recieved my last 2 orders that I made last Friday and Saturday. Damn you Canada Post!!! Still not too sure what to expect. But other than that, every previous order has been on point.

    Thank you Tony and Emma.

  195. ns_steve says:

    A Big Thank You to Cheep Weed !! First time buyer from Nova Scotia and must say that I am very impressed with the whole experience. Shipping was on time, Product is very nummy (lemon thai) Price was great! YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM ME AGAIN SOON.

  196. Brandon Parrell says:

    They are good to work with had great experience dealing with cheep weed thank you Emma and tony keep up the good work

  197. James Pomerleau says:

    Love the weed from here bro

  198. Tara Hawley-Renault says:

    I ordered BC big bud last time and was super happy! I just got my Black Widow and am ecstatic! Huge crystally buds, really strong smell but smokes really mild and smooth. Me and hubby hadn’t even finished the first joint and were already feeling it in the front of our heads. I absolutely love cheap weed. ca and tell all my stoner friends about you!

  199. Russell Ransom says:

    I have have the Tony’s pink shatter and just got the bruce banner . the tony pick was a little greasy like oil was comen out but the BB by far was so awesome for 25 buck more what a world of difference

  200. waffle says:

    Second time ordering . Great service and great bud . Romulan is a nice buzz . Great smell . Thanks cw

  201. BLSfanSDMF says:

    Tried the OG Kush and wasn’t disappointed. Nice size buds, good high and real nice taste! Can’t wait to try another kind!

    • michael cooke says:

      Just got an hp of CW Sativa half way across the country in 2 days! I love you Tony and crew! Keep on keepin on ! You get an 11 out of 10!

    • Tgru says:

      The Kush buds are very hard and mature. You can tell the plants were kept under tropical conditions. The temperature is over 80 degrees farinhieght with humidity levels over 75%
      The hardness of the buds tells the full ten weeks of bud time.
      I just want to see some Panama red and Columbian black indica strains. This has the same taste. The only thing I know is that this stuff can sure stink up the place so I would only smoke it outdoors away from anything that might disapprove cause it’s smelly and good.

  202. Martin says:

    What up
    CW Sativa is great during day to stay functioning.Value priced but quality superior.Great job CW team.

    • michael cooke says:

      Just got an hp of CW Sativa half way across the country in 2 days! I love you Tony and crew! Keep on keepin on and bring back the Mercedes Gold Seal! You get an 11 out of 10!

    • michael cooke says:

      Just got an hp of CW Sativa half way across the country in 2 days! I love you Tony and crew! Keep on keepin on ! You get an 11 out of 10!

  203. Salvatore Costa says:

    Very impressed with everything !!
    Great weed, great price, great communication and great website layout.

  204. Mamabear68 says:

    So a Canada Post employer decided to take my package contents and I received an email advising they could not deliver my pacakge. I emailed CW & Tony . They replaced my pacakge & I received it a week later. Great customer service!. Highly recommend CW.

    • John Duplisea says:

      John From The Cheapweed.ca team , I’m Glad You Have Got Everything’fixed Tony is a good guy , His customers ,he, I Say he treats them Exactly like Family if not More then that ! He Loves Everyone ‘That orders . <3

  205. Alberta-connoisseur says:

    Top notch service, top notch staff, top notch product.
    The people are great on a personal level and the smoke is on point.
    Satisfied fully and will not hesitate to put in another order in due time.
    Keep up the great work.

  206. diversitea77 says:

    We ordered gas mask and mercedes hash both were top notch tony is our new santa

  207. Claude123 says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you, amnesia haze is wonderful, can’t wait to try the lemon thai and bubbleberr 🙂 . 100% recommend! Nice touch with the letter too… will definitely be back . Thanks again Tony and company.

  208. Greg Labow says:

    Love the Cotton Candy Kush. Great nose, great bag, great high….”highly” recommend it. 5/5 Thanks Tony for all you do!

    • Denis Perron says:

      Best sight and product ive seen!
      You will not be disappointed

    • Dantheman says:

      Cotton Candy was abttke 2 smoke fyn! Xtreme potent high best ever 10 every catergory
      High and u missed it! 3hrs top 5 all time Its another level experienced frequent smokers only
      ty great price $160 Re order 3 sure Sweet tooth 8 high 9 all other categaries
      berry kush 8 overall taste 9 high 7
      Purp frost mmm Obama skunk make pot great again presidential 10 high fav purp

  209. Douglas McIlveen says:

    Love this site, I have bought 3 different QP’s and each one has been better then the last!! I just put an order in at like 8pm and it was being processed by 11:30pm, awesome fast and Free shipping. Thank you so much Tony and staff ❤️

  210. Lindsey28 says:

    Well first time ordering and yeah it was received only took from Thursday night to Wednesday morning to get here and we are in QC. I’m not the smoker, it’s for my BF but I will update as to the product it self soon.

  211. Chris Sargent says:

    Loved all my products and I only had one issue in my parceling was shortage half ounce of hash my box was sliced across the ropetape and then retape but my package seal wasn’t broken so I’m assuming wasn’t packaged!! Has anyone else ever have this problem ??
    I’m just waiting for it to be addressed ! I’ll continue to shop I love the ! quality of the product and shatters ✌

    • Hughbert420 says:

      I’ve had this happen only my package was in perfect condition of wrapping an was shorted a half ounce of hash an was assured that it was the full 28 grams when I proved that it wasn’t after arguing I got reimbursed but took a bit wasn’t to happy last 2 weeks have been not that great for ordering from cw but I can only hope it’s getting better because I love this site was top notch befor their expansion just hope will go back to how it was before

      • Hughbert420 says:

        But as always they have fixed everything to date so I’m back to happy customer/team thanks CW for your awsome service I know things must get hard sometimes

  212. Cherie Thompson says:

    I’ve ordered and was pleased with service and fairness. The flowers are really really good. Will always and only order from here. Would be nice to see a few free samples at times tho. A stoners nite.

    • Go Leafs Go! says:

      U say free samples every thing is pre packaged so that not happening..tony offers cheap deals n points program that those others that give free samples don’t offer n there product a lot more for poor quality..so just be thankful u not paying a fortune n u have more strains then any other site to chose from every night…keep up the good work cw team!

      • John Duplisea says:

        John From The Cheapweed.ca Team , For As long as i can Remember there hasn’t been a ;Free Sample Program of any’sort , They Do offer some of the best Bulk Prices for Top notch High-Quality Cannabis & Concentrate ,With that being said, I’m Very Happy you Are Happy With ‘your Order & We are Very Happy We have become Your choice for orderin 🙂 <3

  213. Cherie Thompson says:

    The matter kush awesome nice long lasting buzz. Just awesome

  214. jimbif says:

    Le white widow est vraiement débile, je le conseil vivement.

    • Go Leafs Go! says:

      #1 bulk site online… A1 customer service A1 buds ..prob hav had close to 50 60 diff strains ..out of all them I felt only 1 didn’t really do it for me n tony made sure I was happy as he always does as for y I always come back…every order seems better then last n that’s what u want when u make many purchases ..I just wanna thank tony n the team for a gr8 job n always being there for me wen I ask all my annoying questions to them prob lol …tx alot guys hope use all have a prosperous year!

    • Jonsthan says:

      Very pleased with the service and the products!
      Thx Tony! 🙂

  215. Francis belanger says:

    Great customer service allways get new flowers great deals. Love these guy

    Thanks tony

  216. Roxanne Whalen says:

    Ive ordered Multiple times from the site, and simply <3 it. No complaints.

    • Roxanne Whalen says:

      Ive ordered Multiple times from the site, and simply <3 it. No complaints. I'd actually like to know how to write reviews as its not explained anywhere.

      • John Duplisea says:

        John From The Cheapweed.ca Team , You Can Review Each Individual Straiin Once the Purchase has been completed & Once You’ve enjoyed & Tried it out you Can go back To the Strain (If The Strain you purchased sold out & Not in the shop,still you can search The Strain you purchased by using the search tab ) Once You get to the strain you’ve Tried, scroll to the bottom & it Should Say Review , Usually theres a list of people So You might need to scroll a bit down , Once You Write your Review it will take about 24 hours for it to be posted & You’ll Automatically get Your Review Points 🙂 I Hope I’ve Helped a little .

        • Bibine says:

          Hi, i would like to point out that searching for a strain that is sold out does not work. It seems to be removed from the database. For example, i have searched for ‘green poison’ and got no results. Thanks

  217. Crispy says:

    I got the rockstar and it was A1!! Can’t wait to order again

  218. deez says:

    What a beautiful site CW is. Great job Tony and staff…..\m/

  219. Nick says:

    Top quality herb at great prices. And don’t worry about your orders Tony is legit! Fast service and fast customer support. Truly cares about his customers. 🙂

  220. I bought the OG Kush and omg so amazing! First time to order from this site and it was wonderful! Perfect buds and amazing high 🙂

  221. Krypttor says:

    Tony and CW are beyond solid, these guys practically wrote the book and are still writing it as I speak. If you managed to find your way here.. Look no further, your quest for the Holy Grail is over. 🙂

  222. justmedk says:

    I’ve made a few purchases from this site and I gotta say, the quality , value and service has been beyond my expectations !!!!

    Tony – thank you so much for provinding this service to the community ! You really are making a difference…

  223. Bradleydion says:

    AMAZING customer service, you won’t get any better! For the quality and price, everything is worth it. Will be a regular client, ships faster than anywhere else, amazing team 12/10

  224. Myke Burles says:

    I was lucky to have found this site. I have ordered several kinds of flowers ranging from the Zedd X Lemon Zest, which I found to be my favorite. It has that really nice earthy undertone smell with a bit of the lemon zest they kind of described, the high comes on not too fast and sticks with you for a little while. Flavour I would say would be my winning decision. My next choice would be the White Widow that I come across ever now and then. This flower is not too bad however it does not quite resemble the WW I remember back in the 90’s, it does not seem to be as thick with crystals. It does have a really nice relaxing high that does eventually turn into the couch stone if you sit and do nothing, great to help you become lazy for people that want to veg. Then I have ordered a couple of pounds of the Mercedes Hash, and boy oh boy does it ever bring back memories of when I was first introduced to hash. Same old taste and stone, puff it on a knife or in a bowl it is just plain awesome and gives you the stone you expect from hash. Oh and the price on the hash is just insane, I wish you guys were around 20 yrs ago selling this stuff.

  225. THC4ME says:

    First order submitted, was lil worried was gonna have wait couple weeks to try out….the $750 minimum almost scared me away lol. Was thankful that was shortlived. Prices are awesome can’t comment on quality yet but $400 for qp of Green Crack don’t think I can go wrong. Chronic user 30+yrs

  226. Pickles4 says:

    the lime kush is to die for another cheap weed hit…great high for the money thx Tony

  227. Pickles4 says:

    green farms gods green crack is about as good as we have ever smoked…we have 94 years of smoking daily between us, so we have tried a joint or 2 and this is as good as it gets 12/ out of 10

  228. Mark Lindsay says:

    Received my first order from CW. It arrived extremely quickly and the delivery was very professional. Tony answered my questions and I was more than impressed with the customer service. As for the product itself, I ordered Tony’s Jetfuel and what I received was of premium quality, a really good sativa that was formed nicely, tasted smooth, and was highly potent. I have seen strains that weren’t as good on other sites for literally twice the price. I will certainly become a regular client. Thank you and I hope we can continue this business relationship for a long time.

  229. Alex Kkringuk says:

    Merecedes black hash is great taste and burns well and smooth.

    • drwoodcock says:

      i got my hash today and i agree the high isnt bad either got some purple widow that was pretty sweet too was my first order ever online and ill be back for more.

  230. 4rms7ech says:

    Fantastic service exceptional counts on Mercedez Stamp Black Hash – I consider myself very fortunate to have found this site. Great smoke worth well more then what is being charged. Can’t wait till next order !

  231. Nicholas whiteford says:

    First time with CW. Great product, Great consumer service, Fast delivery. 10 out of 10, I will be ordering again. Great gob CW.

  232. Myshit says:

    Fucking A !!!
    No complaints here

  233. Steveurchwin says:

    Bought a qp of Candyland after being unsatisfied with product I got from ganjaexpress. I honestly did not think that for the price this weed would be good but I am absolutely blown away. Thank you so much for what you do, I’m now a customer for life.

  234. Devils_Knight88 says:

    Just made my First purchase from any MOM and i got the white widow was very happy with delivery time and the quality was top notch. Smelled very strong but pleasant and the taste was little sweet yet kinda earthy i love it

  235. al9 says:

    Totally Awesome , Ordered Varity Pack ,best experience I’ve ever had. ,Trimmed very nice Received in 3 days all looks amazing, will try all out to see which are my favorites Thank you Tony and company .U GUYS ROCK

  236. Teewhy says:

    I tried a few different MOMs and none has offered the quality I expect for a price I want. Delivery is fast too, from BC friday night to my doorstep monday morning.

  237. Denis Perron says:

    Cant say enough about these guys!
    Always on point
    Always a fast response to any questions or concerns
    Always spot on with products as far as reviews and comments
    Always helpful and friendly
    Always more then happy with every experience ive had
    Only problem i had is i wish i had went to Tony first and i wasnt ripped off by a few others first.
    I have found the best and i am more then happy with every aspect the sight service and products
    Thank you very to the team at Cheapweed

  238. Dsonsie says:

    Best bulk mom I’ve found. Great selection, great bulk incentive, good business to deal with. Would like to see more ounce options to compliment the 45% off.

  239. tazz23 says:

    just waiting patiently. After reading all these good comments I’m pretty excited. I ordered on Thursday so I should get it tomorrow I hope fingers crossed LOL. I’ll leave another comment after I get it let everybody know how old is I’m sure it’s going to be good.

  240. BustersBuds says:

    I am sixty years old and have been smoking weed and hash since I was twelve. This has been an absolutely awesome experience with both product and service. Other online services should pay attention to how Cheapweed does business online. The hash I purchased took me right back to the 80’s with the quality. Will definitely be a regular customer. Thank you Cheapweed.

  241. Quadhunter says:

    CW, what can i say about it… As a medical marijuana prescription holder i have been doing bussiness with different compagnies ( some worth billions and judging by the quality of their “medical” buds , they shoulnt. I also been part of legal and underground medical marijuana associations and dispensaries, i used to be the type of guy that promotes buying weed localy since here in Quebec we have access to decent quality cannabis for cheap prices ( i usualy pay around 1000$ for a pound of OK indoor hydro grown commercial m-39 type weed on the black market and AROUND 1300- 2200 to get premium buds from a local private LP.) One week prior to oct/17/18 the provincial police (SQ) decided they all grey area dispensaries outside of montreal island were to be shutted down. Leaving all the business to a crown corporation owned by the provincial goverment, and meanwhile pushing medical marijuana patients to buy their meds at the SQDC or medicaly through the same compagnies sold there… Plus you have to go through long processes to get approve. Had to saw a second doctor even tho it was already prescribed, took a month to actualy receive the buds (not mentioning the compagnie) weed was very generic, very plain, not well grown and had no smell whatsoever due to irradiation. So when i realise i was getting plain old shitting weed insteed of the quadtruple A stuff i shoulda been getting for that price, i started ordering through MOM’s and did a little bit a research on differents forums out there, realise that CheapWeed was the MOM the most suitable for me. First order, was out of luck and had a ounce 8 grams short, so i took pictures of all the strains received on the scale, i was a little worry until Tony emailed me right back settling the problem right away, letting me know what CW customer service is all about! Then i also had a closer look at my buds Wow very suprised as the quality receive topped some coded AAA+ and even quads from other mom’s at alot cheaper per oz’s. Since then, orders after orders i never been dissapointed by CW. I always seem to get better buds by every order. I just wanted to thank Tony and other cannabis pioneers that made available for patients this type of variety, i love the selection, lots of rare strains, new crosses i consider myself lucky to be able to smoke rare strains like, purple space cookies, purple space monkey, animal cookies. This why i love CheapWeed! Best MOM

  242. Nick says:

    An excellent experience evaluating quality while recieving expert advice on selecting various strains. The outcome has been a positive one. 🙂

    This is my CW story.

  243. TRUDY MACHADO says:

    I’m totally impressed! product exactly as described, dealing with Tony was a pleasure, thank you!

  244. chezblizard says:

    J’ai reçu rapidement ma commande : Mercedes HASH et Pineapple express SHATTER Excellent produits de qualité! Prix compétitifs!

  245. Tommyb says:

    Don’t let the name fool you, I was worried at first because of the name but I decided to try and wow was I ever impressed, I’ve order 6 times now for over 2 pounds. This is always quality smoke. And I was personally contacted by Tony when something I ordered was out of stock. He immediately offered me a refund in store credit or a substitute of my choice. This is unheard of when it comes to MOM. Tony is the best and a true business man when is comes to this company. Thank you Tony. Keep up the amazing work!

  246. alvis222 says:

    Big thanks to CW, they are fast and the product was top notch. I made my first order on Dec 31 on Purple Moonrock. Was watching how fast that strain was going so i jumped on it and lucky enough I got one. Will Order again soon. Keep it up guys, Cheers

  247. Deepbakedfry says:

    My first M.O.M. order ever and I hit the jackpot finding CW. Everything I ordered as amazing and beyond expectations! Order was very easy and was packaged nicely. Took a day longer than it should have for shipping but we all know that’s how the mail can be. Great service and prices! Highly recommend to all and have been recommending friends and family since it’s arrived. Thank you Tony and team you all are the best!

  248. hacomike says:

    My first purchase was a qp of Purple Space Monkey. For someone who smokes like snoop dogg I was beyond impressed. Wow. The smell, the taste, the high, the look all are unreal. I’m a life time customer now. Thanks Tony, absolutely amazing. I give Purple Space Monkey a 10/10

    • RichardMac71 says:

      I also had this and it was one if the best I’ve ever had just the look of it alone was unreal there’s no words that can describe it you just have to try it for yourself thanks for everything Tony life time costumer here

  249. Adam A says:

    Just personally got contacted by Tony, I was worried about an order that was not sent out because the item was sold out. Let me tell you now… THIS GUY IS LEGIT. THIS SITE IS LEGIT. In rare circumstances he had a personal issue. He was more then helpful when contacting me, and he straightened out my order. Very respectful guy. Will definitely purchase again!

  250. Flooder73 says:

    I have bought online , many times , from many sites , who claim the best bud at the best price . Dont let the name (Cheapweed) fool You. This is my first time using them and yes the price is cheap but believe me the product I received was exceptional.

  251. Dusty011 says:

    You guys Rock, The Mercedes Hash is a great bang for the buck nice solid count and a great high, keeps the PTSD in check, reminds me totally of the 80s 90s hash. I will for sure tell all my friends and promote you guys to the fullest. Quality , count , freshness all 10 out of 10.. Thanks!!! C.W.

  252. waffle says:

    First time buyer . I love the service I got . There top notch just like purple mamba . Look forward to trying more in the future. Thanks tony

  253. Cuongtran says:

    Northern light is beautiful smock .Fast shipping ,would buy again .Thanks Tony good work

  254. Greg Labow says:

    Love the HEADBAND OG!
    Peace and Love!

  255. Nestlequick420 says:

    Woweee thanks tony just received my gift this afternoon in ont. 1st thing great packaging well sealed no smell great job thumbs up , 2nd great bang for your buck quanity 3rd awesome smell wicked smell the Hawaiian punch now know why they call
    It that super good wicked smell as soon as I opened the bag super great bag appeal , awesome sized nugs woweee def be ordering this again when she comes back fresh love it once again great job cw you’s rock can’t wait o make my next order again cheers bongs up , fire in the hole as we speak can’t get enough once again great job all you cw fans I do recommend

  256. Joe terp says:

    J’ai reçus mon Tony og kush et mon grape god ainsi que mon Mercedes black hash je n’ai jamais rien vue de tel. Produit de qualité supérieure AAAAA bravo a toute l’équipe reçu ma commande en 2 jour ouvrable Vancouver , Québec wow!!!!!

    • Colton says:

      Bought Bruce banner shatter would definitely give it a sold 4.5 gold almost clear when u get the dabbing stick in it and the black tuna live resin is amazing

  257. Bubbagunuish says:

    Tony’s Holy Grail is the bomb , must try off the CW menu, taste is awsome , nice color, perfect moistur burns well , and as always fast free delivery with no problems at all .

  258. Bubbagunuish says:

    G13 as AWSOME as it was last time , highly recommend it. Great taste & buzz last hours . Bang for your buck CW has your back , fast reliable delivery and great customer service

  259. Bubbagunuish says:

    Great service fast delivery of zombie that was very tasty and the high was very good for pain or insomnia as always great job Tony & crew

  260. SALTBOY666 says:

    Looking to try out some great medicinal marijuana or other related products? I was hesitant at first if I could trust CW and they’re employees with my personal information and money. Shortly after CW receives your money the process doesnt take long and you should receive your package in 3 business days. You will be amazed with the quality and care put into this product.

    Thanks again Tony & CW Crew !

  261. El Tel says:

    Driven to curiosity by the reviews, I couldn’t resist the Blonde Moroccan, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I’ve always preferred hash to bud; I’ve been smoking hash for over 48 years now and this took me right back to my youth. Very dense, but becomes nice & pliable with a little work. The putty-like texture reminded me of what we called Red Lebanese years ago. Breaks down perfectly, with that heady, earthy smell that tells you it’s the real deal. Nice one Tony, I’ll be back for more.

  262. VTX says:

    first time ordering from cheepweed but will not be my last. Great service and product. Tony and crew did as promised and the hash I received was far above my expectations and they are my go to from here on in. Thanks cheepweed!

  263. Dany Beaulieu says:

    Sorry for my last comment that seems weird. I didn’t overview that my cell phone checker was acctivé. Thank you all your team.


  264. Brenda Deshevy says:

    Thanks Tony! Just received my order…I purchase the White Rhino/Neukem this time. Again great product…quick delivery! Awesome service!

  265. Alex Kkringuk says:

    Merecedes black stamp is great burns smooth.

  266. Sean Raney says:

    Hands down THE best site to order from. Top notch customer service and amazing product. I’ll never order from anywhere else.

  267. Dany Beaulieu says:

    Î’m at m’y 5 or 6 command. As always, thé service is impeccable. Thank you for thé quality OD product and quantities thaï are suberbe. Réalité, hâve Nothomb but positivé to sauver about you.

    Thank you and a very beautiful yearling 2019 to you all.

  268. Randyk204 says:

    Just recieved my tonys gods green crack… my goodness that stuffs amazing crazy price and crazy product yumm yumm 5 stars i tried to leave review on product but its sold out so i cant lol

  269. Cherie Thompson says:

    All I gotta say is awesome. Service fast delivery, and Tony u rock. Whoever Tony is lol . Gotta send me a sample of some kief. The only place I will shop. Thnxs man

  270. Chad Dolney says:

    Heavy use
    I trust this site
    Good service

  271. I was a little skeptical with the pricing right off the bat , as a lot of it seemed to good to be true. But I placed my first order and decided to try Chemo. I placed my order very early Friday morning and it was delivered Monday morning with no problems at all. Packaging was discrete and there was no odor. I found the Chemo to be quite nice. Good flavour and a nice smell as well. Overall for the price I was very impressed (ordered a HP). Great product and service… Cheapweed.ca where have you been all my life!!

  272. fastmike says:

    A truly customer-oriented business. Excellent communications, very competitive prices, top quality products and super fast service. Make your purchase here, collect rewards, refer your friends via the affiliate program, and participate in the new world.

  273. bluebird says:

    CW vend de la qualité à bon prix. Toujours de belles strains ; variétés, promotions et choix. Top dispensaire, qualité-prix. Livraison rapide en 48-72 hrs au Québec. Satisfaite du pot et shatter commandés et essayés jusqu’à présent. Meric Tony.

  274. Jeff Munroe says:

    Great site! By the best site I have ever ordered from!

  275. Dean of Rochdale College says:

    Great service, very communicative. Fast shipping. Afgoo is stellar, you guys at Cheapweed gotta get more, an OZ of Black Mercedes hash was spot on for the low low price of xxxx, I was surprised by the quality as I am a hash connoisseur from the early 70’s

  276. John Duplisea says:

    CA,NB,ECL – John Indica From the Team : (Fam·i·ly) Cheapweed.ca Is not only a Phe·nom·e·nal place to order , You’ll Soon find out You’ll be, Feel like Family !!

  277. Awesome timing for delivery. Went from B.C. to Alberta, to my home in 3 business days….Couldn’t ask for better. Excited to try the product! Got 4 different ounces to try out! All look pretty close to the picture, no false advertising here. Get your Strains while they last haha. Thanks Guys! Happy New Year!

  278. Evan says:

    Great quality and great prices #1 in my books thanks for everything

  279. Kyle N says:

    Been on this site for about 6 months now and Tony hasn’t disappointed once always has a good selection and good prices. Hope to keep trying many new strains from Tony and the cw team !

  280. Pickles4 says:

    Tony’s OG Wreck does just that…leaves you wrecked a 5 star pick….Tony’s prices and service are 2nd to none

  281. Pickles4 says:

    was so happy with both the quality and price of my 1/2 # Kosher Kush…my only complaint is that I never found you sooner…..

  282. Christopher Hodges says:

    Hello i do cannabis reviews an am sponcered by cheapweed.ca….ever sence ive started using this site i was able try stuff i never though i could..not only try stuff the cw site offers u such good of deals u can buy oz in stead of g….love u guys keep up bomb work ur the very best ..some people vlaim be best..you guys are keep up great job cheapweed…cheers
    ChrisdabsH420 on youtube..check out my channel

  283. LastSTYLEBender says:

    AMAZING service. Almost a dream how smooth the order went. i appreciate everything this site has handled my order. Amazing.

  284. Randyk204 says:

    Best site by far… good primo flower.. tonys a genius!!!
    Very competitive prices and amazing smoke could not be happier

  285. Meandirtydog says:

    I got to say i ordered the black and blonde hash and was not dissatisfied. The hash was very good for the price. Fast delivery. Prompt service. I tried other sites and was very disappointed with there products. Tony you’re the man keep up with supplying great smoke.

  286. patriote says:

    Thank you for being true Professional ,
    merry X-mas to you all , cheapweed make your dream come true thank you

  287. panzer says:

    Tony looks like the kind of guy you wants to hang out with . Just like Panzer 🙂

  288. Jason M says:

    Ordered on Thursday and parcel was at my door Monday ahead of schedule .(on the east coast and during xmas rush)big time impressed .The service and product were both top notch.I had QP of Durban Poison.

  289. Queen Cheeba :-) says:

    This is now my number 1 site for Flower!! The prices are fair for large qty (a little too good for small qty ). I used to get (believe it or not, even cheaper weed, but cheep it was…in quality! Only once out of over a dozen orders was the order actually accurate, and worthy… I just assumed that was how all these places rolled, but I couldn’t be more wrong!! So….After getting ripped pretty bad (twice) by GG the first time via a 1/2lb of mold weed, and the second time for an order they cancelled worth over $1200!!! That they say they never recieved my e-transfer for …..yet I have proof and sent it to them, and they refused to reply and still refuse! I was forced into this community due to being in a major car accident where the person who hit me fell asleep at the wheel….I was being eaten alive by big pharma taking two different very heavy strength opiates 6 times a day (every 4 hours) along with the 5 antidepressants and then a plethora of meds to counteract the side effects of the other meds!!! Including Ritalin 3xa day just so I could keep my eyes open. I was unable to walk after that accident for a few weeks and slowly learned to use a walker and four months later graduated to a can for the next 4 years. The pain specialist group I was seeing as far as I am concerned were dedicated crooks…among other things. In 2014 I went to visit my 18 year old daughter who said she had baked me something very special for my birthday and said I must come quickly to try some before it got cold, so I drove across the city (still depressed btw) to see her. She had me sit down on the couch and made me comfortable with various pillows, and then went to her little kitchenette and came back with a warm plate of beautiful smelling chocolate chip cookies she was still making batches of in her bachelor sized oven. I happily ate one…and let me tell you, I have never had before or after such a wonderfully soft buttery and gooey chocolate cookie! She was smiling as she watched me woof it down…. I went to reach for another, but she stopped me and said, maybe you should wait about 20 mins before another…I asked why, and she said “you’ll see”. Quite soon after….the excruciating pain I am always in slowly started to disappear, confused I got up to use the bathroom and completely forgot my cane on the arm of her little couch…and didn’t even notice as I was coming back from the bathroom I started to loose ALL feeling of my legs and not a moment too soon reached the couch and literally fell on it….and there I stayed for 4 more hours!!! Giggling till my cheeks hurt I demanded to know what she did to me!!! She smiled and said, “I took your pain away”!! Well did she ever….and I don’t even remember getting home, but I do remember having the absolute longest single sleep in about 6 years!!! Next DR appointment I had the usual drug testing that he did as per his opiate requirements and contract he had me sign. I got a call three days later asking me to come and re-do the test. I went and redid it…then I got a call asking me to make a very early appointment to see my specialist… when I sat down in front of his desk, he stated that there was THC in my test and demanded to know when I had decided to become a street drug user!!! I actually thought he must have the wrong results, then quickly remembered my birthday. So I told him about it. He got really upset with me saying he expected more out of a professional such as myself, and that he does not remain helping street addicts and simply said he was going to place me on a drug called suboxtone!!! I looked it up right in his office on my cell phone, and then looked him in the eye and said “YOU’RE FIRED!” And got up and walked out. I knew this was about to be the hardest time since the days after that accident…but I was determined. I recieved my second last refill from my pharmacy and explained to them that I was getting off all of it and would have 2 weeks (that one and my last refil week) to do it. The pharmacist asked why, so I told her and then she said she’d call right back, but instead of her it was the owner of the pharmacy….his voice sounded really worried if not scared, as he told me that it would take way longer than the two weeks I had to safely come off of all I was on. Told him I had no choice, he said he was going to call my DR immediately and get back to me. He called back a few minutes later and he sounded upset. He said never has he yet heard such an irresponsible Doctor spewing the most off the wall crap in his life. He said he was super worried I wasn’t going to make it, and said he would be calling me personally three times a day and meanwhile he would be looking for a replacement doctor for me who has authorization to prescribe what I was all taking. I immediately cut my dosages in half, and the next day and the days following I became unbelievably sick, disoriented, feverish, I was shaking constantly but within 3 weeks I was no longer taking ANYTHING. During that 3 weeks my daughter came by a few times and each time gave me what would become my new medicine, and I strongly believe if it wasn’t for cannabis I wouldn’t have made it, nor would have been able to tolerate the constant pain.
    That’s my story!

    Thank you to Tony who has not only been a big help in providing my needed medication, but has also (unknown to him) helped me save a life as well!!! That’s another story! But a super great and happy story!!!

    I just want to put this out there….if anyone knows anything I can do to get my money back from GG the bunch of thieves!!! I would really appreciate it!!

    • John Duplisea says:

      CA,NB,ECL : John Indica From The Team, I Usually go threw The Reviews every other 2 days , I’ve Found this one of the greatest Reads all month <3 As Much as i , Or Us would love to help you with These types of Orders & Errors ,I Truly Believe Cheapweed.ca Would Love To Help you with all your Needs & Never , Will you ever Encounter such problems on this Website <3 We're All Family on here 🙂

  290. MysteryMan420 says:

    Tony is the man always ontop of things , providing the best service ,best quality at the best prices , it dosent get better then this , so glad I came across this website , keep up the good work team you guys are amazing !

  291. Adriana1 says:

    Great service and shatter definitely gonna order again….

  292. Nick says:

    The best cannabis online mail order by far. Top grade service. Great customer support. It’s my Costco of cannabis. Love you CW!

  293. Tim Eaton says:

    Placed my first order. Tony was very helpful and I received my order here in Ontario in three days. I ordered the deal on shake for one pound. It’s not the best shake I’ve had but the price was good. Looking forward to trying some decent strains.

  294. Smokey4201986 says:

    Was skeptical at first about sending a e transfer to someone I don’t know but I did and was surprised how quick my package was delevered and the quality is awsome I stick with the 190 200 $ ounces I find the 160$ ounces a little lower quality but good smoke still

  295. Jason Oliveira says:

    Received our order in a quick amount of time. Will definitely be ordering from this site again and have told many friends about it!!

    • Drgreenztthumb says:

      Yup excellent site very satisfied ordered a couple times love the buds and great smoke also told my friends too they also love it great service guys keep it up cheers

  296. Brodyall says:

    Awesome service, great product will order again Tony is the man Cw. Is the best I’ve came across.

  297. Dany Beaulieu says:

    CheapWeed is the best site. I am extremely satisfied of Cheapweed. I do not know another site that is better than Cheapweed. I recommend it to all
    A very nice time of the feast has you all. Health and happiness.


  298. Mua.danielle says:

    Have had a great experience so far ordered some hash and was so nice I got a email right away and included was a tracking number very fast service very happy about that !!!

  299. Gordon Magee says:

    Incredible customer service, the best bud on the planet. We have ordered 20 different awesome strains, what a great pastime trying all this awesome bud. Our favourite was Rockstar at night time. So sticky and plenty sweet. Reminded me of fresh Northern lights 8 days dry in Ontario. Potent describes this bud. Smooth to the last pull. We will take a QP next time. The Boveda packs sure make this Rockstar world class. And the price is unbeatable. Tony…… udaman!!!

  300. GrooveGuru says:

    CheapWeed is my new favorite site! I’ve tried at least 5 different MOM’s and this one is the best bang for buck. Was pleasantly surprised with the quality of product I received. All 3 different ounces exceeded my expectation in every way!
    My package was also shipped very quickly and arrived within 3 days. I will be making another order again very soon!

    • Que3nB says:

      This is definitely the best sight ever. The selection is always changing a bit adding new wonderful selections. Can’t beat the prices. Thank you for providing excellent products and service.

    • dproctor says:

      I decided recently to try cw .So i looked at the different products they hade in stock.I saw the mercedes hash 1 oz 119$,amazing price.I was having a hard time due to my cell phone not letting me sign up at the beggining,Tony fixed everything and even gave me a christmas coupon.ive dealt with a few dispensaries in the past,Tony is unbeleivable ,even on a friday night late and sat, i dont think there is a place like that out there.Tony makes you feel like a friend.when i recieve the ounce of hash il leave another post.DP

  301. Kathryn says:

    I just started to order in November and I think that I am in love with Tony and this company. I can not thank them enough for the wonderful customer service, great delivery (even during the Postal Strike), fast replies and even better suggestions. Bravo and I have found my next new BFF’s. Love them, can’t say enough.

  302. Conor8729 says:

    Only good things with Tony!

  303. Joshua Kelly says:

    Really great service……..fast delivery great prices and great smoke!!!!

    • Benito says:

      Salut à toute l’équipe de cw merci et félicitations pour vos produit ,pour cette variété très impressionnante les goût et l’effe ,les marques Tony sont mais préféré encore merci .

  304. ovirahim says:

    Tony is just too friendly CEO, replied my emails and we talked like we knew each other long time. Tony’s Cheapweed.ca Team is also i am thankful to for their quick response and else.
    I didnt read any Reviews till today and i think what i wanted to write is already written by many :). Loving my “Northern Light”, maybe i am first time customer and thought pricess may chamge soon or my “products” may go “out of stock”, so right after i tried my very first “J”; ordered another and can not wait to receive it and put it in the fridge. Qulity is the best/Prices that i paid and it seems—Cheapweed.ca has the best price of all time( for me). Did i tell you i got my Package on Sunday!!! Ooh yea, order was processed 3:00 pm+ on friday and i thought maybe Tuesday or Wednesday but daaamn Canada Post #Rocking again :). Please try and you will not regret Cheapweed.ca

  305. John S says:

    I have tried other M.O.M. sites over the last year, this one is by far the best. The flower that was ordered was outstanding for the price, the customer service was flawless (quick response from Tony- who is very polite and shows interest), order arrived in 3 business days. CW offers quantity, quality and service.That’s why they are winners! If you order from them, you will win also.
    Thank you CW.

  306. Simon Tucktoo says:

    Been ordering since last September no complaints for me. Thanks to you and staff.

  307. PatriciaWilliams says:

    I have bought 3 different products marcadies hash, gg#4 shatter and Bruce banner shatter all 3 were top notch
    (PS. I have smoked for 28 years and I am 40 the hash is a woe back throw back to early 90s the shatter is just really thick hunny oil needs to be heated to spread on paper. Thanks cw

  308. DavidGeekly says:


  309. Patricia Newell says:

    I am always amazed at the product quality price ratio from these guys …my only regeet is not having found them sooner..and Tony is always helpful

    • Go Leafs Go! says:

      I’ve been ordering off here since middle of July do 5 to 7 orders a month always multiple kinds about 50,diff kinds now I’ve tried to be honest ..n only once I found I didn’t really like it or get a buzz ..so for that many orders n kinds I’d say that’s preety dam good .might I add it was made up to me..which really didn’t have to do .all I can say these aren’t fake reviews the site is easy to use customer service AAA+ bud always exceeds my expectations ..some times packaging gets a little crazy but over all I have had no reason to look else were ..might I add I could easily get good stuff were iam now but tony just has way more options n can mix the kinds n still work out preety close to the wholesale price ..I love it plz never change the system u use it’s main reason yi shop here so many options. Anyways I’m stoned I’ll shut up now .wat u see is wat u get here order worried free its been a enjoyable experience Ty tony n staff so far for your time n tremendous help especially tony 🙂

  310. Datty007 says:

    I have ordered twice off of this site and i can tell you it will be mny more times in the future. The service is second to none. Long live cheapweed!

  311. Joel79 says:

    I enjoy CW, I have used other services for years but am glad I found Tony, the reviews are honest and up to date, the products consistent and reliable, you cannot find a better or fairer place to do business, I can say with confidence that C.W is a Godsend, very thankful for much needed honesty and transparency in the market, thank you from the bottom of heart, Merry Christmas.

  312. Colin Mann says:

    Good honest service with an equally honest price. I tried the medical route but can’t afford the price. CW has what I need and helps me make it through my day to control my pain.
    Have a merry christmas CW. I applaud you

  313. Spaterson says:

    I bought some G13 last week . After trimming up the buds they looked pretty good , good smell and nice high . The trimming sucked lol but it did the job .

  314. Sean Carder says:

    Amnesia Haze was a very uplifting high, made me want to get stuff done around the house. Fruity smelling, buds were almost red in colour. Overall good strain.

  315. Pete Enoogoo says:

    This site is by far the best site compared to the othe websites that I’ve tried and this is the most affordable(steal at most) awesome weed even for the cheap priced stock.
    I will keep supporting CW as long as it stands.

  316. Nickk4 says:

    I was skeptical at first. I ended up placing an order & couldn’t be happier with it. Great weed, insane prices, & super fast shipping. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks Tony!

    • Mark Weiss says:

      Hands down, the best source for all of your medicating needs.
      Tony and crew provide top quality products exellent customer service, fast shipping and GREAT PRICES!!!!!
      After using many other sites, nobody comes close to Cheap Weeds over all quality pricing and service.

      Many thanks to Tony and his team
      You guy’s ROCK!!!!!

      Over and out from Ontario

    • 2018dc says:

      Quality products and top knotch service. I will definitely be purchasing from CW again!

  317. eartheye says:

    Kosher Kush is one of my all time favourites, and this batch is superb. So glad I grabbed the QP option, lowers the price quite a bit. The taste is kind of earthy/piney without the skunky smell. The exhale is not harsh, which is amazing for how high you get. Thank you for the great deal.

  318. DonJuan79 says:

    Great quality buds. Smell great, looks amazing and tastes superb! Price is unbeatable. The best is when you think you already got a good deal and Tony gives you even more of a discount at checkout. No complaints from all the strains I have ordered. Keep up the amazing work!

  319. Hughbert420 says:

    Postal service was lame but nothing tony could of done thanks for great quality for the price yarn pay thank you very much Tony finally I came accross a online company I can trust !

  320. Dylan Mellott says:

    Ive been using this site for a year and a half now. Everything about the site is more them ive expected from the quality of the product to the shipping speed but most importantly the service.
    Tony cares for his customers and if you have a concern about the product he answers any questions ands takes care of you accordingly, ive thought about trying other sites but everything is perfect about it so i have no reason to.

    Thank you tony and staff for your over exceedingly service love ya guys

  321. Greg Labow says:

    Probably the best online weed store, and I have tried a few, trust me.
    Happy with the OG Kush, fluffy, sticky, skunky, and 5 star ratings by happy civilians…did I mention great price too?!
    More OG Kush please!

  322. TYMTRACTOR says:

    ordered Friday night and was at my door on Tuesday morning. awesome. pretty good for something that went from BC to NB.
    quick service and good stuff.

  323. John Duplisea says:

    NEWBRUNSWICK ECL : Grabbed a half lb during Post strike , & the delays might’ve been bad but the Meds & service here is SPOT ON

  324. Jroc says:

    Look no further tonys ur guy best quality fast reasonable products never had 1 single issue

  325. Gary Geroux says:

    So far I’m extremely satisfied with every order. The Death Bubba is living up to it’s name for sure. Thanks Tony and everybody else working in front and behind the screens!

  326. Sandy says:

    First off let me start my saying that I’ve ordered from many sites before and not once left a review. My first time ordering was a little uneasy at first but I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful product. Not only was the quality top shelf but it was on the heavy side 😉 always nice for a change. Won’t be going anywhere else. Wish I found this place earlier.
    Tony is the man

  327. wawilliams says:

    (I was not asked to write this, this was made upon my own free will)
    I was a little nervous to order from here the first time due to the low prices but after a while i decided to apply. the whole process was very easy and in 3 days I had top quality bud.
    Packaging was discreet, Vacuum sealed so once you opened it you could tell it was fresh. The smell quickly filled the room at which point i decided to weigh it and inspect the bud. perfectly weighed while my fingers got sticky during the process. this bud almost broke my buster due to how sticky it was.
    The smell was mouth watering and the flavor was smooth yet strong. Head high was very nice. Felt nice and melted into my couch while the burnout was mild and made me feel nice and spacey throughout the day without feeling too tired. Returning customer here and can’t wait to try out more strains!

    11/10 for everything. no place compares.

  328. El Tel says:

    Received my first order yesterday and I am in heaven. Tony my man, 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. The quality, the packaging and the attitude (loved your introductory letter; genuinely sincere) are all 5 star. The bud is beautiful but the real surprise for me was the black Mercedes hash. I will admit that I was skeptical, given the price. A real treat – this took me way back to my misspent youth, trekking through the Himalayas, enjoying the village hospitality. Might have to dust off the old chillum…..Bom Shiva. Thanks Tony, very sweet operation. My friends are setting up accounts.

  329. TrentTaylor says:

    It’s official … my regular guy of the last 18 years hates me, calls me a traitor and says I’ve abandoned ship. Well what can I say, this Island of Weed that Tony’s built is a really cool place to hang out – besides, the open ocean is an unpredictable place and I’m just looking to relax on the beach now.

    First and foremost the variety of things to do is amazing; my old guy’s attitude was ‘do you want it or not’. Secondly, the cost of things is really reasonable and they even have a rewards club … did I tell you how much I love this place. Lastly, there has been no surprises and if anything staff on the island go out of their way for you.

    I only wish I would have found this place 35 years ago … I would have taken the flak from my guy back then to experience this kind of paradise. Long live CW and hail king Tony .

  330. marchandpt says:

    I ordered the 28g surprise pack I was happy with the different kinds of flower I had to try , the count was a little off but of course Tony made it right, the service is unbeatable, live in the east coast we now have government run stores tried a couple times , , was not happy with price or the quality .I will be sticking with CW u rock Tony

  331. masedawg says:

    Awesome service got my package within the couple business days, but when I received my package my bubba og was really chemically black black ash and I found a piece of perlite in my AC/DC don’t really know how that would get there but I had no problems with my prisdental og really good!

  332. Bubbagunuish says:

    These guys are the real deal !!! Dont hesitate just put in your order before you miss out on the great deals and unmatched prices & service. They have the best customer service & customer relations that i have encountered on all there products and orders. Delivery is fast and reliable and staff is very helpfull and friendy,
    Tony gets 10 out of 10 from Bubbagunuish

    • Sbourgoin says:

      Best Site Ever !! We have ordered from at least 10 sites and like I said this is where it’s at. Great service and the product is 5 star. We are so happy we found you guys.

  333. Nickurbshott19 says:

    Just got green crack and it looks damn good the smell is unreal the price is unreal the nugs the Tricombs . Nice smoke over all nice taste it’s a nice hybrid very happy with it. Can’t wait to see what to get next

  334. Jason Grove says:

    First off i would like to say, im a super cronich atleast an eighth of flower a day for me. Minimum! I have tried almost every other MOM. That being said i finnally tried CW and its legit the quality of all three ozs i got were on point, all burnt nice ,tasted like they should and were spot on with the quality.. Thank you Tony and the staff at CW you have my buissiness now always..

  335. Michael says:

    This is the first and last site I have used. The customer service is top notch and the product is beyond comparison. I have no reason to go elsewhere. Thank you for everything. Much love.

  336. Btempleman says:

    Been using this site for a few months now, first MOM site I have used and I have no reason to try another. Price and product is absolutely great, service is top notch. Thx CW could not be happier

  337. d_Goulding says:

    You cant ask for any better..your needs will be met at every level….No worrie’s about if I’m going to get my order or is it any good..check out the list of flowers they have..hash..oils and more more and more…our host is a top notch fair person…exspress post is fast on there deliverie’s ..different price based will let you try most of what they had..bless.and Smile On

  338. LEO MURPHY says:

    Great ‘erbs, BetterPrices & The Best Customer Service

  339. Kenr says:

    Was super skeptical about what if anything was actually going to show up especially for the prices too good to be true….long story short placed my first order of black cherry soda, nuken and green poison could not believe how quick and how high of quality of product arrived could not be more happy will definitely be continuing to shop here just placed another order sure it wont disappoint

  340. Tyler84 says:

    I personally have only ever ordered once so far from here and it has been the best service you could ask for tony is very helpful and get back to your emails promptly , he always have good suggestions and good service has been very hard to find on this site there so many choices at such Great Prices , I have looked all over the net for at dispensary and this has been far the best and with the most choice prices have been unbeatable. I have told ever about this site to all my family and friends and would rate this as the best site in Canada awesome job cant waite to decided on what to order so man choice s

    Service 10/10

    Quality 10/10

    Speed 10/10

  341. Shapeck Popalzaie says:

    Wow is what I will start off with. Product, service, and on top of all that AMAZING prices. For anyone who is wondering if they should order on here, don’t think any longer. You won’t be disappointed! Any concerns or issues you have, Tony takes care of you quickly and treats you right. The best online dispensary hands down. Great job!

  342. Sean Carder says:

    Was very happy with White Russian. Very uplifting high.

  343. allan powers says:

    Was buying from a local and always complaining
    about the high:and getting the brush off
    now I get from CW and enjoy the buzz and the price GREAT JOB TONY.

  344. Lawrence Campbell says:

    We bought the Afgoo for our first order, we were extremely pleased with the service CW provided as well the product was dead on, the price was amazing and order and paid all from the comfort of our home.
    Thank you

  345. GlacierLove says:

    Thank you for your excellent service and products. My order arrived exactly when it was supposed to, in spite of a postal strike underway. I sniffed the package when I picked it up at the Post Office and there was no trace of scent and it was in a plain white box. I know it’s legal now but the discretion is appreciated.

  346. Sherry says:

    Amazing service. I bought some for my hubs and the address was wrong. Entirely an IDtenT mistake on my part. It was delivered elsewhere! Yup. My fault too. Tony fixed the problem and resent my order to the correct address. I am so amazed, he is incredible. I ordered again, Christmas gift for my brother this time, and got it right on schedule! WOW!!

  347. Ernie Wood says:

    I have shopped at other M.O.M’s and believe me this one is the best. No one comes close to Tony’s prices and quality. Thanks Tony keep up the good work and keep those prices low and you will always have my business.

  348. kevin Goodine says:

    was sceptical on the black hash..was it the same as the old school 80’s stuff? …ordering on line etc.But the hash was great, as far as taste just perfect ,burnded nice, price was awesome.
    great fast service , we loved the personal touch of thank you letter in our package .
    will definitely be ordering again and trying more products.
    best of luck in your venture. : )

  349. turbils says:

    This site is all you need. Great customer service to great product and fast delivery times. GREAT JOB TONY!!!!!!!!!!

  350. Spaterson says:

    Tony ! Thank you very much for the nice letter on my first ever purchase at CW. The purple candy was pretty good and the black was nice as well . I look fowered to ordering again very soon ! From Wasaga Beach ontatio ! Thanks!

  351. Greg says:

    Tony u are the fucking man thanks bro keep up the good work !!!

  352. Scott Ellis says:

    CW you are pretty Decent in my opinion. You have come to be my MOM of choice, but it wasn’t easy. I’ve had some great experiences with el hefe, pink bubba, and holy grail, but blue geese is my go-to for price and quality. Some other moms might have some higher chron, but I like CW most because of great customer service and they ship FAST. During the postal strike I somehow got my order delivered within 4 days. They must have elves on the payroll

  353. Ans says:

    Price and quality is on point what’s more to want

  354. Mike Quenneville says:

    I was very Skeptical, I placed my first order and bam! got my tracking number within a couple of hours. The Shatter is top notch especially for the price. I use this for pain and this site is literally a lifesaver for me.
    Thank you!

  355. Dany Beaulieu says:

    I’m on my third order. The service offered and the quality of the product is really on the mark. I’m extremely satisfied. A big thank you and your whole team.

    Best Greetings


  356. Jessica Clark says:

    Ordered master kush week of Nov.12th 2018 the first two orders of it were p’s and they were pretty nice no popcorn and hardly any stems. This p was still nice just not as nice as this time there’s popcorn nugs never a liking for me personally but still good ( bang for buck) order order order. Just please no more pop corn nugs

  357. Michael says:

    This is no joke when i say that CW helped change my life. I now have a reputable business and im getting my medicine for pennies on the dollar compared to buying from LPs and being out of money a week into the month with no food and cigarettes so i appreciate the financial freedom as i am on disability for PTSD. Now, the bud is fucking amazing and i was smoking karma cup winning forum cut girl scout cookie that was tested at 27.8%. Im more than satisfied im elated. Thanks Tony

  358. Tracy Magny says:

    Got my first order from cheap weed today. So impressed, the hash brought me back to high school. The CBD Dream smells, tastes and looks fantastic. The thank you letter was a nice touch. Thanks and will be ordering again real soon.

  359. indicaaaa says:

    Wonderful selection of bud, always proper(12) smelling and tasting:)
    The customer service is the quickest out of any MOM site and super friendly and efficient. Glad I committed to this site , been a good couple months!!! 7/5 rating

  360. Travis Matthew says:

    $100 og …amazing big fresh nugs!
    Nose 8/10
    Burn 7/10
    Buzz 7/10…great daytime smoke 🙂

    Keep up the great job 🙂
    Buy this up guys great value, great smoke!

  361. Gary says:

    You have won me over CW! I just got my oz. of OG Kush. Amazing price and amount. Quality is definitely top tier, I will be a return customer for sure.

  362. billaa says:

    Really no sense going anywhere, but here!!
    Thank You !!

  363. Gary gracey says:

    Great jobs guys , I must say out of all the strains I have tried Tony’s are by far the best to date . Delivery was quick and product is amazing and priced very well .

    Found my one and only site to orde from , thanks again for the amazing smoke

  364. justmedk says:

    Ok so I normally don’t do reviews, let alone order from online dispensaries. Having said that I was skeptical at first about the whole online dispensary thing…but after having discovered CW and its helpful staff, I could kick myself for not having discovered this website sooner. The prices, customer service, and value are beyond amazing ! You will not be disappointed !!!

  365. ynotniv says:

    I’ve Ordered A LOT from cheapweed and have never been let down. Tony and his team have by far the best customer service!….will always/only use cheapweed as my go to MoM.

  366. fengler says:

    This site is the real deal if you are hesitant on ordering don’t be. The prices are great but so is the packaging and shipping time. The products I have tried so far have been better then I was expecting for the price. Keep up the good work your the man Tony! You have my business

  367. magnificentmaggs says:

    delivery was super fast. discreet packaging. quality products. will definitely be placing another order!

  368. bobbyjones says:

    got black hash .great shipping.great taste,thank you will be back

  369. David Brown says:

    Best buds best service what more can ya ask for? thanks tonnee

  370. CodyOsiecki says:

    Nothing but good things to say about this company. Excellent prices, good quality bud, quick delivery and unbeatable customer service. Tony’s the fucking man.

  371. Bcreeferman says:

    Tony and the CW team are excellent to deal with very professional. You can beat the prices for such great products. I use to shop at another site,not anymore Cheapweed hasnt dissappointed me yet. 99% of my order have shown up overnight,i live in b.c.. Had a order shipped tuesday recieved it wednesday morning. Tony is very quick yo respond to your emails and answers any question no matter how stupid it seems. Customer for life!!!!

  372. kevin says:

    I was super skeptical of ordering from here. Wasn’t sure the weed was good or even close to what the pictures showed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The mango haze was exactly like the pictures, and the taste is amazing. The price is also untouchable from the government run stores. I am one happy customer.

    • FrankV says:

      I have a question how did you feel about e-transferring did you have any issues because im very skeptical about that, thank you.

    • Dboxtvinfo says:

      Great service Tony!

    • Numnuts says:

      Me to very worried, bought 3 ozs, bingo all 100 percent, bought 8 at an unbelievable price, love this place please don’t leave us

    • Noone says:

      We were super skeptical of ordering from here. Wasn’t sure the weed was good or even close to what the pictures showed. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The price is untouchable from the government run stores. 2 very happy people. Our only worry was the express post … was that horse going to make it here before the strike! With bells and whistles it made it!!!

    • Spaterson says:

      I hope the G 13 is as good as the purple candy ! I’m sure it will be . Now if we can just get this postal strike over with so I won’t have to wait 8 days again lol

    • Mike says:

      I simply couldn’t be any more pleased or impressed with everything to do with my dealings with TONY from A to Z when it comes to working with a pro like TONY! Fast shipping ? – my mailman had smoke coming off his shoes when he delivered my parcel! The order was exactly as described – or better – and the price was better than right, with fantastic quality and a very impressive person at the other end of this deal. Don’t even think about whether or not all that TONY says is for real…….IT IS….and MORE! I can’t wait to try more again, and I am sure to be a regular customer for as long as possible…..even if I am getting a little bit on the older side. Maybe my government pension will cover some of this – after all, only fair I think.
      I have waited a long, long, time to see all this come to reality, and now – here it is. So basically ….. SUPER fast delivery, SUPER great communications, SUPER fantastic product that is better than claimed, and everything at least 101% or better than said.
      I can’t say enough about EVERYTHING to do with Tony……and MORE!!!!! Too hard to write enough about how great this whole experience was. I am getting ready to order again! Thanks again and again Tony.

      • Mike says:

        I simply couldn’t be any more pleased or impressed with everything to do with my dealings with TONY from A to Z when it comes to working with a pro like TONY! Fast shipping ? – my mailman had smoke coming off his shoes when he delivered my parcel! The order was exactly as described – or better – and the price was better than right, with fantastic quality and a very impressive person at the other end of this deal. Don’t even think about whether or not all that TONY says is for real…….IT IS….and MORE! I can’t wait to try more again, and I am sure to be a regular customer for as long as possible…..even if I am getting a little bit on the older side. Maybe my government pension will cover some of this – after all, only fair I think.
        I have waited a long, long, time to see all this come to reality, and now – here it is. So basically ….. SUPER fast delivery, SUPER great communications, SUPER fantastic product that is better than claimed, and everything at least 101% or better than said.
        I can’t say enough about EVERYTHING to do with Tony……and MORE!!!!! Too hard to write enough about how great this whole experience was. I am getting ready to order again! Thanks again and again Tony.

  373. leon lechasseur says:

    yes very very very good site Ihave done my homework and have yet to buy anywhere but here..I have no need to experiment , BCTony did all the hard work!

  374. Matt Van says:

    Supremely impressed with the product and customer service. Quickly becoming a regular customer!

  375. Yanz says:

    Wow! Lot of choice, very good quality. Impecable service . Already shop twice and get very satisfied. Big thanks to Tony’s team!You’re awesome!

  376. Mo says:

    The fucking increadable I got is very nice well done

  377. Darren Esseltine says:

    Team Cheapweed is on top of their game. Flawless ordering with speedy delivery. No more fear of buying before trying.

  378. Dany says:

    Thank you do much. Thé service offer is really on the mark. You are the best.

    The black hash is excellent
    Best regards

  379. Kyle says:

    Kosher kush is fantastic Tony is a hero. Love this site what a great selection of perfectly manicured and grown fruits.
    The packaging was mindful and professional.
    Long live king Tony!

  380. michael says:

    Hello darkness my old friend… Yes the Mercedes Black Gold Seal is the real deal and thank you Tony for lightening fast,professional service. The taste,smell and high are just like from days of old! CHEERS!

  381. Brenda says:

    A very reliable service. After shopping online at many different sites I have to say this is now my #1 store. I have purchased the weed and 2 kind of hashish and I’m extremely happy with the product, price, and service! Keep doing great job @ CW

  382. Karen says:

    This whole thing seems a bit surreal. The ability to purchase very, very reasonably priced “back in the day” Black Hash and have it delivered to my mailbox in two days is, frankly, a bit overwhelming ……. in a really good way!!

    Great selection, excellent quality, accurate (if not, generous) weight, customer service that’s hard to beat.

    A wonderfully uplifting experience all around.

    We will be back!

  383. Mo says:

    First time
    Great customer service
    Low prices
    Fast shipping
    Amazing product
    Very happy return customer for sure

  384. JB says:

    Very great selection. Trustworthy and reliable!

  385. Eli says:

    hey every one who might be reading this fist off if your like me you looking at the prices thinking yeah right and its to good to be true well i looked over many reviews and i rolled the dice and this site i boght 17 oz zast and lemon kush now there were good deals and i used a coupon in the end i only payed 1204.00 bucks and i placed oder on wen and got it on friday had no problams at all geting my order at all and it wasall packed up pro safe and discreetlly packed and i came home and was shocked both strains were bomb big tight buds clean and dryed perfectly the smell was pretty good it was not like a punch and the face when you open the bag or anything but still nice smell and tast and remember i get the cheaper weed and its very nice. now this was my fist oder but im geussing that if you get the better stuff and pay alil more i feel sure youll get that super stinky but my green was also killer do not be scared the cheap weed is killer ivbought of lots of sites and this is the best one by far so its for real and its not no scam!! tony is awesome very kind and fast replays to all my emails i will never go to a other site again if you want killer weed fast and safe shipping look no where els guys cas im telling you this is as good as you will find on google hands down ! have good day and happy shopping tony will not let you down cant wait for my next order

  386. Mr. Clean says:

    I shop CW for brain breaks several times a day. I love your easy to use format. There is no one else who does cannibas like Tony. I have built trust in your word as a businessman!

  387. Jon says:

    Best site on the internet and customer service!!

  388. Dave says:

    I was sceptical at first, so I researched and read ALOT about this site before I ordered.. All I found was positive reviews. I finally decided what I wanted and ordered, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the product is good, and burns clean. The price is outstanding! My package was even a little heavy, and included a couple mini chocolate bars for Halloween to help combat the munchies

    I highly recommend the slabs of shatter and the bud I ordered is good. Better than all of the stuff I was getting from the first LP I was with. Thanks Tony, keep up the great work, and I will definitely recommend you to people I know, and will most certainly order from you again! Cheap Weed Rules!!

  389. raymond wall says:

    Used ‘ask Tony’ for the first time and must say was quite happy with his recommendation. Also I MUST remark again on how efficiently my orders are processed and next day delivery is amazingly consistent. . Truly a service to be proud of guys. Thank you so very much.

  390. Brandon says:

    Purple budda was a nice full of flaver bud

  391. Tim says:

    Cw is the only place to order from best price to quality ratio amazing customer service

  392. itsgrimreefer says:

    It is no exaggeration that this website has changed my life for the better. Amazing products , always appropriately priced or extremely cheaper than they should be. Never a single issue!

  393. Rob says:

    Ordered my first QP and was delivered within 2 days. Discreet package and nicely packed. Very impressed with the level of service from Tony and his crew. Do not go anywhere else as this is the one and only place you need to go. Tony, your Lemon Kush is amazing, keep up your great work and service to your loyal customers as you made me one for life.

  394. George says:

    Received my package today and was surprised to see a couple of treats in with it.have liked all the strains I have purchased so far,good service and great products.thanks for the treats will let u know what I think of them

  395. CodyRRR says:


  396. Ran says:

    I have to say I was very nervous about placing my first order,not knowing what to expect ,four days it’s here and o yaaa ,all is very well ,actually excellent!!! Cheapest prices for the best quality and quantity….. amazing service, awesome ,ime sold I’ll b back …. thanks to all involved.

  397. Scott says:

    All I can say is……. Amazing people and products! From this day forward I will be ordering from here!! Thank you Tony and the team at CW!

  398. Tobin says:

    Fast,and quality thx for the extra candy

  399. Jamie says:

    I am completely impressed with my first package 🙂 came super quick , packaged superb, pictures don’t do the product justice! I’m in love !! Loved my little extra too and my candy treats <3 your my #1 I’ll never shop anywhere else again! Thank you!!!!

  400. Sean says:

    Just got my order today, 3 oz. Ghost Train Haze. Very impressed! Beautiful buds caked in crystal. I cant believe how good this s*** actually is for the price. I will never order from anywhere but here from now on. Also, Tony is the man

  401. chefmaxx says:

    You guys are amazing. Always ready to bend forward and back for your customers. We need more people like you. Thank you so much!

    • Kim says:

      Love this place,fast efficient received first order today,well packaged, and fresh, making second order today and the Moroccan hash qp style is on the list,,, along with….so undecided .. Alot of choices,, so many more orders to come,, big thanks to Tony and his amazing crew,,, back to my package, cheers,,,,

    • Donald says:

      TRUE AT 1000000% !

  402. tegrob says:

    It took almost 40 years of consuming this wonderful herb to finally find a supplier I am 100% comfortable with.
    CW is an outstanding site! Honestly, an answer to my dreams and prayers. I can now manage my hip pain far more effectively with the large strain selection that is available. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the high quality of product I have received at a very good price. Four decades of research and I know good herb when I see it.
    The selection and most importantly the stock rotation and high volume ensure you are getting fresh product. It makes a huge difference. The Blue Cookies, Maui Wowie, Island Sweet Skunk and several other strains have been top shelf, especially considering the price. Tony is an absolutely upstanding person who is providing this service to a very grateful customer base. Keep up the good work Tony! We are all very grateful for your service and work!
    I truly hope you are around for a long time. Live Long and Prosper!

  403. shandai dale says:

    One of the best places i enjoy the fast shipping and email reaponse when needing help

  404. Jeffrey says:

    Excellent service, Fast shipping, Discreet packaging, Quality Product.
    Tony is the hero legalization deserves.

  405. Nick says:

    Ordered Mercedes hash and OG flower great price fast delivery. Impressive.

  406. Harry says:

    Best online store I have come by no question best prices, best quality. fast delivery discreet packaging

  407. Joan says:

    Tony is super cool too deal with,the best service by far. i picked this Blue dream.Huge chunky nugs,smell great,very nicely trimmed,no shake.Look no further than CW

  408. Cheryl says:

    My first time ordering from CW Totally impressed!! Shipping super fast – this product is beautiful. I really appreciated the Halloween treats that came in the order…super sweet and a nice personal touch. I’m a customer for life

  409. Stephane says:

    Wow . Good hash ( mercedes black hash ) good price , very fast delivery got it in 2 days Montreal quebec . Ordered on thursday got it on monday
    Will order again for sure

  410. Douglas says:

    Puffing daily for almost 50 years… since 1971. Shared Lamb’s Breath with Bongo Silly & The Wailers @ Lion’s Den in Ochy Ja. for a week in 1980. Walked my friend’s fields in the mountains. Ate a handful in a Pineapple Upside Down Cake in mid 80’s. 3 days in bed and very mellow for over 2 weeks. NOT recommended for new users!!! Grew my own hydro for over 20 years. At my age I only vape now. Only puff to mellow out after 4pm surviving another hard day. Was waiting for Oct 17th to happen since first Trudeau promised and then reneged in 1973. And now the mailman brings it to my house. What a country! First test buy was AA shake for my Volcano. Very happy with 1/4 for very little $$$. Looking to enjoy something substantial for my 64th coming in a few weeks. Thanks Tony for the real experience…. I pass on the URL to many others looking for legit site.

  411. Myles says:

    Picked up a half pound 8 different strains all had nice smell and bag appeal , tony is the man just grabbed another qp thanks again..

  412. Kootman says:

    Fast delivery. Well packaged. Overweight (Nice!) Prompt response to emails. All around good experience. Enjoying the og kush. Kudos, thanks.


  413. Zealyeye says:

    Love this site.. first time ordering Tony let me split a 400$ qp into 2 ounces each of a sativa and indica that were the same price. I placed order on a Friday and package arrived Monday from BC to New Brunswick.. thanks again Tony for all your help! Love this site and the quality products & prices that come with it !

  414. Nervvern says:

    This site is the real deal, top shelf product, second to none! There is no other online shop with these prices period!
    Fast delivery with professional packaging and service.
    Thanks Cheapweed and Tony for a awesome experience

  415. Ontario says:

    Oder from here! You will not regret it. Customer service is like no other! These people actually communicate with you and answer any question you ask. Shipping was very quick & the buds are huge-n-sticky!!
    Will definitely encourage my friends to buy from
    CW 🙂

  416. Bcreeferman says:

    Tony and the CW team are very helpful with any questions. This was my first order and im soooo impressed. Order processed on monday and shipped and now is out for delivery on tuesday,overnight they got me my parcel. So i ordered again and its the same tuesday order is processing and shipping today. Great deals on products if your buying in bulk qp or more and compareable and cheaper prices then some MoMs on oz. If i go by canada post drop off times the delivery from time dropped off to my door would have only been 20hrs total. Very happy customer!

  417. Don says:

    CHEAPWEED is THE place fer your herb!
    I do however think they should change thier name….to

    Place for

    …read down silly
    Experts at weed grading vs pricing
    Experts at customer service ( not that you’ll need any other than for your own errors)
    Experts at discreet shipping and more importantly labelling with Can Post

    Keep up the goo work CW

  418. riley says:

    extremely satisfied with my order, first time purchase so i was nervous at first but big come through in the end

  419. oretlkv88d0g says:

    Love this site, the concept, and the person/people behind it all. Great customer service, fast and courteous replies to queries, awesome quality flowers, fast shipping, and great deals; what more could you want?!

    This is only the second MOM I’ve ever tried. I thought I would try several different MOMs, see what everyone is doing and offering, but every time I compare CW to others, CW wins.

    Hey Tony, can you get your hands on organic strains?

    5/5 for CW! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  420. Danielle says:

    Always great service, put my mind to ease about any potential problems.

    Great selection, love the discount system and points system.

    I tried one of Tony’s grows and they’re the best!
    It’s what I look for first now.

    With legalization around the corner, I don’t have any plans to switch.

  421. Budlova says:

    Bought the blue moonrocks strain I been a heavy smoker and growing up in bc canada you see great bud but my God honestly solid 10/10 got my bud in 1 day amazing price on qp and cant say enough about the quality blown away

  422. Jesse W says:

    Service is top notch. Amazing quality for the price. I will definitely be ordering again!

  423. Ricky71 says:

    Just blown away! I’ve tried a few things now, simply great product. Service is just what you should expect, awesome! Each strain, concentrate or shatter is beautiful… ty CW.

  424. Mr. Clean says:

    Thanks for getting me the redwood kush. Good smoke for the price.

  425. Stratocaster says:

    Really happy with my last order top notch quality, bag appeal @ potency. That white Kush knocks,me on my arse LOL

  426. Kristopher says:

    I was very impressed.
    The product, price, and service, all combine for a top quality experience.
    5 stars! lol

  427. Amanda T says:

    Ordered 3 times already and many more to come. I like to decribe cheapweed as the Costco of MoMs. Can’t beat the quality for the prices and customer service.

  428. Steveottawa says:

    Top notch service from a top notch company.

  429. Pierre-carl perreault says:

    I receive my shatter and god damn it taste good, 10/10 would buy again and the hash is really good. Smoot and power full smell.

    Thanks CW for good product

  430. Jenny bear says:

    Just got my order of the black hash and its totally worth it thanks again tony

  431. Patmakey says:

    Hey wondering how long it normally takes an order to get to red deer from this group? First time going on 4 business days here Lol!!

  432. Jenny bear says:

    Impressed with my first delivery, i got the pineapple express shatter and enjoyed every bit of it. thank you tony ! You will be seeing me on here more often

  433. Robynsullivan says:

    I ordered og kush got it super fast great packaging and clean nice tasting smoke. Would highly recommend.

  434. Midnight98 says:

    I am beyond happy with my purchase. Out of all of the sites I ordered from, you guys are the only ones that gave me amazing weed for an even better price. Your packaging is so discreet, the nugs weren’t dry at all ( which was my main problem when ordering from BC, and even better you guys offer Boveda packs to keep my cannabis always fresh. Again I couldn’t be more please with this service and look forward to ordering more from you guys in the future!!

  435. Mike says:

    First order went smooth as silk. Got 4 incredible strains for a lower price than anything I’ve ever purchased in bulk before. I love the mix and match savings… making your own qp is so much better than being stuck with 1 kind unless it’s your favourite dank of course… thanks Tony for the 2 amazing strains that you personally grew. Quality is bar none for cheap weed.

  436. Lippertpainting says:

    Yoda OG 8/10 Was worth the bulk discount.
    I like the mix and match discounts to get variety.
    Mercedes has was a less then desirable repress with bad smell.
    Support was great with answering questions It’s nice to communicate with real people.
    All in all pretty good site

  437. Terry says:

    Great strains for great prices still hoping for some new killer strains but from what i got so far CW is where to be.

  438. Ryan M. says:

    I’ve ordered 50+ strains off this site so far.
    I’ve been very happy with over half of them. Most are very good for the price range (when buying in bulk). Some are ridiculously over priced. But I find myself returning here mostly weekly because my customers like variety. What you will find on this site is CHEAP WEED.. it says it all, you want cost efficiency? Come here.. out of the 50 strains I’ve had, I’d say ive only seen one quad A strain… the death bubba. Probably ranged between 20-22% thx.

  439. Gino Hairston says:

    Got some good fucking weed name fucking incredible and it was but I got some brown wet stuff not sure yet what it is lol not working in shatter rigs for sure ..

  440. TrentTaylor says:

    I’m back !!!

    My regular guy who I’ve been seeing for the last 15 years is not going to be happy. Tony has converted me. Great variety, excellent communication, fast shipping & honest pricing – who could want more. Love having delivery right to my door … convenient to say the least and the package that arrived presented no idea as to what the contents were. Product was well packaged and labeled and was as described – gave me confidence to order again. For what it’s worth Tony, you’ve gained a new friend 🙂

  441. Patricia says:

    Great hash great price and ready to order again

    Thanks cw

  442. Ordered my stuff on Friday. Here on Monday. Processed fast sent right away. Packaging very secure. Nice Personal Touch. Cares.
    Product is Excellent.
    Thank you So Much..

  443. Keith says:

    I also was sceptical about ordering the first time. I asked Tony for his advice for what I should get and he gave me a couple choices. Boy was he right. Best thing I ever did. Something was up with the mail and my order was not going to be on time. Tony called me and told me right away it was going to be late one day. That’s customer satisfaction right there. I’m amazed how he went the extra mile. Thank you Toni for your service and you will see me more often

  444. Keegan D says:

    Only thing that needs to be worked on is the site… everytime I add orders to my cart an go back it brings me back to the home page not what flower or page i was looking at. Other than that its awesome. 🙂 thanks T

  445. Tellybee says:

    Tony and the entire CW team is the best MoM out there! I have tried the rest but CheapWeed is the best! Top quality products, excellent communication and the fastest shipping time possible. (I order friday morning and arrives Monday morning) Don’t hesitate any longer, time to stock up your mason jars and grab a couple boveda packs to prepare for a long winter ahead. 5 solid gold stars Thank you CW

  446. Hazer says:

    I am a real customer but was sceptical until I received my order. I ordered on a Sunday and had a tracking number on the same day. I had my order 4 days later to a small rural town in Saskatchewan.The John Ford Pink and Zeb 2. Killer weed, no smell to the package until I opened which took over my whole apartment. Found out in a hurry not to do a wake and bake with the JF pink when you have to work , 3 hours later I was still feeling it. The Zeb is a bit milder and the price reflects this but still amazing. Tony is one killler dude and guaranteed to please you. This is my only spot to order now Hazer

  447. bobo2702 says:

    I just received my first order and everything is well sealed with clear tags of every strains… Very professional!
    Customer service has been exceptional for me!
    About The products Quality? … Its perfect.
    Im glad someone tought about this discount option and happy that I found cheapweed.ca
    Thanks again and looking forward doing buisness with you guys in a near future.

  448. Dillon says:

    Love all my stuff I get from tony and his team

  449. Ironwill says:

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    • ConsciousS says:


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