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  1. Geneviève says:

    I highly recommend CW. It has the best customer service and regular communication with updates on the website. Quality bud, amazing prices, fast and free delivery. Ya mon!

  2. Sandra says:

    So impressed with Tony and his products! Any questions, Tony will e-mail you right back!! Killer buzz, smells wonderful, awesome products! Amazing prices and incentives to buy MORE!! Thank You, Tony and CW!!

  3. Kristian E. says:

    Glad I found this site , very reliable and the product quality is amazing, never any shake in the bags just straight nugs at a steal of a price, keep up the good work CW staff 😉

  4. Bigdawg4545 says:

    Best mom out here, best quality and service available.

  5. Mike J. says:

    I found this place almost 2 months ago I’ve ordered prob 30 diff kinds in that time and have never been disapointed ..srry once there was mix up but was corrected right away..awsome customer service..don’t be nervous to use site like I was at first…u will be so glad u did..

  6. superhigh says:

    Tony is the man with his products and customer service, this is my 1st time grabbing online and I was very skeptical on what to think and what not. I E-mailed Tony and with in a hour or 2 he messaged me back with an amazing response and was very polite. I got my order with in 3 days I live in Ontario and I must say when I opened up the discreet package I was really happy to see it actually come through the mail and Tony lived up to his name and his customers responses where right on, and the OG Kush I bought had huge nugs, smelled good, and a 1 paper got me high, it is really strong, and Tonys Blue Dream is nice smelling, good smoking and nice size nugs. Sorry for the long response but thanks again Tony will be buying more in a few weeks. Keep it up man!! 🙂

  7. cfalduti says:

    Got our first order yesterday. Comatose lives up to its name. Tight rock hard large to medium size buds perfectly manicured. No shake in bag. Nose appeal. It’s a 9/10. Bag appeal 9/10. Strong smoke. Great high. Will buy again.

  8. Rich72 says:

    First time order “Afghan Kush” great product fast delivery ordering up some Hash 2 thumbs up

  9. Seed2 says:

    Received my Mercedes gold stamp black hash and no regrets! Smells tastes just like the old days Kabul gold seal I used to get . Pleased with prompt service and product price and quality. Nothing like a nice mellow hash buzz to completely relax and help take away the pain.

  10. Luke says:

    Very good price and legit product. Excellent delivery no issue with smell. Good discounts for frequent buyers. What more could you ask for?!?!???!?!??!?

  11. moses says:

    i tryed the keif really sticky great for bowl toppers fast shipping 2days

  12. Jennifer says:

    First time I ordered. Received the “White Rhino”. Easy smoke. Nice taste. High lasts moderately. Looking forward to trying another… gotta get this smoked first. Thanks Tony!

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