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  1. Sean Carder says:

    Amnesia Haze was a very uplifting high, made me want to get stuff done around the house. Fruity smelling, buds were almost red in colour. Overall good strain.

  2. Pete Enoogoo says:

    This site is by far the best site compared to the othe websites that I’ve tried and this is the most affordable(steal at most) awesome weed even for the cheap priced stock.
    I will keep supporting CW as long as it stands.

  3. Nickk4 says:

    I was skeptical at first. I ended up placing an order & couldn’t be happier with it. Great weed, insane prices, & super fast shipping. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks Tony!

    • Mark Weiss says:

      Hands down, the best source for all of your medicating needs.
      Tony and crew provide top quality products exellent customer service, fast shipping and GREAT PRICES!!!!!
      After using many other sites, nobody comes close to Cheap Weeds over all quality pricing and service.

      Many thanks to Tony and his team
      You guy’s ROCK!!!!!

      Over and out from Ontario

    • 2018dc says:

      Quality products and top knotch service. I will definitely be purchasing from CW again!

  4. eartheye says:

    Kosher Kush is one of my all time favourites, and this batch is superb. So glad I grabbed the QP option, lowers the price quite a bit. The taste is kind of earthy/piney without the skunky smell. The exhale is not harsh, which is amazing for how high you get. Thank you for the great deal.

  5. DonJuan79 says:

    Great quality buds. Smell great, looks amazing and tastes superb! Price is unbeatable. The best is when you think you already got a good deal and Tony gives you even more of a discount at checkout. No complaints from all the strains I have ordered. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Hughbert420 says:

    Postal service was lame but nothing tony could of done thanks for great quality for the price yarn pay thank you very much Tony finally I came accross a online company I can trust !

  7. Dylan Mellott says:

    Ive been using this site for a year and a half now. Everything about the site is more them ive expected from the quality of the product to the shipping speed but most importantly the service.
    Tony cares for his customers and if you have a concern about the product he answers any questions ands takes care of you accordingly, ive thought about trying other sites but everything is perfect about it so i have no reason to.

    Thank you tony and staff for your over exceedingly service love ya guys

  8. Greg Labow says:

    Probably the best online weed store, and I have tried a few, trust me.
    Happy with the OG Kush, fluffy, sticky, skunky, and 5 star ratings by happy civilians…did I mention great price too?!
    More OG Kush please!

  9. TYMTRACTOR says:

    ordered Friday night and was at my door on Tuesday morning. awesome. pretty good for something that went from BC to NB.
    quick service and good stuff.

  10. John Duplisea says:

    NEWBRUNSWICK ECL : Grabbed a half lb during Post strike , & the delays might’ve been bad but the Meds & service here is SPOT ON

  11. Jroc says:

    Look no further tonys ur guy best quality fast reasonable products never had 1 single issue

  12. Gary Geroux says:

    So far I’m extremely satisfied with every order. The Death Bubba is living up to it’s name for sure. Thanks Tony and everybody else working in front and behind the screens!

  13. Sandy says:

    First off let me start my saying that I’ve ordered from many sites before and not once left a review. My first time ordering was a little uneasy at first but I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful product. Not only was the quality top shelf but it was on the heavy side 😉 always nice for a change. Won’t be going anywhere else. Wish I found this place earlier.
    Tony is the man

  14. wawilliams says:

    (I was not asked to write this, this was made upon my own free will)
    I was a little nervous to order from here the first time due to the low prices but after a while i decided to apply. the whole process was very easy and in 3 days I had top quality bud.
    Packaging was discreet, Vacuum sealed so once you opened it you could tell it was fresh. The smell quickly filled the room at which point i decided to weigh it and inspect the bud. perfectly weighed while my fingers got sticky during the process. this bud almost broke my buster due to how sticky it was.
    The smell was mouth watering and the flavor was smooth yet strong. Head high was very nice. Felt nice and melted into my couch while the burnout was mild and made me feel nice and spacey throughout the day without feeling too tired. Returning customer here and can’t wait to try out more strains!

    11/10 for everything. no place compares.

  15. El Tel says:

    Received my first order yesterday and I am in heaven. Tony my man, 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. The quality, the packaging and the attitude (loved your introductory letter; genuinely sincere) are all 5 star. The bud is beautiful but the real surprise for me was the black Mercedes hash. I will admit that I was skeptical, given the price. A real treat – this took me way back to my misspent youth, trekking through the Himalayas, enjoying the village hospitality. Might have to dust off the old chillum…..Bom Shiva. Thanks Tony, very sweet operation. My friends are setting up accounts.

  16. TrentTaylor says:

    It’s official … my regular guy of the last 18 years hates me, calls me a traitor and says I’ve abandoned ship. Well what can I say, this Island of Weed that Tony’s built is a really cool place to hang out – besides, the open ocean is an unpredictable place and I’m just looking to relax on the beach now.

    First and foremost the variety of things to do is amazing; my old guy’s attitude was ‘do you want it or not’. Secondly, the cost of things is really reasonable and they even have a rewards club … did I tell you how much I love this place. Lastly, there has been no surprises and if anything staff on the island go out of their way for you.

    I only wish I would have found this place 35 years ago … I would have taken the flak from my guy back then to experience this kind of paradise. Long live CW and hail king Tony .

  17. marchandpt says:

    I ordered the 28g surprise pack I was happy with the different kinds of flower I had to try , the count was a little off but of course Tony made it right, the service is unbeatable, live in the east coast we now have government run stores tried a couple times , , was not happy with price or the quality .I will be sticking with CW u rock Tony

  18. masedawg says:

    Awesome service got my package within the couple business days, but when I received my package my bubba og was really chemically black black ash and I found a piece of perlite in my AC/DC don’t really know how that would get there but I had no problems with my prisdental og really good!

  19. Bubbagunuish says:

    These guys are the real deal !!! Dont hesitate just put in your order before you miss out on the great deals and unmatched prices & service. They have the best customer service & customer relations that i have encountered on all there products and orders. Delivery is fast and reliable and staff is very helpfull and friendy,
    Tony gets 10 out of 10 from Bubbagunuish

    • Sbourgoin says:

      Best Site Ever !! We have ordered from at least 10 sites and like I said this is where it’s at. Great service and the product is 5 star. We are so happy we found you guys.

  20. Nickurbshott19 says:

    Just got green crack and it looks damn good the smell is unreal the price is unreal the nugs the Tricombs . Nice smoke over all nice taste it’s a nice hybrid very happy with it. Can’t wait to see what to get next

  21. Jason Grove says:

    First off i would like to say, im a super cronich atleast an eighth of flower a day for me. Minimum! I have tried almost every other MOM. That being said i finnally tried CW and its legit the quality of all three ozs i got were on point, all burnt nice ,tasted like they should and were spot on with the quality.. Thank you Tony and the staff at CW you have my buissiness now always..

  22. Michael says:

    This is the first and last site I have used. The customer service is top notch and the product is beyond comparison. I have no reason to go elsewhere. Thank you for everything. Much love.

  23. Btempleman says:

    Been using this site for a few months now, first MOM site I have used and I have no reason to try another. Price and product is absolutely great, service is top notch. Thx CW could not be happier

  24. d_Goulding says:

    You cant ask for any better..your needs will be met at every level….No worrie’s about if I’m going to get my order or is it any good..check out the list of flowers they have..hash..oils and more more and more…our host is a top notch fair person…exspress post is fast on there deliverie’s ..different price based will let you try most of what they had..bless.and Smile On

  25. LEO MURPHY says:

    Great ‘erbs, BetterPrices & The Best Customer Service

  26. Kenr says:

    Was super skeptical about what if anything was actually going to show up especially for the prices too good to be true….long story short placed my first order of black cherry soda, nuken and green poison could not believe how quick and how high of quality of product arrived could not be more happy will definitely be continuing to shop here just placed another order sure it wont disappoint

  27. Tyler84 says:

    I personally have only ever ordered once so far from here and it has been the best service you could ask for tony is very helpful and get back to your emails promptly , he always have good suggestions and good service has been very hard to find on this site there so many choices at such Great Prices , I have looked all over the net for at dispensary and this has been far the best and with the most choice prices have been unbeatable. I have told ever about this site to all my family and friends and would rate this as the best site in Canada awesome job cant waite to decided on what to order so man choice s

    Service 10/10

    Quality 10/10

    Speed 10/10

  28. Shapeck Popalzaie says:

    Wow is what I will start off with. Product, service, and on top of all that AMAZING prices. For anyone who is wondering if they should order on here, don’t think any longer. You won’t be disappointed! Any concerns or issues you have, Tony takes care of you quickly and treats you right. The best online dispensary hands down. Great job!

  29. Sean Carder says:

    Was very happy with White Russian. Very uplifting high.

  30. allan powers says:

    Was buying from a local and always complaining
    about the high:and getting the brush off
    now I get from CW and enjoy the buzz and the price GREAT JOB TONY.

  31. Lawrence Campbell says:

    We bought the Afgoo for our first order, we were extremely pleased with the service CW provided as well the product was dead on, the price was amazing and order and paid all from the comfort of our home.
    Thank you

  32. GlacierLove says:

    Thank you for your excellent service and products. My order arrived exactly when it was supposed to, in spite of a postal strike underway. I sniffed the package when I picked it up at the Post Office and there was no trace of scent and it was in a plain white box. I know it’s legal now but the discretion is appreciated.

  33. Sherry says:

    Amazing service. I bought some for my hubs and the address was wrong. Entirely an IDtenT mistake on my part. It was delivered elsewhere! Yup. My fault too. Tony fixed the problem and resent my order to the correct address. I am so amazed, he is incredible. I ordered again, Christmas gift for my brother this time, and got it right on schedule! WOW!!

  34. Ernie Wood says:

    I have shopped at other M.O.M’s and believe me this one is the best. No one comes close to Tony’s prices and quality. Thanks Tony keep up the good work and keep those prices low and you will always have my business.

  35. kevin Goodine says:

    was sceptical on the black hash..was it the same as the old school 80’s stuff? …ordering on line etc.But the hash was great, as far as taste just perfect ,burnded nice, price was awesome.
    great fast service , we loved the personal touch of thank you letter in our package .
    will definitely be ordering again and trying more products.
    best of luck in your venture. : )

  36. turbils says:

    This site is all you need. Great customer service to great product and fast delivery times. GREAT JOB TONY!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Spaterson says:

    Tony ! Thank you very much for the nice letter on my first ever purchase at CW. The purple candy was pretty good and the black was nice as well . I look fowered to ordering again very soon ! From Wasaga Beach ontatio ! Thanks!

  38. Greg says:

    Tony u are the fucking man thanks bro keep up the good work !!!

  39. Scott Ellis says:

    CW you are pretty Decent in my opinion. You have come to be my MOM of choice, but it wasn’t easy. I’ve had some great experiences with el hefe, pink bubba, and holy grail, but blue geese is my go-to for price and quality. Some other moms might have some higher chron, but I like CW most because of great customer service and they ship FAST. During the postal strike I somehow got my order delivered within 4 days. They must have elves on the payroll

  40. Ans says:

    Price and quality is on point what’s more to want

  41. Mike Quenneville says:

    I was very Skeptical, I placed my first order and bam! got my tracking number within a couple of hours. The Shatter is top notch especially for the price. I use this for pain and this site is literally a lifesaver for me.
    Thank you!

  42. Dany Beaulieu says:

    I’m on my third order. The service offered and the quality of the product is really on the mark. I’m extremely satisfied. A big thank you and your whole team.

    Best Greetings


  43. Jessica Clark says:

    Ordered master kush week of Nov.12th 2018 the first two orders of it were p’s and they were pretty nice no popcorn and hardly any stems. This p was still nice just not as nice as this time there’s popcorn nugs never a liking for me personally but still good ( bang for buck) order order order. Just please no more pop corn nugs

  44. Michael says:

    This is no joke when i say that CW helped change my life. I now have a reputable business and im getting my medicine for pennies on the dollar compared to buying from LPs and being out of money a week into the month with no food and cigarettes so i appreciate the financial freedom as i am on disability for PTSD. Now, the bud is fucking amazing and i was smoking karma cup winning forum cut girl scout cookie that was tested at 27.8%. Im more than satisfied im elated. Thanks Tony

  45. Tracy Magny says:

    Got my first order from cheap weed today. So impressed, the hash brought me back to high school. The CBD Dream smells, tastes and looks fantastic. The thank you letter was a nice touch. Thanks and will be ordering again real soon.

  46. indicaaaa says:

    Wonderful selection of bud, always proper(12) smelling and tasting:)
    The customer service is the quickest out of any MOM site and super friendly and efficient. Glad I committed to this site , been a good couple months!!! 7/5 rating

  47. Travis Matthew says:

    $100 og …amazing big fresh nugs!
    Nose 8/10
    Burn 7/10
    Buzz 7/10…great daytime smoke 🙂

    Keep up the great job 🙂
    Buy this up guys great value, great smoke!

  48. Gary says:

    You have won me over CW! I just got my oz. of OG Kush. Amazing price and amount. Quality is definitely top tier, I will be a return customer for sure.

  49. billaa says:

    Really no sense going anywhere, but here!!
    Thank You !!

  50. Gary gracey says:

    Great jobs guys , I must say out of all the strains I have tried Tony’s are by far the best to date . Delivery was quick and product is amazing and priced very well .

    Found my one and only site to orde from , thanks again for the amazing smoke

  51. justmedk says:

    Ok so I normally don’t do reviews, let alone order from online dispensaries. Having said that I was skeptical at first about the whole online dispensary thing…but after having discovered CW and its helpful staff, I could kick myself for not having discovered this website sooner. The prices, customer service, and value are beyond amazing ! You will not be disappointed !!!

  52. ynotniv says:

    I’ve Ordered A LOT from cheapweed and have never been let down. Tony and his team have by far the best customer service!….will always/only use cheapweed as my go to MoM.

  53. fengler says:

    This site is the real deal if you are hesitant on ordering don’t be. The prices are great but so is the packaging and shipping time. The products I have tried so far have been better then I was expecting for the price. Keep up the good work your the man Tony! You have my business

  54. magnificentmaggs says:

    delivery was super fast. discreet packaging. quality products. will definitely be placing another order!

  55. bobbyjones says:

    got black hash .great shipping.great taste,thank you will be back

  56. David Brown says:

    Best buds best service what more can ya ask for? thanks tonnee

  57. CodyOsiecki says:

    Nothing but good things to say about this company. Excellent prices, good quality bud, quick delivery and unbeatable customer service. Tony’s the fucking man.

  58. Bcreeferman says:

    Tony and the CW team are excellent to deal with very professional. You can beat the prices for such great products. I use to shop at another site,not anymore Cheapweed hasnt dissappointed me yet. 99% of my order have shown up overnight,i live in b.c.. Had a order shipped tuesday recieved it wednesday morning. Tony is very quick yo respond to your emails and answers any question no matter how stupid it seems. Customer for life!!!!

  59. kevin says:

    I was super skeptical of ordering from here. Wasn’t sure the weed was good or even close to what the pictures showed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The mango haze was exactly like the pictures, and the taste is amazing. The price is also untouchable from the government run stores. I am one happy customer.

    • FrankV says:

      I have a question how did you feel about e-transferring did you have any issues because im very skeptical about that, thank you.

    • Dboxtvinfo says:

      Great service Tony!

    • Numnuts says:

      Me to very worried, bought 3 ozs, bingo all 100 percent, bought 8 at an unbelievable price, love this place please don’t leave us

    • Noone says:

      We were super skeptical of ordering from here. Wasn’t sure the weed was good or even close to what the pictures showed. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The price is untouchable from the government run stores. 2 very happy people. Our only worry was the express post … was that horse going to make it here before the strike! With bells and whistles it made it!!!

    • Spaterson says:

      I hope the G 13 is as good as the purple candy ! I’m sure it will be . Now if we can just get this postal strike over with so I won’t have to wait 8 days again lol

    • Mike says:

      I simply couldn’t be any more pleased or impressed with everything to do with my dealings with TONY from A to Z when it comes to working with a pro like TONY! Fast shipping ? – my mailman had smoke coming off his shoes when he delivered my parcel! The order was exactly as described – or better – and the price was better than right, with fantastic quality and a very impressive person at the other end of this deal. Don’t even think about whether or not all that TONY says is for real…….IT IS….and MORE! I can’t wait to try more again, and I am sure to be a regular customer for as long as possible…..even if I am getting a little bit on the older side. Maybe my government pension will cover some of this – after all, only fair I think.
      I have waited a long, long, time to see all this come to reality, and now – here it is. So basically ….. SUPER fast delivery, SUPER great communications, SUPER fantastic product that is better than claimed, and everything at least 101% or better than said.
      I can’t say enough about EVERYTHING to do with Tony……and MORE!!!!! Too hard to write enough about how great this whole experience was. I am getting ready to order again! Thanks again and again Tony.

      • Mike says:

        I simply couldn’t be any more pleased or impressed with everything to do with my dealings with TONY from A to Z when it comes to working with a pro like TONY! Fast shipping ? – my mailman had smoke coming off his shoes when he delivered my parcel! The order was exactly as described – or better – and the price was better than right, with fantastic quality and a very impressive person at the other end of this deal. Don’t even think about whether or not all that TONY says is for real…….IT IS….and MORE! I can’t wait to try more again, and I am sure to be a regular customer for as long as possible…..even if I am getting a little bit on the older side. Maybe my government pension will cover some of this – after all, only fair I think.
        I have waited a long, long, time to see all this come to reality, and now – here it is. So basically ….. SUPER fast delivery, SUPER great communications, SUPER fantastic product that is better than claimed, and everything at least 101% or better than said.
        I can’t say enough about EVERYTHING to do with Tony……and MORE!!!!! Too hard to write enough about how great this whole experience was. I am getting ready to order again! Thanks again and again Tony.

  60. leon lechasseur says:

    yes very very very good site Ihave done my homework and have yet to buy anywhere but here..I have no need to experiment , BCTony did all the hard work!

  61. Matt Van says:

    Supremely impressed with the product and customer service. Quickly becoming a regular customer!

  62. Yanz says:

    Wow! Lot of choice, very good quality. Impecable service . Already shop twice and get very satisfied. Big thanks to Tony’s team!You’re awesome!

  63. Mo says:

    The fucking increadable I got is very nice well done

  64. Darren Esseltine says:

    Team Cheapweed is on top of their game. Flawless ordering with speedy delivery. No more fear of buying before trying.

  65. Dany says:

    Thank you do much. Thé service offer is really on the mark. You are the best.

    The black hash is excellent
    Best regards

  66. Kyle says:

    Kosher kush is fantastic Tony is a hero. Love this site what a great selection of perfectly manicured and grown fruits.
    The packaging was mindful and professional.
    Long live king Tony!

  67. michael says:

    Hello darkness my old friend… Yes the Mercedes Black Gold Seal is the real deal and thank you Tony for lightening fast,professional service. The taste,smell and high are just like from days of old! CHEERS!

  68. Brenda says:

    A very reliable service. After shopping online at many different sites I have to say this is now my #1 store. I have purchased the weed and 2 kind of hashish and I’m extremely happy with the product, price, and service! Keep doing great job @ CW

  69. Karen says:

    This whole thing seems a bit surreal. The ability to purchase very, very reasonably priced “back in the day” Black Hash and have it delivered to my mailbox in two days is, frankly, a bit overwhelming ……. in a really good way!!

    Great selection, excellent quality, accurate (if not, generous) weight, customer service that’s hard to beat.

    A wonderfully uplifting experience all around.

    We will be back!

  70. Mo says:

    First time
    Great customer service
    Low prices
    Fast shipping
    Amazing product
    Very happy return customer for sure

  71. JB says:

    Very great selection. Trustworthy and reliable!

  72. Eli says:

    hey every one who might be reading this fist off if your like me you looking at the prices thinking yeah right and its to good to be true well i looked over many reviews and i rolled the dice and this site i boght 17 oz zast and lemon kush now there were good deals and i used a coupon in the end i only payed 1204.00 bucks and i placed oder on wen and got it on friday had no problams at all geting my order at all and it wasall packed up pro safe and discreetlly packed and i came home and was shocked both strains were bomb big tight buds clean and dryed perfectly the smell was pretty good it was not like a punch and the face when you open the bag or anything but still nice smell and tast and remember i get the cheaper weed and its very nice. now this was my fist oder but im geussing that if you get the better stuff and pay alil more i feel sure youll get that super stinky but my green was also killer do not be scared the cheap weed is killer ivbought of lots of sites and this is the best one by far so its for real and its not no scam!! tony is awesome very kind and fast replays to all my emails i will never go to a other site again if you want killer weed fast and safe shipping look no where els guys cas im telling you this is as good as you will find on google hands down ! have good day and happy shopping tony will not let you down cant wait for my next order

  73. Mr. Clean says:

    I shop CW for brain breaks several times a day. I love your easy to use format. There is no one else who does cannibas like Tony. I have built trust in your word as a businessman!

  74. Jon says:

    Best site on the internet and customer service!!

  75. Dave says:

    I was sceptical at first, so I researched and read ALOT about this site before I ordered.. All I found was positive reviews. I finally decided what I wanted and ordered, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the product is good, and burns clean. The price is outstanding! My package was even a little heavy, and included a couple mini chocolate bars for Halloween to help combat the munchies

    I highly recommend the slabs of shatter and the bud I ordered is good. Better than all of the stuff I was getting from the first LP I was with. Thanks Tony, keep up the great work, and I will definitely recommend you to people I know, and will most certainly order from you again! Cheap Weed Rules!!

  76. raymond wall says:

    Used ‘ask Tony’ for the first time and must say was quite happy with his recommendation. Also I MUST remark again on how efficiently my orders are processed and next day delivery is amazingly consistent. . Truly a service to be proud of guys. Thank you so very much.

  77. Brandon says:

    Purple budda was a nice full of flaver bud

  78. Tim says:

    Cw is the only place to order from best price to quality ratio amazing customer service

  79. itsgrimreefer says:

    It is no exaggeration that this website has changed my life for the better. Amazing products , always appropriately priced or extremely cheaper than they should be. Never a single issue!

  80. Rob says:

    Ordered my first QP and was delivered within 2 days. Discreet package and nicely packed. Very impressed with the level of service from Tony and his crew. Do not go anywhere else as this is the one and only place you need to go. Tony, your Lemon Kush is amazing, keep up your great work and service to your loyal customers as you made me one for life.

  81. George says:

    Received my package today and was surprised to see a couple of treats in with it.have liked all the strains I have purchased so far,good service and great products.thanks for the treats will let u know what I think of them

  82. CodyRRR says:


  83. Ran says:

    I have to say I was very nervous about placing my first order,not knowing what to expect ,four days it’s here and o yaaa ,all is very well ,actually excellent!!! Cheapest prices for the best quality and quantity….. amazing service, awesome ,ime sold I’ll b back …. thanks to all involved.

  84. Scott says:

    All I can say is……. Amazing people and products! From this day forward I will be ordering from here!! Thank you Tony and the team at CW!

  85. Tobin says:

    Fast,and quality thx for the extra candy

  86. Jamie says:

    I am completely impressed with my first package 🙂 came super quick , packaged superb, pictures don’t do the product justice! I’m in love !! Loved my little extra too and my candy treats <3 your my #1 I’ll never shop anywhere else again! Thank you!!!!

  87. Sean says:

    Just got my order today, 3 oz. Ghost Train Haze. Very impressed! Beautiful buds caked in crystal. I cant believe how good this s*** actually is for the price. I will never order from anywhere but here from now on. Also, Tony is the man

  88. chefmaxx says:

    You guys are amazing. Always ready to bend forward and back for your customers. We need more people like you. Thank you so much!

    • Kim says:

      Love this place,fast efficient received first order today,well packaged, and fresh, making second order today and the Moroccan hash qp style is on the list,,, along with….so undecided .. Alot of choices,, so many more orders to come,, big thanks to Tony and his amazing crew,,, back to my package, cheers,,,,

    • Donald says:

      TRUE AT 1000000% !

  89. tegrob says:

    It took almost 40 years of consuming this wonderful herb to finally find a supplier I am 100% comfortable with.
    CW is an outstanding site! Honestly, an answer to my dreams and prayers. I can now manage my hip pain far more effectively with the large strain selection that is available. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the high quality of product I have received at a very good price. Four decades of research and I know good herb when I see it.
    The selection and most importantly the stock rotation and high volume ensure you are getting fresh product. It makes a huge difference. The Blue Cookies, Maui Wowie, Island Sweet Skunk and several other strains have been top shelf, especially considering the price. Tony is an absolutely upstanding person who is providing this service to a very grateful customer base. Keep up the good work Tony! We are all very grateful for your service and work!
    I truly hope you are around for a long time. Live Long and Prosper!

  90. shandai dale says:

    One of the best places i enjoy the fast shipping and email reaponse when needing help

  91. Jeffrey says:

    Excellent service, Fast shipping, Discreet packaging, Quality Product.
    Tony is the hero legalization deserves.

  92. Nick says:

    Ordered Mercedes hash and OG flower great price fast delivery. Impressive.

  93. Harry says:

    Best online store I have come by no question best prices, best quality. fast delivery discreet packaging

  94. Joan says:

    Tony is super cool too deal with,the best service by far. i picked this Blue dream.Huge chunky nugs,smell great,very nicely trimmed,no shake.Look no further than CW

  95. Cheryl says:

    My first time ordering from CW Totally impressed!! Shipping super fast – this product is beautiful. I really appreciated the Halloween treats that came in the order…super sweet and a nice personal touch. I’m a customer for life

  96. Stephane says:

    Wow . Good hash ( mercedes black hash ) good price , very fast delivery got it in 2 days Montreal quebec . Ordered on thursday got it on monday
    Will order again for sure

  97. Douglas says:

    Puffing daily for almost 50 years… since 1971. Shared Lamb’s Breath with Bongo Silly & The Wailers @ Lion’s Den in Ochy Ja. for a week in 1980. Walked my friend’s fields in the mountains. Ate a handful in a Pineapple Upside Down Cake in mid 80’s. 3 days in bed and very mellow for over 2 weeks. NOT recommended for new users!!! Grew my own hydro for over 20 years. At my age I only vape now. Only puff to mellow out after 4pm surviving another hard day. Was waiting for Oct 17th to happen since first Trudeau promised and then reneged in 1973. And now the mailman brings it to my house. What a country! First test buy was AA shake for my Volcano. Very happy with 1/4 for very little $$$. Looking to enjoy something substantial for my 64th coming in a few weeks. Thanks Tony for the real experience…. I pass on the URL to many others looking for legit site.

  98. Myles says:

    Picked up a half pound 8 different strains all had nice smell and bag appeal , tony is the man just grabbed another qp thanks again..

  99. Kootman says:

    Fast delivery. Well packaged. Overweight (Nice!) Prompt response to emails. All around good experience. Enjoying the og kush. Kudos, thanks.


  100. Zealyeye says:

    Love this site.. first time ordering Tony let me split a 400$ qp into 2 ounces each of a sativa and indica that were the same price. I placed order on a Friday and package arrived Monday from BC to New Brunswick.. thanks again Tony for all your help! Love this site and the quality products & prices that come with it !

  101. Nervvern says:

    This site is the real deal, top shelf product, second to none! There is no other online shop with these prices period!
    Fast delivery with professional packaging and service.
    Thanks Cheapweed and Tony for a awesome experience

  102. Ontario says:

    Oder from here! You will not regret it. Customer service is like no other! These people actually communicate with you and answer any question you ask. Shipping was very quick & the buds are huge-n-sticky!!
    Will definitely encourage my friends to buy from
    CW 🙂

  103. Bcreeferman says:

    Tony and the CW team are very helpful with any questions. This was my first order and im soooo impressed. Order processed on monday and shipped and now is out for delivery on tuesday,overnight they got me my parcel. So i ordered again and its the same tuesday order is processing and shipping today. Great deals on products if your buying in bulk qp or more and compareable and cheaper prices then some MoMs on oz. If i go by canada post drop off times the delivery from time dropped off to my door would have only been 20hrs total. Very happy customer!

  104. Don says:

    CHEAPWEED is THE place fer your herb!
    I do however think they should change thier name….to

    Place for

    …read down silly
    Experts at weed grading vs pricing
    Experts at customer service ( not that you’ll need any other than for your own errors)
    Experts at discreet shipping and more importantly labelling with Can Post

    Keep up the goo work CW

  105. riley says:

    extremely satisfied with my order, first time purchase so i was nervous at first but big come through in the end

  106. oretlkv88d0g says:

    Love this site, the concept, and the person/people behind it all. Great customer service, fast and courteous replies to queries, awesome quality flowers, fast shipping, and great deals; what more could you want?!

    This is only the second MOM I’ve ever tried. I thought I would try several different MOMs, see what everyone is doing and offering, but every time I compare CW to others, CW wins.

    Hey Tony, can you get your hands on organic strains?

    5/5 for CW! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  107. Danielle says:

    Always great service, put my mind to ease about any potential problems.

    Great selection, love the discount system and points system.

    I tried one of Tony’s grows and they’re the best!
    It’s what I look for first now.

    With legalization around the corner, I don’t have any plans to switch.

  108. Budlova says:

    Bought the blue moonrocks strain I been a heavy smoker and growing up in bc canada you see great bud but my God honestly solid 10/10 got my bud in 1 day amazing price on qp and cant say enough about the quality blown away

  109. Jesse W says:

    Service is top notch. Amazing quality for the price. I will definitely be ordering again!

  110. Ricky71 says:

    Just blown away! I’ve tried a few things now, simply great product. Service is just what you should expect, awesome! Each strain, concentrate or shatter is beautiful… ty CW.

  111. Mr. Clean says:

    Thanks for getting me the redwood kush. Good smoke for the price.

  112. Stratocaster says:

    Really happy with my last order top notch quality, bag appeal @ potency. That white Kush knocks,me on my arse LOL

  113. Kristopher says:

    I was very impressed.
    The product, price, and service, all combine for a top quality experience.
    5 stars! lol

  114. Amanda T says:

    Ordered 3 times already and many more to come. I like to decribe cheapweed as the Costco of MoMs. Can’t beat the quality for the prices and customer service.

  115. Steveottawa says:

    Top notch service from a top notch company.

  116. Pierre-carl perreault says:

    I receive my shatter and god damn it taste good, 10/10 would buy again and the hash is really good. Smoot and power full smell.

    Thanks CW for good product

  117. Jenny bear says:

    Just got my order of the black hash and its totally worth it thanks again tony

  118. Patmakey says:

    Hey wondering how long it normally takes an order to get to red deer from this group? First time going on 4 business days here Lol!!

  119. Jenny bear says:

    Impressed with my first delivery, i got the pineapple express shatter and enjoyed every bit of it. thank you tony ! You will be seeing me on here more often

  120. Robynsullivan says:

    I ordered og kush got it super fast great packaging and clean nice tasting smoke. Would highly recommend.

  121. Midnight98 says:

    I am beyond happy with my purchase. Out of all of the sites I ordered from, you guys are the only ones that gave me amazing weed for an even better price. Your packaging is so discreet, the nugs weren’t dry at all ( which was my main problem when ordering from BC, and even better you guys offer Boveda packs to keep my cannabis always fresh. Again I couldn’t be more please with this service and look forward to ordering more from you guys in the future!!

  122. Mike says:

    First order went smooth as silk. Got 4 incredible strains for a lower price than anything I’ve ever purchased in bulk before. I love the mix and match savings… making your own qp is so much better than being stuck with 1 kind unless it’s your favourite dank of course… thanks Tony for the 2 amazing strains that you personally grew. Quality is bar none for cheap weed.

  123. Lippertpainting says:

    Yoda OG 8/10 Was worth the bulk discount.
    I like the mix and match discounts to get variety.
    Mercedes has was a less then desirable repress with bad smell.
    Support was great with answering questions It’s nice to communicate with real people.
    All in all pretty good site

  124. Terry says:

    Great strains for great prices still hoping for some new killer strains but from what i got so far CW is where to be.

  125. Ryan M. says:

    I’ve ordered 50+ strains off this site so far.
    I’ve been very happy with over half of them. Most are very good for the price range (when buying in bulk). Some are ridiculously over priced. But I find myself returning here mostly weekly because my customers like variety. What you will find on this site is CHEAP WEED.. it says it all, you want cost efficiency? Come here.. out of the 50 strains I’ve had, I’d say ive only seen one quad A strain… the death bubba. Probably ranged between 20-22% thx.

  126. Gino Hairston says:

    Got some good fucking weed name fucking incredible and it was but I got some brown wet stuff not sure yet what it is lol not working in shatter rigs for sure ..

  127. TrentTaylor says:

    I’m back !!!

    My regular guy who I’ve been seeing for the last 15 years is not going to be happy. Tony has converted me. Great variety, excellent communication, fast shipping & honest pricing – who could want more. Love having delivery right to my door … convenient to say the least and the package that arrived presented no idea as to what the contents were. Product was well packaged and labeled and was as described – gave me confidence to order again. For what it’s worth Tony, you’ve gained a new friend 🙂

  128. Patricia says:

    Great hash great price and ready to order again

    Thanks cw

  129. Ordered my stuff on Friday. Here on Monday. Processed fast sent right away. Packaging very secure. Nice Personal Touch. Cares.
    Product is Excellent.
    Thank you So Much..

  130. Keith says:

    I also was sceptical about ordering the first time. I asked Tony for his advice for what I should get and he gave me a couple choices. Boy was he right. Best thing I ever did. Something was up with the mail and my order was not going to be on time. Tony called me and told me right away it was going to be late one day. That’s customer satisfaction right there. I’m amazed how he went the extra mile. Thank you Toni for your service and you will see me more often

  131. Keegan D says:

    Only thing that needs to be worked on is the site… everytime I add orders to my cart an go back it brings me back to the home page not what flower or page i was looking at. Other than that its awesome. 🙂 thanks T

  132. Tellybee says:

    Tony and the entire CW team is the best MoM out there! I have tried the rest but CheapWeed is the best! Top quality products, excellent communication and the fastest shipping time possible. (I order friday morning and arrives Monday morning) Don’t hesitate any longer, time to stock up your mason jars and grab a couple boveda packs to prepare for a long winter ahead. 5 solid gold stars Thank you CW

  133. Hazer says:

    I am a real customer but was sceptical until I received my order. I ordered on a Sunday and had a tracking number on the same day. I had my order 4 days later to a small rural town in Saskatchewan.The John Ford Pink and Zeb 2. Killer weed, no smell to the package until I opened which took over my whole apartment. Found out in a hurry not to do a wake and bake with the JF pink when you have to work , 3 hours later I was still feeling it. The Zeb is a bit milder and the price reflects this but still amazing. Tony is one killler dude and guaranteed to please you. This is my only spot to order now Hazer

  134. bobo2702 says:

    I just received my first order and everything is well sealed with clear tags of every strains… Very professional!
    Customer service has been exceptional for me!
    About The products Quality? … Its perfect.
    Im glad someone tought about this discount option and happy that I found cheapweed.ca
    Thanks again and looking forward doing buisness with you guys in a near future.

  135. Dillon says:

    Love all my stuff I get from tony and his team

  136. Ironwill says:

    Recently received some cheap weed sativa. Loves the look, the smell and especially the taste. For a budget bud absolutely phenomenal. Customer service is amazing. Always shopping around, but never find a better company to deal with. Cheers guys!

  137. caskaskss says:

    to be honest I was very hesitant and a little scared to first order! with all the scams out there these days. But I was relieved and VERY excited when I received my package exactly when it said I would. We are EXTREMELY happy with everything . Site was very easy to use and understand. Product and prices are GREAT.
    We will DEFINATELY be ordering again !!

  138. Tyescott902 says:

    Excited to recive first order! Best customer service I have every experienced!!

  139. Michael says:

    Very happy with.product and service thanks hope your day is happy like mine

  140. colton says:

    this sight is amazing even if have any problem tony will help out nomatter what guy is awesome and sight is great thank you very much tony.

  141. Rich72 says:

    This is the best site online, just got my shatter awesome like the rest of the stuff I got great prices and fast delivery,BEST SITE EVER!

  142. Rich72 says:

    Got my black hash took me back to my teen years when I first started, awesome got me feeling young again yaaaa

  143. Jimmyd says:

    best mom website ordered the hash recieved today couldnt wait to open it up its a 10 foresure also asked for a couple of samples recieved 5 all together tonys great you wont find better deals like this 5 stars all around you cant beat it

  144. Ricky71 says:

    Got the black today… good shit man! ty

    • ConsciousS says:


      One of the best features of Tony’s online store is variety. This is the store you go to when you want choices in strains!

      With the option of discounts available it is also the cheapest $/g you will find. I average 4.60 -6.00/g every time. This incluceds when I get strains in the higher end range. The reward system also allows you to build up points to further your savings.

      I have been shopping at CW now for 5 month and I have never been disappointed in the quality. If you take your time, shop around, and read the reviews its really easy to pick out great strains. You can email Tony for guidence and his response time is excellent. Which is really apreciated as a customer.

      Shipping is rapid aswell. I get my order in 3 buisness days and eveything I recieved is always packaged great. My buds come in tact with very little to no shake.

      Cheapweed is my favourtie online cannabis store. It cannot be beat! I consider myself a regular.

  145. neohippy says:

    I highly recommend CW. It has the best customer service and regular communication with updates on the website. Quality bud, amazing prices, fast and free delivery. Ya mon!

  146. Sandra says:

    So impressed with Tony and his products! Any questions, Tony will e-mail you right back!! Killer buzz, smells wonderful, awesome products! Amazing prices and incentives to buy MORE!! Thank You, Tony and CW!!

  147. Kristian E. says:

    Glad I found this site , very reliable and the product quality is amazing, never any shake in the bags just straight nugs at a steal of a price, keep up the good work CW staff 😉

  148. Bigdawg4545 says:

    Best mom out here, best quality and service available.

  149. Mike J. says:

    I found this place almost 2 months ago I’ve ordered prob 30 diff kinds in that time and have never been disapointed ..srry once there was mix up but was corrected right away..awsome customer service..don’t be nervous to use site like I was at first…u will be so glad u did..

  150. superhigh says:

    Tony is the man with his products and customer service, this is my 1st time grabbing online and I was very skeptical on what to think and what not. I E-mailed Tony and with in a hour or 2 he messaged me back with an amazing response and was very polite. I got my order with in 3 days I live in Ontario and I must say when I opened up the discreet package I was really happy to see it actually come through the mail and Tony lived up to his name and his customers responses where right on, and the OG Kush I bought had huge nugs, smelled good, and a 1 paper got me high, it is really strong, and Tonys Blue Dream is nice smelling, good smoking and nice size nugs. Sorry for the long response but thanks again Tony will be buying more in a few weeks. Keep it up man!! 🙂

  151. cfalduti says:

    Got our first order yesterday. Comatose lives up to its name. Tight rock hard large to medium size buds perfectly manicured. No shake in bag. Nose appeal. It’s a 9/10. Bag appeal 9/10. Strong smoke. Great high. Will buy again.

  152. Rich72 says:

    First time order “Afghan Kush” great product fast delivery ordering up some Hash 2 thumbs up

  153. Seed2 says:

    Received my Mercedes gold stamp black hash and no regrets! Smells tastes just like the old days Kabul gold seal I used to get . Pleased with prompt service and product price and quality. Nothing like a nice mellow hash buzz to completely relax and help take away the pain.

  154. Luke says:

    Very good price and legit product. Excellent delivery no issue with smell. Good discounts for frequent buyers. What more could you ask for?!?!???!?!??!?

  155. moses says:

    i tryed the keif really sticky great for bowl toppers fast shipping 2days

  156. Jennifer says:

    First time I ordered. Received the “White Rhino”. Easy smoke. Nice taste. High lasts moderately. Looking forward to trying another… gotta get this smoked first. Thanks Tony!

  157. Dylan says:

    loving this place would love to see a little edibles by bulk that be amazing

  158. John says:

    This site is awsome I am a medical user and all the info that they have and details about there product is top notch 10/10. I’ve had very bad experience with auroa, tweed and few others lp that do not care about the customer or patient. Tony has sent top quality flower each and every time and if there is any problem he will make it rite now questions asked. Solid site glad to see they are helping people #fuckcancer
    Keep on doing what ur doing #cheapweed

  159. Rebecca H. says:

    Love this place. Would like to see more sample packs of flower and/or shatter though.

    Also HATE when people do a strain review BEFORE they’ve tried it. No one cares that you’re excited to get your new strain….just wait a few days and give us a REAL review.
    I’d like to see CW deny those reviews when submitted…..they’re kind of useless time wasters.

    But the service and strains here are top notch

  160. Brandon B. says:

    Fucking incredible was fucking incredible

  161. Brandon B. says:

    Purple cream gave a nice buzz and full off colour

  162. Brandon B. says:

    Cotton candy kush was smoth amazing bud with curb appeal

  163. Brandon B. says:

    All bud has been amazing

  164. joeash14 says:

    i think this is soon gonna be the all time online place (if its not already lol) to come. GREAT DEALS, GREAT DISCOUNTS, EVEN BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE—kudos to TONY-. i shopped at many different sites but this place seems to be the best for deals with quality a smoker is looking for. 9/10 for me. as sample packs being in stock regularly would be awesome. no min.free shipping.. FAST SHIPPING AT THAT !!!

  165. raymond w. says:

    Received my first order the day after registering. Amazing turn around time and my visual shows a quality product. Thank you so much for this service. Now for a test 🙂

  166. Just got my order in the mail today of Grapefruit haze. Awesome quality and fast shipping, 2 days from BC to southern Ontario. No freebies like ive heard other people getting, but got a good discount!

  167. Ladouche says:

    Like… who else gives you awesome ass discounts like this to buy their product… no brainer!!

  168. Ladouche says:

    Probably the best online ordering site you can find!! Haven’t had to deal with customer support yet… as everything has been amazing. But I’m sure they’re as good as their product!!

  169. mlarson says:

    I’ve tried several m.o.m. sites and the product and price with these guys is the best I’ve found period, shipping times are incredibly fast, packaging is top notch and meticulous, I hear their customer service is the best in the business but haven’t had to deal with them yet as everything is handled so quickly and the product is everything you expect it to be, if youre skeptical like i was try a small order you’ll be god damn impressed when its at your door a few days later and you’ve recieved top quality product

  170. mike h. says:

    this by far is the best sight to order off even received my order on labour day very impressed thanks

  171. Ra says:

    I’m so happy I came across this site. I’ve back injuries from top to bottom and so ordering online makes my life alot easier. I love the fact you know exactly what you are getting AND its organic for healing purposes. The first time I ordered, I was so nervous thinking how can this be so easy ..too good to be true type of thoughts, so I emailed the gentleman and he responded within 5min to reassure me. Prices are decent enough for people on cpp disability to afford. Most online sites charge over $200, and when you’re not a pill popper and prefer natural healing and cant afford alternative medicines, it can get really frustrating and wears you out mentally on top of your physical ailments. I absolutely love this site!! Thanks so much.

  172. feelinggroovy2 says:

    Could not ask for a better supplier. The best of quality smoke, the best service, simply an amazing business! I have ordered from plenty of dispensaries now, and this is now my go to for all my orders. There is not one supplier out there, that is going to give you a better bang for your buck as Tony at Cheap weed. I have been a user for 42 years, and I know quality from crap. I had top notch quality with both my qp orders now and will be back for more. Thanks Cheap weed for being so dedicated to providing us with top notch quality, at very affordable prices so everyone, can get their meds.

  173. Antoine says:

    I ordered 4 times from CW and got excellent products and service 10/10 Tony is really helpful. I was disappointed in one item and told Tony about it. To my surprise, he replied within 5 minutes to my mail (like the usual for him) giving me a voucher with the value of my purchase! Excellent way of keeping your customers. CW is the place to go for bulk excellent weed. Hash for 100$ is ridiculously cheap and is very nice to add to bowls and joints. Their khief is delicious on top of weed, in joints or as an infusion in coconut oil to make hot coco or anything really (quite potent to my surprise with this method). Fucking Incredible (the strain) with a QP for 375$ (<100$/oz) is an excellent price for such high quality weed. Humidity perfect, taste delicious, smells wonderful, coated with trichomes and hairs. I will definitely keep coming back! I give an overall 9.5/10 to this store, as it doesn't offer Mix and Match options or a Taster's Pack option.

  174. Richard says:

    I’ve been dealing with CW since early this year. I’ve had 5 successful purchases all of them at their wholesale prices. There has not been a time where I regretted my purchase. Here is my breakdown review; Customer Service = 10/10. CW is changing the face of Cannabis by providing superior product with a smile, and with excellent customer service. Quality = 9.5/10. I have ordered 5 different strains all in different price points. I use CW’s pricing system to gauge the quality, Tony has done an excellent job of referring me to brands that suit my needs. If there is a strain on this website, guaranteed they have one of the best types of that strain. There were strains I was sworn off of because of bad experiences or grow techniques, CW has reconverted me to strains I didn’t think I liked. Price = 10/10. The pricing system on here is exactly as it should be, trust it. I personally find the ones labelled 160 and up an Oz are the best to buy wholesale, and are guaranteed to make you love your purchase, I have limited experience with brands that are less than that price point. I’m still here, and still buying regularly. Take them up on their offer to give you strain advice, and let them know what your priorities are to find the strain that matches your needs! You will be happy here, guaranteed 10/10.

  175. Ed W. says:

    What I ordered was White Widow, you guys are the pros so I guess you know

  176. Ozi85 says:

    Was my first time using and was quite impressed. Easy to use , well worth the money your spending at a great rate. Would most definitely use again. Thanks CW !

  177. Rory says:

    Hands down best site out there, cheapest prices for amazing quality. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my nug

  178. Rebecca says:

    Tony’s crew are the best. Great quality…great service…..great prices….and consistent. I have placed multiple orders with CW now and they have never let me down. Definately my go-to guys. I highly recommend trying any of the “Tony” strains. I’ve had Tony’s purple kush….Tony’s Bubba and Tony’s Blue dream. All were top notch! Keep up the great service CW. I love you guys!!

  179. Jmackay says:

    I just received my first order yesterday and gotta say I was skeptical about the price scheming. By far the best quality I have tried for the price. I bought 3 ozs to get the 35% discount and got 1oz of blueberry god 1oz tahoe og kush and 1 oz sampsons purple all for eally decent price. All three starins are very nice and potent as well as tasty. I am super happy with the service I recieved and the reccomendations from Tony! Will be back again!

  180. Stephen says:

    Bought an ounce of the Mercedez Afghani Hash,brought me back to my Teens,Great price on a Good product. To bad it is no longer available. First timer,But guarantee will not be my last,Great service!

  181. Demigod1553 says:

    Cheapweed is by far the best site out there for nug. My first purchase of an oz was actually a little over, and it smoked absolutely amazing. Tony goes above and beyond to satisfy every customer! You can’t go wrong with this guy!

  182. Stratocaster says:

    Just received my first order. Totally impressed with the product quality
    and price. The generic India at $325 per QP is over the top fantastic I will defiantly order again.

  183. toadster1974 says:

    I wished I tried CW sooner.
    Amazing product and the fastest shipping times ever!
    No need to shop anywhere else with such a great selection
    Im one very happy customer, thank you!

  184. GodisGreen says:

    Best website ever 10/10 In All Regards

  185. jim604 says:

    I’m a chronic pain patient, MMJ is what is key to quality of life improvement we have discovered over years of treatment. I have recently discovered this service from reading feedback on reddit from happy customers.

    Living in Vancouver I have a lot of options and have tried many dispensaries, I figured I would give CW a try after reading a lot a good feedback here about the service.

    I selected a QP of Jet fuel OG after looking at photos and reviewing what others who purchased had to say. Was not disappointed. Good quality flower came very nicely packaged to keep the stink inside. The strain itself is working well for all my day time and some nighttime pain relief. There was a nice mix of flower size in my bag, would recommend to others with chronic pain/ fatigue and or fibromyalgia. The product is all nicely trimmed and has nice clean ash when smoked. I vaporize this and it has a great og / diesel taste to it, earthy but smooth. Great sativa effects that allow one to focus, and energize the body to get active and solve problems. There are some mild to med indica effects, the more you take, the more noticeable, but more of a day time medicine without any anxiety, improves mood and crushes body pain.

    The service itself was fast and friendly, I had a good interaction with Tony after to say thanks. When I placed my order, within a day on the weekend, they had the order ready to go for pickup Monday AM for delivery. From there I had a tracking number to watch it’s fairly local delivery progress. The packaging is well done, nice and clean and professionally done.

    I wish I had given this a try sooner!

  186. Dustin says:

    Hello from Newfoundland Canada, I have to say this is the best MoM site in Canada! Competitive pricing, excellent customer service, Tony is very kind, fast and extremely helpful 🙂 he will answer any questions and really cares about his customers and his quality of service! Shipping is fast and Free, and also very discrete. Packaging is also great, I ordered a oz of AK-47 (Which is awesome) and it came in a box in a vacum sealed bag , inside a bubble envelope , I would DEFINETLY reccommend this site to anyone.

    Customer service 5/5
    Shipping 5/5
    Packaging 5/5
    Tony 5/5
    Bud 4/5 – I would give 5/5 but there is better bud out there, but this is definetly the best quality bud without paying 300 an oz

  187. patsfan89 says:

    The best mail order marijuana site in Canada. Period.

  188. donnied says:

    high from Northern Ontario– 😛
    amazing price—awesome product (durban poison), ordered sunday got here thursday–like wowza—looks like im gonna be spend a wad on this site
    and add to that a personalized letter thanking me(?) for ordering–OH NO THANK YOU CW TEAM….10 stars outa 5–lol

  189. GoatScrote says:

    Hello from Alberta! Hey guys, I’m new here & this is my first ever MOM. I’ve been ordering stuff online for years but never MOM as I was too sketched out about the concept – however I have been hearing/seeing a lot more of it lately & decided to look into it. After going through a ton of websites, I chose this one & HOLY CRAP AM I HAPPY! Tony has really created something special here, I must say I couldn’t be happier. Ordered my first QP of CW Sativa on Monday & it was here by 8:30 am Thursday! I went to the post office all giddy like a little school girl, received my package & drove home cackling all the way. When I opened my box I was totally satisfied with my purchase, all worries gone. The product superseded my expectations by far & I have found my permanent MOM. Thank you so much Tony for such a great product at such a fantastic price! Delivery time was crazy fast…I just can’t say thanks enough. Keep up the good work!

  190. bongcrippler420 says:

    This place is awesome the shipping somehow shows up the day before expected delivery almost every time i have ordered, The product you receive is advertised exactly the same as photos and reviews its nice to know what you are getting amazing service, amazing prices, this place is amazing.

  191. Corsican says:

    Not only was the hash nice from a texture perspective but the nose is fresh with floral undertones and a sweet taste. The high is strong but nice and clear. Thanks Tony for a great product at a great price but also the human aspect brought into the interaction with your clients is appreciated. Thx

  192. Robert says:

    Very Fast shipping very good product.

  193. Terri says:

    Best service I have EVER gotten from anywhere. Quick and eager to please, these guys are by far the best wig service, price, and quality. I’ve dealt with some shady people before I came here and this had been a really nice place to hang out. Thanks for being so customer orientated and being quick and thanks for being so kind as well. 🙂

  194. Mike says:

    Forgot to add I’m in Ontario 3 buisness days was here

  195. Mike says:

    Ya for all the new people looking for a trusted place with good customer service and very good quality and variety this is the place …Bruce banner n tom Ford pink my favs so far n I’ve tried about 15 of them lol …tonys bubba very nice for the price to.

  196. frank12345 says:

    great site, excellent prices . 100 dollar oz hash , mid grade hash at that price is amazing .kings hush was also a great value also ,will buy from here all the time now . well done cheapweed

  197. Patrick says:

    nice job cw you work great nice weed

  198. Ghost91939 says:

    Ok. My fruit has arrived and it is delicious. Packaged nicely and so fresh. I had my doubts and they are no a distant memory. Shook ones don’t be scared, order here there is no better compared.

  199. Ghost91939 says:

    So I order some and as of right now it isn’t on time as per tracking order. I am more worried about it arriving at all or will i have the po at my door lol. Hoping this turns out to be fruitful.

  200. bobbynugs says:

    Haven’t tried the product yet but I am extremely impressed with the packaging my order received. This appears to be a very professional outfit. Thanks!

  201. Clarisa says:

    I have been using CW for a few months now and have not once been disappointed. Great product along with amazing service. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

  202. alex says:


  203. Brobeats says:

    i have placed a few orders now i the first not being the best but meh i wasnt expecting much for the price btu man my next order was nice even a bonus q of dif stuff maybe to make the weight but man it was even better than what i ordered so sweet there then the ace of spades i wasnt sure till i get er but man o man happy as a clam here with that now im gonna try a few pricy oz’s but get 3 and they aint pricy no more lol and i bet im about to be amazed i tell ya

  204. Norris says:

    Very Happy w/ purchase!! Bruce Banner great high, decarbed even better!!
    Trusted merchant

  205. L says:

    Alot of competition out there, but seems like Tony is blowing people outta the water this this mix and match deal. I’ve found a sweet spot with these orders and Tony and his team is in minutes if you have a problem. Great team great service we applaud all that you and your team do Tony. All love from over here

  206. olivier says:

    Good products..good prices..good people..toute du bon.. will buy again…and again..

  207. Patricia says:

    Absolutely amazed with the quality for the price ….my only regret is not having found this site sooner

  208. Jason says:

    The best customer service around .. and you can’t go wrong with the variety. Just amazing

  209. Travis VV says:

    In the world of MOMS there is not much better than cheapweed for its insane customer service and quality of products. Never once have i been disappointed in my orders, or had anything wrong with the orders. I havent looked at many moms lately because there is no point to anymore after finding cheapweed.

  210. Bonnie says:

    Hello I’m a very new customer and over all I have to say I’m very impressed with this site . I used a different site for a while b4 landing here and i can do more for less . Bake smoke and make few dabs here and there for less then it cost me to just smoke. im sticking around and staying here with #1 site.. so far I’m giving 7/10

  211. Jason says:

    Customer service id rate it 9.5/10
    My first order threw these guys I ordered the Super Kush an it was not as advertised, i brought it up with the CW Team and they gladly reimbursed me some store credit to put towards my next order, my overall rating of CW is about an 7.5 hopefully they can try to advertise the buds a little better showing what it will actually look like priceing is pretty good tho

  212. Erik S says:

    I’ve had 3 or 4 orders go off without a hitch now. Can’t beat the quality and the pricing. Each order has lived up to my expectations. I will continue to order from CW.

  213. Blair says:

    Hats off to you guys!! First and only MOM site I will use. Been using these guys for a couple of months now and could not be happier. Even the budget weed is better than what I’ve been paying a higher dollar for. Mercedez black hash brings back so many memories of the late 80’s. Lol. Anyway nothing but good to say about these guys all around, Cheers CW!!

  214. Johnny says:

    Exceptional service! Thank you!

  215. Saul says:

    I have tried many many online dispensary sites for my medicinal needs, and i can confidently say that Cheapweed Tony and the Team are delivering top notch quality product and service at a steal of a deal! don’t waste your time on the other guys that have similar claims trust me when i say this is the only online site you’ll require for all your needs. Tony I salute you Sir!!

  216. Tyler H says:

    At first i was really unsure how to go about my ordering. I believe ive found the best site for MOM there is. Never suprises other than opening each bag of joy. Im in Nova Scotia and i havent had items shipped this quick from juat down the road. CW goes out of its way to help and that is just what we look for in a fellow canadian. Recommended for EVERY MOM Buyer!!

  217. Jay says:

    The best around! Top notch smoke no matter what you pick and the best customer service I’ve ever had!

  218. Kyle says:

    My new go to for bulk orders. Love The rewards they offer here, also orders are processed quickly and arrive within days. Quality has been on point so far Can’t go wrong with these guys.

  219. Brady says:

    Ordered oz of Mercedes black hash! Wow is what I have to say it’s smelled amazing wasn’t to dry. Very strong indica left me feeling in the couch lol nice white ash

  220. James says:

    Put my order in Friday it came yesturday and I’m in Ontario CW is the best their service and product quality is the best I have ever had the pleasure dealing with and I will never go anywhere else for product thanks CW your the best.

  221. alex says:


  222. Ashley says:

    Absolutely love this site and have been using it for over a month and have been very satisfied with the product and delivery service. Won’t be going anywhere else that’s for sure :).

  223. Spencer says:

    incredible selection, unbeatable prices, tremendous customer service. this site is my all time favourite MOM site and ive used several in the past. only down side is no edibles but the focus of flowers and concentrates is highly appreciated!

  224. James says:

    best MOM site ever.! mix at match options with discounts make this the only place i will ever need

  225. Dave says:

    Great place with your first order, they’ll send you the nicest buds first time around. Come back for seconds and they hook you up with pocorn and shake. I don’t feel so good receiving my second order and being unhappy after I told everyone I know that they need to be buying from CW. Now I’m not so sure! 🙁

    • Ryan says:

      Just curious if they addressed your issue? I just placed my second order with them but have zero indication to think anything other than how great it was the first time. Hopefully your problem was just a one off.

  226. Niko says:

    OK so what can I say about the CW besides that you can’t find any better price anywhere I recommend this site to all of my friends and even people I barely know people I see on the street even I’m just so amazed in the quality of buds for the Price no dealer in your hometown can match anything on this site big shout out to CW akaTony aka big bud aka king # God # don of all god’s

  227. Thomas says:

    The Bubba Kush is amazing . And for the price you can’t go wrong. You may think cheaper meens crap. Not at all with this stuff. Definitely give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

  228. Todd says:

    If you’re looking to buy Cannabis Online, look no further. Cheapweed.ca is safe, has the best deals and some awesome strains too! I even got a free Ounce of Kief on my first order. Will be ordering again for sure. I would recommend some stronger strains be added as well.

  229. Jonathan says:

    by far the best MOM i’ve found…best prices, best service, best quality…. don’t hesitate….you wont regret!!!

  230. Jon G says:

    First Time order order of the Darth Vader OG .it was cheap got here fast and some of the best chronic I’ve had in a while thanks CW

  231. Bonnie D says:

    First time I ordered from here. This is the best place out there so far. Price was great. Service was great. Product was great and delivery was fast.

  232. Matt Bl says:

    CheapWeed is the best! The best customer service . Always great product and delivery time! So many choices too! I’ve definiteyl purchased over 30 strains myself lol. Can’t wait for what’s to come next always

  233. Christopher B says:

    Can not say anything but positive stuff about these guys!!! They go out of there way to make sure you are 100% takin care of and satisfied!! Ordered on a Friday of the long weekend and I. Less the 24 hours my package was in my hands !! Thank you for the outstanding service!! Can’t wait to place my next order !

  234. Keith W says:

    Best company I have dealt with this year. Cheap Prices and excellent customer service. Tony gave me a call and told me my package would be late by a day. Gave me some extra nugs for compensation. Went beyond my expectations with his service. Dense buds nicely shape and the dank smell. Definitely will be buying again.

  235. David says:

    Must say this is going to be one of the best companies for customer service and reply time and quality of product, delivery service that you could ever ask for from company that is small and fast growing great thanks to all the people there look forward to Future business

  236. Frederick says:

    Box showed up 27hrs after I put my order in – was exactly what it was supposed to be – amazing bang for my buck – Tony provided “TOP SHELF” customer service- CW is the real deal THANKS Guys

  237. Jean says:

    First time ordering here and i am happy,i got 1 oz of chemo and its very good 4 out of 5,service and shipping time is awesome.
    Packaging is perfect,i will re order from here that is for sure,many thanks guys. 🙂

  238. Gerald says:

    It has been almost a year since I began ordering my buds from CW. I feel fortunate to have found a source of affordable, quality, and most importantly clean cannabis. Tony and J have been fabulous with my special requests. I have never been disappointed in their products and have tried several of their strains, hash, and shatter. Many thanks to CW for their strong business ethics.

  239. Kissteen says:

    Just received my package and it’s fantastic, exactly what I ordered and the Bubba Kush is awesome. I’ll be ordering again soon.

  240. James L says:

    i’ve been through quite a few MOM’s and this is by far the best MOM i have used this far. in every factor they have blown me away, from the quick time they take to message back, to them using multiable bags in shipping. this sure raises the bar for other moms!

  241. Zachary A says:

    Absolutely fantastic company, in every area. Response time, customer service, quality of product, price of product,variety all 5 stars. I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about Tony and his team.

  242. Fernando P says:

    I am very happy with my purchase and I am going to order again! Again, really happy.

  243. Patrick F says:

    gg guys i great weed i taste one strain and im glad

  244. Curtis T says:

    CW is amazing, great bud, great support

  245. Erik S says:

    All good so far. Only placed one order to date. Very satisfied with service and the quality for the price was fantastic. I plan on placing another order in the coming days, but first I asked Tony to recommend 3 strains that would be best suited for me. He was all over it. Great customer service so far.

  246. Don C says:

    Tony and CW do very good job. Next day shipping and boveda both great .with the mixing option, every body find here what love. I love the big selection. All products best deal for price. Only what missed me in selection some higher priced knockout stuffs, for very high tolerance example:280-300 oz price or 2200-2800lb. I think the 10-11$ a gram still cheap for high quality bud.Anyway Thank you, and I will order again sure a happy Customer.

  247. James M says:

    Been loving on CW the last month worth of orders, dont see myself shopping elsewhere anytime soon!

  248. luke t says:

    Well I placed my order through purolator next day shipping and did in matter of fact receive it the next day! i aint gunna lie that top notch deliver service. also tony went out of his way to send it out as soon as possible. great customer service.. also the product is great quality but theres only one thing that im kinda fustrated about.. n its that im missing a 1 whole oz from my order! I ordered 3 oz’s and only received 2!

    • Michael S says:

      they work out that problem for you bud? just ordered last night, ive tried soo many other dispensary’s and thought id give these guys a try, all the reviews flying around have for the most part have said this is the go to place, for the price and appeal of the pics, looks 10/10 for me, here’s hoping the qp of Manitoba Poison is good 🙂

  249. luke t says:

    Well I just ordered today @ 3:00PM, I ordered a few oz’ and got 1-2 Purolator business day shipping. Il update when i receive the product and how fast the shipping and quality of product is 🙂

  250. Braden F says:

    I’ve been reading reviews of this site and they seem real good I just want to be cautious cause I’ve never ordered from here??

  251. Sacha D says:

    Packaging is smell-proof, product is better than advertised and Tony is super kind.

  252. Tom G says:

    Wow, awsome bud the buds were solid and full of crystal vary good taste and smell

  253. Cole says:

    Hey, I’ve done mail orders in the past many times, this site and Tony/staff are by far the greatest I’ve ever encountered, superior service!

    Product is top notch for what I thought to be dreamy prices then on top of that there are promos, I got 3oz of bud for 35% off, tell people back home…. no one believes you 😉

    #1 service, look forward to many purchases 😀

    Cheers and enjoy :)==~ ~~ ~

  254. Mario P says:

    Salut!!! I try from other store. But looking for quality,and good batch everytime and looking to buy at the same place to earn point quickly ..,, …. Starting with mercedez hash, was 1oz…. was really good quality, burn well, smell well not too strong…., good hit… sure http://www.cheapweed.ca will be on the top of my list…. Good work….discret delivery, fast delivery, well pack. Keep going…

  255. Love the weed great selections,Tony definitely delivered.took three business days to get that was quick despite living in Beautiful Nunavut.
    I ask for a specific strain got exactly what I wanted.
    I shall be back for more.
    You cannot get anything better for the great price a must try I admit it.


  256. kB_ says:

    Exactly as promised. The product arrived within the predicted time. The packaging was perfect to protect the contents. The weight and order were correct. The product was of superior quality. The price is well below competitors. You guys are as good as it gets.

  257. Jen says:

    Only place to buy! Tony is wonderful! 10/10 all around!

  258. Aagashh K says:

    Tony’s customer service is second to none; had an issue with my order that was addressed within minutes which is truly amazing. Combined with the great prices it’s really a no brainer that everyone should only shop at CW.

  259. Dwayne W says:

    The best online service I’ve received, the love potion I bought was great. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  260. Fred B says:

    This place is the Eldorado of weed !!! Tony always respond to every questions we have. I’m never disapointed and you’re my number 1 site. Keep your good job done AAAAA+

  261. Mike S says:

    love this siteee!!

  262. Charles M says:

    I have never had this kind of relationship with my MOM site. Tony makes time for everyone despite what must be a loaded schedule, he gives you honest info on his strains and he’s not just out to get your money. He really takes the experience to another level. I used to look at 3-4 different sites everyday, now I only look at this one. No need to go anywhere else

  263. Troy A says:

    Best MoM experience I’ve ever had period. The level of commitment and expertise provided by Tony and his team can keep even the most demanding and high maintenance customers satisfied (me included lol).
    Hats off to CW!! I’ve literally stopped even looking at other sites now.

  264. Frederic B says:

    Tony is the man. Good communication, great advise and by far the best place to shop!!!

  265. Patricia says:

    Tony .. You have a gem of a business model! You treat your customers right (above and beyond!), offer high quality product, while maintaining affordable pricing for your clients. Thanks for the personal touch and hands down you’re now my guy!. Patricia

  266. Kyle S says:

    Honestly best experience I’ve ever had. This place has the best quality products for the best prices around. You can’t beat Tony’s customer service. If you’re not shopping here you’re shopping at the wrong place.

  267. Charlez Master says:

    This place has insane prices for the quality. Definitely setting the benchmark when it comes to customer service. They really make you feel like they want your business. I love it. I can’t wait for my next order!!!!

  268. Theron Pete says:

    Fantastic product at an amazing price backed by top notch customer service.

    I recently ordered on a friday afternoon and got it monday afternoon and with free shipping. I was impressed.
    Keep up the great work guys.

  269. marcel says:

    this is where u have to get your weed !
    that it … that all u have to know ..
    look at all those happy people !!
    comme join us and take the best mom ever CHEAPWEED.CA !!!

  270. Kris Lloyd says:

    Dido to what everyone has already said. 10/10 all around. +++

    • Chauntelly says:

      Best Online store I have found so far I will definitely be ordering from here in the very near future. I ordered PHP beautiful well packaged super happy Thank You 🙂

  271. Brandon Lyons says:

    Mehhh they’re ok… haha just joking! Wow what a site, definitely changing the game! Tony outdoes any other mom in every category. Contact him and he’ll even give u a complimentary call If needed. The guys a legend lol

  272. Kieran Stewart says:

    Best MOM on the internet for sure! Nobody else offers this kind of quality bud at these cheap prices! The extra promotions are just a bonus! Huge thanks to Tony for all the help and great customer service he offers! Awesome quality product all around! 😀

  273. cjbossman says:

    For anyone reading this your not going to find better customer service, better quailty and better prices then what tony has to offer here at cheapweed i can honestly say you will never have any issues with this site and will never be disappointed!! Shoutout to tonyy

  274. Avery M. says:

    My go to site from now on! Best bang for your buck in all categories, customer service is outstanding, and the product just keeps getting better and better!
    Thank you 🙂

  275. Ganjajordan says:

    I have been dealing with them way before he had a website by far the best bang for your buck out there i have never been disappointed and the customer service is impeccable most of his bags are worth well over what he charges

  276. Kyle Hefford says:

    This place is by far the best out there. Their product arrived 2 days earlier then it said, every morning I woke up with a day knocked off it was amazing. When I opened it from their airtight smellproof packaging the smell almost knocked me on my ass. I love you guys and am 100% sure you are my go to from now on, thank you!!!!

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